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  • Beth Torbert born June 15, is an Indo-Canadian singer-songwriter , actress , and motivational speaker best known by her stage name Bif Naked.
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Bif Naked at the University of the Fraser Valley receiving an honorary degree. Hale and fellow Commander Shepard voice actor Mark Meer in Following early roles on television, she rose to international prominence for her role of Trinity in The Matrix trilogy. Moss at the Peabody Awards. Moss at the Toronto International Film Festival. Heather Doerksen is a Canadian actress who has appeared on stage and screen. She has also voiced many cartoons and advertising campaigns. She is best known for her part in the television mini-series Lexx, playing the role of Giggerota.

Ellen Dubin at the Gatecon convention in Vancouver Canada. Megan Smith Fahlenbock is a Canadian on-camera and voice actress. She has worked in animation and also had a few film roles.

Fahlenbock at the Fan Expo Canada. Erin Fitzgerald is a Canadian-American voice actress who provides voice-overs for a number of cartoons, video games and English language dubs of Japanese anime.

Janyse Aldis Jaud, is a Canadian voice actress, singer, songwriter, musician, dancer, and author. Andrea Eva Libman is a Canadian actress, voice actress, pianist, and singer, whose most popular on-screen appearances are in Little Women, Andre, and a guest role on The X-Files. Nicole Lyn Oliver is a Canadian actress and singer.

Oliver at the Summer BronyCon. Tabitha St. Germain, is a Canadian actress, comedian and singer. She is known for a variety of roles across many different shows. Weseluck at the Summer BronyCon Convention. Spanish silver real or peso of Continental One Third Dollar Bill obverse. Narrow courtyard between palace's two wings with view toward the Arno.

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The name comes from the Swedish verb'agera' which means "to act" or in imperative form " act! DeMille Award and a Henrietta Award. Connery attending the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Sean Connery plaque near the site of his birthplace in Fountainbridge , Edinburgh. An Edinburgh "Co-op milk cart" photographed in It was later upgraded to the B in The Porsche mounted upside down at the Porsche Museum to symbolize its legendary downforce.

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Sandra Annette Bullock is an American actress, producer, and philanthropist. She was the highest paid actress in the world in and Bullock at the Cannes Film Festival in Bullock at the premiere of The Proposal in The sovereign is a gold coin of the United Kingdom, with a nominal value of one pound sterling. Struck from until the present time, it was originally a circulating coin accepted in Britain and elsewhere in the world; it is now a bullion coin and is sometimes mounted in jewellery.

Sovereign of Queen Mary I, c. From this Article. YouTube Videos.

Adown the gulph of Time! Forgot to trace the feather'd feet of Time? XXIU rate poem , if the central impulse is waoting in the formation of the whole. Amid this tribe too oft a manly pride Strives in strong toil the fainting heart to hide. It's probably the effect of his youthful naivete combined with an emotional and open personality.

Bif naked deathnote. Recommended for you

Especially whenever he is being paired with Spike. Despite the constant times that Xander has had his moments of being quite the badass normal when he's not being the ButtMonkey.. There's a reason for uke! Spock well, it's good enough for fangirls, anyway -- in "Amok Time", Spock complains that he didn't think ''pon farr'' would apply to him as a half-Vulcan. This implies he hasn't experienced it before, which, in turn, implies he is a virgin. However, Kirk is far more frequently ukefied than Spock, especially in pon farr fics, where Spock is usually shown going into a feral predatory mating frenzy.

Apparently, this somehow affects Kirk's personality too. He's mainly very sensible, but you can easily see how he's the 'woman' in the relationship. Yes, Sam, Dean, and Castiel might be [[TheWoobie woobies]], but that's because they have [[CrapsackWorld more than enough reasons to]]. None of them would get weepy over a cut and need tender "brotherly love" because of that. To wit: fandom likes to portray a Castiel that cries at the drop of a hat, is slightly more vulnerable -- emotionally and physically -- than a thirteen year old girl, and is prone to descriptions more befitting of a puppy or kitten.

Mind you, this is the same angel who, in the actual show, barely changes his facial expressions, takes stabbings, beatings, and explosions without batting an eye, and beats up his angelic brothers -- and the occasional Winchester -- with some regularity. In canon, he's an extremely skilled warrior, fast enough to keep up with his demi god partner, smart enough to come up with intricate plans that work well, and has made a career on mouthing off to the bad guys.

In fanfic? All the bad guys have to do is look at him and he falls down; all Hercules has to do is not laugh at a joke and he's worked himself into thinking Hercules just let's him hang around out of pity, and so on. Okay, so [[AmbiguousGender they]] often seem to be a ChasteHero, but they're also, in general, emotionally stunted and repressed see: Ten's definition of "all right" in "Forest of the Dead" ''and'' MinoredInAsskicking. The others are susceptible to this as well.

