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Culturing Protozoa. Compares various nutrient media, growth conditions, and stock solutions used in culturing protozoa. A hay infusion in Chalkey's solution maintained at a stable temperature is recommended for producing the most dense and diverse cultures. Tick-borne protozoa. Tick-borne protozoa impose a significant health burden on humans and animals throughout the world.

Killer whale signals were also recorded. Plasma urea levels and hepatic urea production in the euryhaline bull shark, Carcharhinus leucasacclimated to freshwater and seawater environments were measured. Whole cell parasitic protozoa have been entrapped Ann kovich naked sol-gel porous silica matrices. The procedure may have applications in programs to develop drugs and vaccines against protozoa responsible for human and animal disease. Once tis is established it would be worthwhile to determine if asthma symptoms improve when treated by anti-protozoal agents.

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Culturing Protozoa. Compares various nutrient media, growth conditions, and stock solutions used in culturing protozoa. A hay infusion in Chalkey's solution maintained at a stable temperature is recommended for producing the most dense and diverse cultures. Tick-borne protozoa. Tick-borne protozoa impose a significant health burden on humans and animals throughout the world. The virulence of tick-borne protozoa , and the geographic distribution of their tick vectors and vertebrate hosts remain in flux as they adapt to changing environmental and climatic conditions.

Influence of iron deficiency on the growth rate and physiological state of Prorocentrum micans Ehrenberg. Previous researches had shown that iron is an important limiting element to marine primary production. However, the mechanism of how iron affects marine algae is not well understood. Prorocentrum micans Ehrenberg is an armoured marine planktonic dinoflagellate, which causes harmful red tide when blooming.

In this research, we discussed the mechanism of iron deficiency affecting the growth rate and physiological state of P. The results showed that the growth rate of P. Meanwhile, the maximal cell number and the concentration of chlorophyll a dropped slightly.

Examination of cell morphology by transmission electron microscope showed that the arrangement of P. The thylakoids exhibited twisted structure with larger interstices among the thylakoid layers. Chloroplast membrane system folded abnormally and fewer starch particles were synthesized and accumulated compared to the control group.

In addition, many cavities appeared in mitochondria, and a few cells developed incomplete nuclear envelop. The energy spectrogram of the algal cells showed that the relative ratio of the contents of the elements in cell also changed as the degree of iron deficiency changed. The iron deficiency-induced morphological changes of P. The structural abnormality of the major cell organelles further led to the functional retardation or loss in photosynthesis, electron transport, and metabolism, which blocks normal growth of P.

Taken together, the research helped to improve our understanding on the limiting effects of iron. Experimental realization of the Ehrenberg -Siday thought experiment.

Pozzi, Giulio; Boothroyd, Chris B. In , at the end of a paper dedicated to the concept of the refractive index in electron optics, Ehrenberg and Siday noted that wave-optical effects will arise from an isolated magnetic field even when the rays themselves travel in magnetic-field-free space.

They proposed a two-slit experiment, in which a magnetic flux is enclosed between interfering electron beams. Now, through access to modern nanotechnology tools, we used a focused ion beam to open two nanosized slits in a gold-coated silicon nitride membrane and focused electron beam induced deposition to fabricate a thin magnetic bar between the two slits. We then performed Fraunhofer experiments in a transmission electron microscope equipped with a field emission gun and a Lorentz lens.

By tilting the specimen in the objective lens field of the electron microscope, the magnetization of the bar could be reversed and the corresponding change in the phase of the electron wave observed directly in the form of a shift in the interference fringe pattern.

Encountering Ehrenberg : tracing the development of psychoanalytic therapy at the intimate edge. This article illustrates the thinking-through processes and clinical applications of D. Ehrenberg 's ideas within the therapeutic situation. During the last four decades, Ehrenberg has articulated that the psychoanalytic relationship is at its most compelling when it evolves at "the intimate edge" of the therapist's self and that of the patient.

She invites us to explore and process the relational dynamics of the therapeutic dyad within the consulting room. In tribute to Ehrenberg 's work, we reflect on two individuals closed up in their self-reliance, who start to break open to their desires for intimacy when their therapist opens up his own self within the uniquely meaningful space co-created in the analytic therapy.

Symbiosis and Rumen Protozoa. Protozoa inhabiting the rumen of large grazing animals can be used to illustrate symbiotic animal associations. Gives a key to the ciliates most commonly found, several drawings, and a chart relating rumen fauna to the phylogenetic tree of the hosts. Federal Register , , , , Photomovements in Ciliated Protozoa. Ciliates are unicellular, nonphotosynthetic organisms which show a number of light-induced responses.

Orientation with respect to the direction of light, phototaxis, has been demonstrated in some species of ciliates. Most of these species bear conspicuous cell organelles such as subpellicular pigment granules, a colored stigma, a watchglass organelle, or a compound crystalline organelle.

Several lines of evidence suggest that these kinds of organelles are prerequisites for phototactic orientation of the cells. Photoreceptor molecules presumedly mediating the photobehavior of two species have been identified.

The ecological advantage of light-induced responses in ciliated protozoa is still debated. In some cases the organisms may utilize this behavior either to approach their potential prey, to escape their predators, to escape damaging light, or to meet a mating partner.