There's a sorting algorithm of dominance which almost directly correlates to height; James tops Kendall tops Carlos tops Logan results may vary. Kendall can even retain some of his natural seme qualities while biting pillows. Far too many authors seem to forget that he is actually a man and a pretty badass one at that. Which is doubly odd when you remember that, in this show, his HeterosexualLifePartner Arthur is the one who [[DistressedDude always needs rescuing]] and winds up in chains a lot.

Despite the fact that the only time he's shed a tear on the show was when he had [[BreakTheCutie accidentally killed a teenager, got the crap kicked out of him, and had to tell the truth to his mother who he had been lying to for years]].

The fact that he's often the victim of this when he's paired with Nick, who's been [[ManlyTears reduced to tears]] at least three times to date, only rubs salt in the wounds. All fan fic writers don't really need to ukificate any further other than just putting in a slash ship.

Or occasionally even House himself. In canon, he's hyper-masculine, pushy, forceful, extremely insensitive, loud-mouthed, aggressively seductive, personal-space-invading, and specializes in actively getting women into bed, not the other way around, hates losing control, and is repelled by intimacy.

With Robin, the nature of his canon feelings for her might excuse an exception, but most slash involving him is with Ted, which makes his ukefication even stranger, since nearly all his HoYay-ish moments with Ted involve Barney as the forward, demanding, overbearing instigator which slashers can interpret as 'seductive' while Ted is either resistant or passive.

Just because he's thinner and TheLancer to Blake's leader. Yes, he's not as tall and intimidating as Sherlock and looks cute and cuddly in jumpers, but he's an army veteran and can kill people in cold blood if they're not nice. Blair is younger and smaller than Jim, and has long hair; he's also a scholar with no military or police training.

He's also fairly well muscled, quick witted, good with improvised weapons vending machines, toilet stall doors, basballs, firehoses and can hold his own in a fight.

Many slashwriters turn him into a girl, and a girly-girl at that. All because Jesse is one of the few criminals in the show who has a moral compass and shows remorse for his actions. Whether Laurent gets hit with this or not whenever paired up with Gerome, it depends heavily on the work. Oddly, this shows up more in Chrom x ''female'' Avatar fanworks The kind, stubborn and brave Prince of Ylisse? Apparently, the boy's only real personality trait is his thoughts on the mother he adores and idolizes; therefore, rabid [[spoiler: Female Avatar]] fans kinda "shape" him into some sort of bland "accessory" for his mother without any personality of his own.

While some of his anxieties and grief are plausible, a lot of the portrayals of them run a direct contrast to canon, in which he's ''quite'' confident in his upcoming reign as King and shows no objection to Camilla's decision. Most doujinshi and fanfic has him whimpering and crying while [[TheRival Date Masamune]] takes his innocence. As for Motonari Anybody attempting to top this guy would do well to watch out for a razor hoop in the ribs, if not a strategically-placed bear trap. It's probably the effect of his youthful naivete combined with an emotional and open personality.

Especially when in Super Smash Bros. After all, who cares about being in character when it gets in the way of hot sex? Yaoi writers seem to love taking the Iron out of IronWoobie. One exception is when Sephiroth is paired with Genesis. Then it's usually ''Sephiroth'' who undergoes the Ukefication. He does [[StepfordSmiler have genuine self-confidence issues beneath his extroverted persona]], but eventually overcomes them with a little pushing from his friends, only ever cries in the main game ''once'' during a time when literally everyone else is too ,can take and dish snark with the best of them, and is quite chipper about killing his enemies.

And while the game states he's the poorest fighter of the team, it's only because he's inexperienced, not because he's physically weak.

He's actually more muscular than [[MusclesAreMeaningless Noctis]], and is strong and skilled enough to beat enemy soldiers to death with his bare hands. However fangirls frequently gloss over this and exaggerate him into a spineless frail weepy mess and literal DamselInDistress or an infantile [[TheIngenue Ingenue]] who can't even hurt a fly and falls apart without Noctis's constant validation, leading to hot steamy sex which frequently ends in Prompto [[MisterSeahorse becoming pregnant]].

They forget it's ''his'' job to protect Noctis, not the other way around. His own canonical issues with inadequacy and shyness are ignored in favor of turning him into a bland PrinceCharming RelationshipSue to compliment Prompto's self-insert status. Or to contrast with how Prompto is often bastardized into a PuritySue or SympathySue by fandom, Noctis is frequently taken in the opposite direction and turned into a BastardBoyfriend who is abusive and controlling towards Prompto for fetish appeal reasons.

In game he's the resident chef whose job is to be Noctis's adviser and caretaker, and does so with gusto. However in fanfiction this is warped into him becoming a ''literal'' housewife or mother figure to the other characters despite being no more than two years older than Noctis and Prompto who is in constant need of protection [[spoiler:especially after he's blinded]], even though he's portrayed as a highly trained and headstrong fighter who is quite assertive with the others when they step out of line, their own feelings be damned.

Some of these could make for compelling HurtComfortFic, but others found it too easy to take away his spine and turn him into a quivering mess of tears and DaddyIssues.

NagaEyes is a particularly infamous case. Zexion seems to be the bigger victim of this, seeing as how when he gets paired with Demyx he usually gets portrayed as the uke. It seems to be because of his pink hair and control over [[GreenThumb flowers]].

While most slash fics about him have him as the Seme, when he gets paired with [[MinionShipping Xemnas]] he becomes little more than a pet. There is an Ukenator , and ukefication is mentioned by name. This causes the victim to become weak, fluffy, emotional and utterly incapable of standing up for themselves, wanting only to be in contact with others to further spread the epidemic. It is quite frankly disgusting.

However, that doesn't make it any less cringe-worthy. Not always, though. It isn't restricted to shipping either. Never mind that Kratos is [[spoiler:canonically submissive to the BigBad for most of the game -- his outfit during that time is even modeled off Japanese bondage gear]] or that Yuan is a [[RebelLeader defiant]] ManipulativeBastard with what looks like they might be control issues: Yuan is prettier, so he gets to be uke. Then again, this could be partially due to his appearance, which is even lampshaded in-game.

And again it has to do with appearance as the most effeminate looking male character in the game and Sorey [[HoYay considering him to be attractive]]. However this is more of a case in Japanese fan works as western fan works will either downplay this or avert it entirely.

Unfortunately, what little ''Army of Two'' SlashFic there exists happens to have a significant bias towards making Salem the slightly smaller member of the duo the receptive partner in any sexual encounter.

In all fairness, Salem's characterization is rarely derailed into attitudinal submissiveness, but he's still made the "bottom" in sexual encounters more often than not because [[OneHeadTaller he's shorter than Rios]]. Because in real life, the taller dude always tops, [[UnfortunateImplications and because the taller you are the more "alpha" you are, and sex is really about establishing a social pecking order rather than something that happens between two people that like each other]].

What has being paired with a narcissistic, shady conman done to you? Heavy goes from being [[TheBrute a big shaved bear that hates people]] to [[GentleGiant a cuddly teddy bear]], and the Medic gets downgraded from [[MadDoctor a sadistic, bloodthirsty]] BackAlleyDoctor to [[TheChick a warm and caring lover]]. Of the two, Medic definitely gets it worse, though; canon Heavy actually ''is'' a stable person after he clocks out. Our main character [[ProfessionalKiller Assassin]] [[PrivateMilitaryContractors PMCs]] have way too many reservations about killing, and our lead Spy, Jordi, is a self-described coward who has never committed murder before arriving at Teufort.

Don't expect the female characters or indeed, anything at all from either series to get referred to, even obliquely, if they get in the way of the sex. That includes Alex's body being composed top to toe of an insanely deadly disease. Must be a Hylian thing. The artist insists that they aren't meant to be in a relationship, though. The almost ubiquitous SelfFanservice treatment he gets in the fandom doesn't help, though this is mitigated somewhat by his lack of much of an established personality.

In fact, a common joke in the fandom, especially the Japanese one, is pointing out how how this supposed 10 year old is MadeOfIron, can leap giant chasms InASingleBound, lift huge objects, take ''direct Pokemon attacks'', and do other ludicrous physical feats out of sheer determination. This can especially be seen in earlier stories pairing him with Hilda. The first two get it due to the popularity of shipping, and Falkner and Morty get it when paired with each other on when fans interpret Morty's friendship with Eusine as more than just friends.

Granted, he doesn't exactly have a set personality, but not anyone can [[spoiler:just charge into the HQ of a psychotic man who basically wants to nuke the Earth Despite the fact that he's a veteran Marine and one of the more badass biotics in the Alliance, writers will focus on his childhood issues and use his recurring migraines as an excuse for HurtComfortFic.

That said, there's still no shortage of fics that wimpify Shepard himself. The majority [[spoiler: take place after the Destroy ending naturally, but there are some that take place before. Yes, ''that'' Luigi. His canon personality may be soft and gentle and he may be a coward, but plenty of slashers have a nasty habit of removing the spine he ''does'' have.

While he ''is'' emotionally vulnerable, some writers seem to ignore his courage and determined defense of his beliefs in order to make him a spineless follower and devoted slave of the Demon King. Debatable and may or may not be justified or even exist depending on which route is taken.