Several species of ciliates display inverse phototactic behavior at different stages of their life cycle. Hepatic urea biosynthesis in the euryhaline elasmobranch Carcharhinus leucas. Plasma urea levels and hepatic urea production in the euryhaline bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas , acclimated to freshwater and seawater environments were measured. It was found that plasma urea concentration increased with salinity and that this increase was, in part, the result of a significant increase in hepatic production of urea.

This study provides direct evidence that hepatic production of urea plays an important role in the osmoregulatory strategy of C. Immunity in urogenital protozoa. Innate and adaptive immunity play a significant role in urogenital infections.

Innate immunity is provided by the epithelial cells and mucus lining along with acidic pH, which forms a strong physical barrier against the pathogens in female reproductive tract. Cells of innate immune system, antimicrobial peptides, cytokines, chemokines and adaptive immunity in the reproductive tract are evolved during infection, and a pro-inflammatory response is generated to fight against the invading pathogen Trichomonas vaginalis, a primary urogenital protozoa , the etiological agent of human trichomoniasis, a curable sexually transmitted infection.

The involvement of the urogenital tract by other protozoal infections such as P. Trichomonas induce pro-inflammatory and immunosuppressive responses in infected subjects. Multifactorial pathogenic mechanisms including parasite adherence, cysteine proteases, lipophosphoglycan, free radical, cytokine generation and Toll-like receptors appear to interplay with the induction of local and systemic immune responses that ultimately determine the outcome of the infection.

However, the involvement of urogenital pathogen-specific immune mechanisms and effect of normal local resident flora on the outcome symptomatic vs. Moreover, immune interactions in trichomoniasis subjects co-infected with bacterial and viral pathogens need to be elucidated. Malaria is life threatening and requires urgent diagnosis and treatment.

Incidence and mortality are being reduced in endemic areas. Clinical features are unspecific so in imported cases it is vital the history of staying in a malarious area. The first line treatments for Plasmodium falciparum are artemisinin combination therapies, chloroquine in most non-falciparum and intravenous artesunate if any severity criteria. Human infections with intestinal protozoa are distributed worldwide with a high global morbid-mortality.

They cause diarrhea and sometimes invasive disease, although most are asymptomatic. In our environment populations at higher risk are children, including adopted abroad, immune-suppressed, travelers, immigrants, people in contact with animals or who engage in oral-anal sex. Diagnostic microscopic examination has low sensitivity improving with antigen detection or molecular methods. Antiparasitic resistances are emerging lately. All rights reserved. Allonursing in captive belugas Delphinapterus leucas.

This study describes allonursing females nursing offspring that are not their own in captive belugas Delphinapterus leucas. In addition to the calf's mother, two females that were not pregnant or nursing at the time of the calf's birth spontaneously lactated and nursed the male calf intermittently throughout 34 months of his life at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center.

These observations suggest that allonursing may also take place in their wild counterparts and add to existing evidence of alloparental care in this species. Alloparental care, the care of nonoffspring, has been observed in every major mammalian taxon; the protection of calves through alloparental care may be a strong evolutionary benefit.

Changes in the concepts of kingdoms of organisms are substantial and Protozoa is loosely characterized. Presents a case explaining how Protozoa interface with other kingdoms of organisms now recognized.

Contains 55 references. Successful treatment of a severe case of fusariomycosis in a beluga whale Delphinapterus leucas leucas. An adult male beluga whale Delphinapterus leucas leucas was presented with a 4-cm-diameter, raised, firm nodule on the medial aspect of the left pectoral fin. A fissure developed within the center of the nodule, which formed an ulcerated cyst-like lesion. The lesion rapidly progressed in size, and, with peeling of material present within the cyst, the lesion flattened to a 36 x cm cutaneous ulcer that extended into the axilla.

Histopathologic features were consistent with lymphocytic and suppurative dermatitis with intralesional fungi. Fusarium solani was diagnosed by polymerase chain reaction PCR. Fungal susceptibility testing was performed and revealed drug resistance to multiple antifungal medications tested individually and in combination therapies.

Treatments used included serial surgical debridement of affected and surrounding tissue, topical application and regional infusion of various azole, and allylamine antifungals combined with either dimethyl sulfoxide or Tricide for absorption potentiation, and oral voriconazole administration.

Although susceptibility testing revealed resistance to voriconazole, visible improvement of the lesion was noted after 6 weeks of oral voriconazole therapy. The voriconazole dosage was tapered based on serum levels and was administered over a mo period. No local recurrence or new lesions were visible by 14 mo from first presentation.

Explore the World Using Protozoa. This book is a joint publication of the National Science Teachers Association NSTA and the Society of Protozoologists and is the result of efforts to find a way in which protozoa research can be used to teach biology.

This program puts cutting edge science into the hands of science teachers and enables students to experience a variety of…. Niche metabolism in parasitic protozoa. PubMed Central. Complete or partial genome sequences have recently become available for several medically and evolutionarily important parasitic protozoa.

Through the application of bioinformatics complete metabolic repertoires for these parasites can be predicted.

For experimentally intractable parasites insight provided by metabolic maps generated in silico has been startling. At its more extreme end, such bioinformatics reckoning facilitated the discovery in some parasites of mitochondria remodelled beyond previous recognition, and the identification of a non-photosynthetic chloroplast relic in malarial parasites. However, for experimentally tractable parasites, mapping of the general metabolic terrain is only a first step in understanding how the parasite modulates its streamlined, yet still often puzzlingly complex, metabolism in order to complete life cycles within host, vector, or environment.

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