He starts off as a strong and confident fighter, with no need to rely on anyone else. This is justified through excessive guilt from the death of [[spoiler: Keisuke]] in Shiki's route. The end result is that Firion is very frequently transformed into a weepy uke. Now, what makes this interesting is that while all of the above is definitely true of Firion, he is also at the same time rather in touch with his feminine side--he's sensitive, fond of flowers, and displays more emotional vulnerability than most of the other guys.

He also has a foot fetish. He regularly gets derailed into a whiny priss who'd rather go shoe shopping than tackle a nerd. However since he doesn't like to get his hands dirty, he usually has his friend and [[TheDragon dragon]] Bif Taylor do the fighting. This gets twisted until Derby's entirely helpless and relies on Bif for ''everything''. However, Peanut's no less willing to fight than the rest of the Greasers, and he has a chip on his shoulder over his nickname. In fanfic, he spends a lot of time being beaten up by Preppies and running to Johnny for comfort.

He ''does'' have [[DudeLooksLikeALady extremely girlish looks]] and [[AgentPeacock is proud of them]], but he ''also'' is a ManipulativeBastard of the highest degree, so X7 actually serves as something of a canon example when X, after nearly losing Zero in a previous game, actually refuses to fight at all for the entire first half of the game.

This, incidentally, is one of many reasons why X7 is to this day considered the worst game in the series. More often than not, the seme is Akihiko, courtesy of him being [[CannotTalkToWomen incapable of talking to girls]] due to having NoSocialSkills, and he, normally affable and [[BigBrotherMentor reliable]], will be similarly warped into a domineering gaylord of a sex god.

On the other hand, ''Akihiko'' can just as easily become a whiny, desperate little uke in fics where he's paired with his childhood friend Shinjiro. Blame that on his persistent attempts to get Shinji back into SEES, and his reactions to both finding out Shinji had been doing drugs, [[spoiler:and when he died. This mostly happens when he is paired with the game's protagonist, though it does crop up in some other ships as well.

Since then, she has generally taken the power back. His [[PrettyBoy looks]] and tragic backstory are common contributes. But it gets reinforced with him telling Hawke "I am yours", how he tends to look at him with ''"sad puppy eyes"'', Uncle Gamlen commenting how he doesn't even need to guess which one of them is "the girl" in the relationship, and a Snarky!

Hawke having the option to tell him how [[BiggerIsBetterInBed "it can be a lot to take in"]] after they had their first time. While Anders is [[ByronicHero hardly the picture of mental health]], this is the same man who is sharing his body with a demon and [[spoiler:blew up a cathedral because he was fed up with the status quo]]. Quite a few players seem to have missed the conversation where Anders explicitly stated that he was not abused physically or sexually while he was in the Circle.

But since it's canon that he was beaten up and almost killed by Astaroth - he's become a DamselInDistress uke for Soulcalibur doujin. Even his adopted son Bangoo, gets to top him. It has a lot to do with his relative youth in comparison to many of the other swords he's technically the youngest character in the game [[YoungerThanTheyLook despite having the appearance of an adult]] , and his less mature personality mutating into a spoiled persona.

Not that you'd get that from the fanworks, where he agrees with everything his dear Kane-san says and swoons over him at every turn. It gets to the point where he follows him like a lost puppy, slavishly desperate for affection.

You'll never hear him saying anything else but "Okita" in some works, or he'll just be angsting for the upteenth time about him. While he has many hangups about being seen as a copy of a real sword, making him a gloomy person, he still has some sense of pride in himself as seen in his Awakening portrait. He's just downright pitiful in fanon, being not only a pushover but an even bigger sad sack that gets "emotional healing" or gets taken advantage of for his supposed submissiveness.

In the game, he wears his emotions on his sleeves and then a fairly popular spinoff AlternateUniverse Light Novel, ''if'', cast him in the role of DistressedDude. This, combined with the fact that both of his most [[FanPreferredCouple popular love interests]] are TheStoic, resulted in the fandom taking this interpretation and running with it.

It doesn't help that the lore's [[ArcFatigue staunch refusal to advance]] has enabled a status quo in which the villains have claimed most of the victories and hold all the advantages. Jack Morrison, who was the leader of the [[HeroesRUs titular organization]] for a [[TheAce reason]], will sometimes be reduced to a doe-eyed lamb whose only role is to be dommed by a pre-Reaper Gabriel Reyes.

Likewise, in a female instance of this trope, poor Tracer also got hit by this pretty badly. While she is a [[TheCutie sweetie]], she is also an exceptional [[AcePilot pilot]] and one of Overwatch's [[BadassAdorable most capable agents]], but her loss to Widowmaker in an early story cinematic apparently gave some people the impression that she's outright helpless and would happily play the innocent and submissive role to a domineering Widow in a borderline abusive relationship, allow herself to be belittled and mistreated around her, or -- most humiliatingly -- be her ''pet'', thoughts which would all probably make the canon Tracer's blood boil.

Note that Sombra is one of the game's smallest characters, and her entire style of fighting both in gameplay and in lore revolves around her being a weaselly little minx who relies on [[InvisibilityCloak stealth]] and [[PowerNullifier cheating. Junkrat is usually some vulnerable little angel who needs to be cuddled, and Roadhog is usually a big, snuggly bear who's happy to provide for his buddy. In canon, Junkrat is a [[AxCrazy violently insane]] [[MadBomber explosives expert]] who doesn't really ''[[TheFriendNobodyLikes do]]'' the whole "friendship" thing, and Roadhog is a self-centered nihilist who doesn't even seem to like his partner as anything more than a client.

The game itself does nothing to indicate he's anything other than an utterly irredeemable JerkAss who abuses Connor and mistreats all of his coworkers due to petty arrogance, nor does it ever suggest he has any reason for it outside of pure JerkWithAHeartOfJerk, despite providing a FreudianExcuse to other similarly repugnant characters. While in canon he can be quite calculating.

Despite the fact that he has moments of being a CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass. The really bizarre thing about this is that before Zuko and Jet actually met in canon, Zuko usually topped. Korra being dominant in their relationship became such a trend that some fanfics would even specify which one of them was dominant in the fic, which is a first for fiction about a heterosexual pairing.

This tends to come from people noticing that if Perry were human, he'd probably [[CuteMute not have the ability to talk]] and only be about 28 years old in contrast to Doofenshmirtz being somewhere in his forties. Ukefication can, however, set in when fans make him either a DamselInDistress mostly when paired with [[DatingCatwoman Mysterion]] or [[TheHero Stan]] , or a completely unlikable DeadpanSnarker who does nothing but bitch at whoever he's paired with.

While some notice this and switch it around, they are in the small minority of the shipping community. He is usually derailed into being extremely CampGay when he is paired with [[BastardBoyfriend Kenny the pervert or Cartman the sadist]].

His pervertedness, shameless prostitution, muffled voice, covered face, and perpetual gruesome deaths don't exactly help, especially with certain [[AlternateCharacterInterpretations interpretations]] [[IronWoobie of his]] [[BreakTheCutie character]].

A natural consequence of being frequently shipped with [[BigBad Megatron]] Since he's most commonly shipped with [[VillainProtagonist Murdoc]], well, he definitely gets to be the bottom. Cody sometimes too, although he's fairly uke in canon to begin with. Any fanart featuring him and arch-nemesis Kevin 11 will recieve a "Ben looks so seme! To say nothing of the countless Fanfics where he gets pregnant, although to be fair he actually has gotten pregnant in canon. Despite the brutal nature of the show, it's extremely rare to find a fic that doesn't write him as a weeping, self-harming schoolgirl who only needs the healing light of cock.

Charles and Pickles occasionally suffer from this, though it's usually Pickles and his family problems that turn him into a submissive, spineless, crying uke, bonus points if there's incest with his scumbag brother, Seth.

He gets turned from a sensitive guy to an all-around stereotypical uke; often with an exaggerated Edd, Eddy, or Kevin as the seme. Occasionally Jimmy will also turned into a uke, though he's similar to the Butter's examples, even with [[FieryRedhead Sara]], listed above and has become more masculine or at least aggressive over the series. Canonically, he's a serious, if somewhat HotBlooded, and capable leader.

True, he is a lot more feminine, and also fits the stereotype of the traditional uke more than his usual slash partner Lance Avalanche. But that doesn't mean he needs to turn into a weepy teenage girl in so many Lance and Pietro fanfics. Send a Message Reason: None Showing 15 edit s of Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Oct 8th at AM.

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I will not! From parted clouds the moon her radiance throws On the wild waves , and all the danger shows , But shows them beaming in her shining vest , Terrific splendour!

This for a moment, and then clouds again Hides evcAry beam , and fear and darkness reign. But hear we now those sounds? Do lights appear? I see them not! Man must endure! Such are our winter views ; but night comes on. But when a happier theme succeeds , and when Men are our subjects , and the deeds of meta , Then may we find the Muse in happier style , And we may sometimes sigh and sometimes smile.

It Would be inexact to assert that Burns is the only poet who , with unassisted genius , has risen to preemi- nence. The literature of all countries can bear testimony to the creative efforts of the human mind under the most untoward circumstances , giving thereby a proof, that splendid intellectual powers are not acquired but are the free gifts of nature.

Yet few poets can be placed on the same rank with Bums , even of those who have had all appliances and means for the full development of their mental capacities. Providence seems sometimes to humiliate the pride of man , by showmg how little he can do with all his skill, when compared vnth her easy and spontaneous produc- tions. Still more surprising are her ways in the direction of intellect.

From the low ranks of society , where man seems to be doomed to the servitude of his material wants, she chooses her apostles. But nearer us, may we not mention Gorregio, Shakspeare, Linnaeus, Thomwaldson? Poverty is an undoubted evil ; but like many evils , it may work out good in certain natures ; and who can say whether Bums would have been the original , indepen- dent-hearted , pathetic bard , had he been nurtured in the gardens of prosperity. The Alpine rose flourisheth on bleak and dreary crags , and only there.

Robert Bums was born on the 20th. January , , on a small farm, rented by his father, and situated two miles from the town of Ayr, Scotland. It seems , Burns found a few good books in his father's clay cottage; these were all committed to memory, and he thereby learnt to speak the English language with less of the Scottish accent than Robertson , the celebrated histo- rian.

At the age of thirteen , he acquired in a few weeks a sufficient knowledge of French to be able to read Fene- lon's Telemachus. He was indebted for this acquisition to a worthy man, a Mr. Murdock, the parish school- master ; but it does not appear that he had access to many French works.

From his thirteenth to his twenty-fourth year, he was entirely occupied with farming occupations, except a few weeks in his nineteenth summer, which he spent at a school of mensuration , where he obtained some knowledge of mathematics , and became more con- versant with men.

After an unsuccessful attempt to settle, he sold off the few things he had , with the intention of going to try his fortune in Jamaica. Winter, a dirge, and Death of poor Mailie, his first poetical effusions, were written in his twenty-third year ; in a short time his com- positions increased to the size of a small volume. Some of them having met the eye of literary men , he was in- duced by them to give up his project of going to Jamaica 4 d by Google 74 BURNS.

He was at once raised into reputation , stopped a winter in Edinburgh , and afterwards made an excursion through Scotland ; the nobles received him in their castles, and men such as Du- gaid Stewart, Blair, etc. He sur- prised them by his powers of conversation as much as by his poems. He returned to his native place , mar- ried, settled in a farm and was again unsuccessful. A place in the Excise as ganger , with a salary of 70 L.

But this was not sufficient, so improvident were his ha- bits , to keep him from embarrassed circumstances. Ha- rassed by the anxieties of penury and the cares of a large family , he gave way to intemperance and thereby su- perinduced a disease , which brought about his death on the 22nd July He was buried at Ayr. Bums had the temperament of a poet; he was con- stantly excited by high aspirations and alive to the feel- ings of virtue , but as often falling low by a weak com- pliance with his passions , and yielding a reluctant assent to the instigations of pleasure.

It is proper we should deplore his failings; but let the man in whom there is no guile throw the first stone. Though nobody has a right to claim exemption for frailties on the score of genius , yet surely it is our duty to grant it to one who was and will be for ages the mediator between man and man : — for such is ever the Great Poet.

It is plea- sing to know that this unfortunate genius bequeathed the benefit of his reputation to his family , that his sons d by Googk BURNS.

It was suggested by the arrival of the poet's second son. Colonel Bums, from India, after an absence of thirty years. The site chosen for the fite was on the banks of the Doon , near the monument erec- ted to the poet's memory in His larger poems are fine original paintings and do honour to the poet's noble independent mind by their elevation and fine strain of patriotism.

His songs stand alone in our lit- erature; we have nothing to equal the ethereous and evanescent gracefulness of his light pieces ; and where shall we look again for the splendid burst of lyric inspi- ration contained in his Scofs wha hoe for WcUlace bled.

The North English dialect, in which many of his poems are written and which is introduced into the fa- miliar parts of others so as to contrast with the serious and elevated portion , gives variety to his language and calls up pleasing associations in the minds of those who have been accustomed to use it. There are three different biographies of Burns, written with equal elegance and fidelity, one published shortly after his death by Dr. Currie, another by the poet's friend Cunningham , and the third by Mr.

Nous desirous le faire estimer par d'autres, ce poete que nous aimons; nous voulons le faire connaitre k ceux qui nous entourent. Ces exiles formaient I'ancienne nation bre- tonne ; ils parlaient la langue celte etappartenaient k cette grande famille qui , dans un temps recule , couvrait ITs- pagne , la France et les lies Britanniques.

Ce roi 6rudit adopta probablement les lettres romaines pour I'orUiographe; mais le latin ne parait avoir eu aucune influence grammatical sur le saxon. Thierry, historien eloquent et profond, a decrit la persistance des Saxons k conserver leurs habitndes et leur langue.

Les mots qui designent les objets primitifs ou des idees simples et peu abstraites ont leur racine dans les langnes teutoniques , tandis que le normand et le latin ont foumi le vocabulaire du juriste, de rhomme de science et de Thomme de guerre. Dans la yie ordinaire , il y a une foule de mots derives de I'allemand qui ne seraient pas compris k Lon- dres.

Lespoetes modemes de TAngleterre, tels que Sir W. L'etude des compositions de Barns pent done 6tre utile k celui qui veut se familiari- ser avec les poetes de notre epoque. En parlant de ce dialecte du nord , il n'est pas exact de dire que tel ou tel mot est derive de Tallemand; car il a conserve sa prononciatiop allemande et n'a change que d'orthograpfte. C'est done ToreUle et non I'ceil qui nous fait decouvrir ses affinites. Nous aliens indiquer quelques diver- gences entre le dialecte employe par Bums et I'anglais ecrit de nos jours.

Ce serait de Faffectation que de comparer le dialecte ecossais de Bums au dorique des poetes grecs, puisque les dialectes grecs ne peuvent avoir aucune couleur pour nous, quoi qu'on en dise ; nous rappellerons plutdt Be- ranger, qui a inUroduit le langage populaire dans ses plus jolis morceaux.

Ainsi que Bums , 11 a 6crit les plus belles odes dans sa langue , et tons les deux font les delices du peuple, pour lequel ils ecrivirent. An unco' mournfa' ' tale.

At length poor Mailie silence brak. An' if he live to be a beast. Composed in How hufTd , and cufiTd and disrespedut! I see how folk live that hae riches ; But surely poor folk maun be wretches. Then chance an' fortune are sae guided , They're aye in less or mair provided; An' tho' fatigu'd wi' close employment , A blink of rest's a sweet enjoyment.

The prattlin things are just their pride. That sweetens a' their firenside. Unite in common recreation : Love blinks , Wit slaps , and social Mirth Forgets there 's Care upo' the earth. An' saying aye or no 's they bid him; At operas and plays parading.

Far Britain's Guid! It wad for every ane be better, The Laird , the Tenant an' the Cotter! But ye tell me , Master Caesar, Sure great folk's life 's a life o' pleasure! That when nae real ills perplex them , They make enow themselves to vex them ; An' aye the less they hae to sturt"' them , In like proportion less will hurt them.

Ae night they 're mad wi' drink an' swearing; Neist day their life is past enduring. There's some exception, man an' woman ; But this is Gentry's life in common. Ces deux morceanx , one fois compris , servhront k I'in- telligence des suivants ; en consequence nos notes deviendront moins nombreuses. To a Mouse 9 on turning her up in her nest with the plottgh. I doubt na , whyles , but thou may thieve ; What Aen? Thy wee bit housie , too , in ruin! S , confortable. Still thou art blest , compar'd wi' me!

Aitkbii, Esqr. My loved , my honour'd, much respected friend , No mercenary bard his homage pays : With honest pride I scorn each selfish end ; My dearest meed', a friend's esteem and praise. Ce pere , qui est ici le Cotter , paysan pieux , est Domme avec de grands eloges dans la bio- graphie du poete.

To you I sing, in simple Scottish lays, The lowly train in life's sequester'd scene ; The native feelings strong, the guileless ways ; What Aitken in a cottage would have been , Ah!

But , hark! The father cracks" of horses, pleughs and kye. Is there , in human form , that bears a heart , — A wretch! That can , with studied , sly , ensnaring art , Betray sweet Jenny's unsuspecting youth? Curse on his perjured arts!

Are honour, virtue, conscience all exil'd? Then paints the ruin'd maid, and their distraction wild? Compared with this how poor Religion's pride , In all the pomp of method and of art, When men display to congregations wide Devotion's ev'ry grace , except the heart!

From scenes like these old Scotia's grandeur springs , That makes her loved at home , revered abroad. Scotia , my dear , my native soil , For whom my warmest wish to Heaven is sent!

Long may thy hardy sons of rustic toil Be blest with health , and peace , and sweet content , And, 0! April Such is the fate of artless Blaid, Sweet fflow'ret of the rural shade! By love's simplicity betray'd And guileless trust , Till she , like thee , all soil'd, is laid Low i' the dust.

Till bfllows rage , and gales blow hard And whelm him o'er! Ev'n thou who moum'st the Daisy's fiite , That fate is thine! Joliii Itorleycom.

A Ballad. They took a plough and ploughed him down , Put clods upon his head, And they ha'e sworn a solemn oath ohn Barleycorn was dead. But the cheerful spring came kindly on, And show'rs began to fall; John Barleycorn got up again And sore surprised them all. His colour sicken'd more and more ; He faded into age ; And then his ennemies bejpn To show their deadly rage. They 've ta'en a weapon long and sharp , And cut him by the knee ; Then ty'd hun fast upon a cart , Like a rogue for forgerie'.

They filled up a darksome pit With water to the brim; They heaved in John Barleycorn , There let him sink or swim. They laid him out upon the floor To work him further woe , And still , as signs of life appear'd , They toss'd him to and fro. Ill XII. John Barleycorn was a hero bold , Of noble enterprise ; For if you do but taste his blood , 'Twill make your courage rise. SoUwk Andersan , rnxj Jo! Now we maun totter down , John , But hand in hand we '11 go , And sleep thegither at the foot , John Anderson , my jo!

Ha, ha, the wooing o't! Ha, ha, etc. Celle-ci a foorni au peintre Wilkie le sujet d'un tableau bien connu. Time and chance are but a tide ; Ha, ha, etc. How it comes, let doctors tell : Ha, ha, etc. Something in her bosom wrings ; For relief a sigh she brmgs ; And , oh! Duncan was a lad o' grace ; Ha, ha, etc. Maggie's was a piteous case ; Ha, ha, etc. Now 's the day , and now 's the hour. Wha will be a traitor knave? Wha can fill a coward's grave? Wha sae base as be a slave?

Wha for Scotland's king and law Freedom's sword will strongly draw? Free-man stand or free-man fa', Caledonian? By oppression's woes and pains! By your sons in servile diains! Lay the proud usurpers low''! Tyrants fall in every foe! Liberty's in every blow! In the same year , , as Burns published the first edition o his poems, Rogers appeared before the public as the author of an Ode to Superstition and of other poems. Though belonging to the same guild , they were placed in two very opposite stations in society : the for- mer, the child of adversity; the latter born to opulence and enjoying all the advantages of life.

But genius can show itself independent of circumstances ; and without doing injustice to Mr. Rogers, we may assert that his poor brother-poet was far his superior. The Pleasures of Memory, his most popular work, appeared in : it is a revival of Goldsmith's style of didactic poetry ; without attaining the definite lucidity, which gives a striking transparency to every line of the Deserted Village, Rogers can well bear a comparison with his model.

We accordingly find Refers and Campbell often drawing their inspirations from the same source; they both pass from pictures of an individual in- terest to historical associations. Rogers writes with more detail and more finish ; but if he is more correct, Campbell has more warmth and leaves a stronger impression on the mind of the reader.

Subsequent to this poem, Rogers devoted himself to his father's profession and did not appear again before the pubhc till the year His unfinished poem Columbus was then published. De cette nudity dependent plusieurs de ses formes syntaxiques ; il est done important de la signaler.

Les mots Strangers arrivent dans une langue par tradition orale ou graphiqne. En considerant la theorie grammaticale des formes la morph61ogie de la langue anglaise, on reconnatt que toutes les inflexions, k Texception de celle du pluriel des substantifs , vieiinent de Fallemand.

Nous allons eonsi- d6rer succinctement cette derivation. L'article the est une modification phonique de bie, la lettre aspiree etant employee pour la forte. Si Ton emploie le possessif au plu- riel , ce qui ne pent se faire sans obscurite , ce n'est que par analogic. Les degres de comparaison de Tadjectif se fovment comme en allemand. Le verbe , cette partie importante du discours , n'a que cinq inflexions en anglais. La terminaison ing correspond h la terminaison ung de I'allemand , dans lequel elle n'appartient plus , il est vrai , au participe present.

Le subjonctif s'est form6 par le dfeir d'abreger la phrase dubitative, en retranchant I'auxiliaire du futur pour en eviter la repetition ; ainsi , au lieu de If he will he indnstrious, he mil succeed, dites : If he be indus- trious, he will succeed. Quant aux verbes auxiliaires, ils derivent tous de Tal- lemand, avec qiielque changement dans leur application. L'anglais est riche par ses propositions. Spread — spread — spread. Dans la plupart I'orthographe change.

Kneel — knelt — knell. Shoot — sh6t — shdt. Her wheel at rest , the matron thrills no more With treasur'd tales and legendary lore. All , all are fled ; yet still I linger here! Wliat secret charms, this silent spot, endear? Mark yon old mansion frowning through the trees , Whose hoUow turret woos the whistling breeze. That casement, arch'd with Ivy's brownest shade, First , to these eyes the light of heaven convey'd. The mouldering gateway strews the grass-grown court , Once the calm scene of many a simple sport ; When nature pleas'd, for life itself was new.

And the heart promised what the fancy drew. See , thro' the firactur'd pediment reveal'd , Where moss inlays the rudely-sculptur'd shield , The martin's old, hereditary nest.

Long may the ruin spare its hallow'd guest! That hall where once, in antiquated state, The chair of justice held the grave debate. The heart's light laugh pursued, the circling jest , And all was sunshine in each little breast. Twas here we chas'd the slipper by the sound , And tum'd the blindfold hero round and round. Twas here , at eve , we form'd our fairy ring ; And Fancy flutter'd on her wildest wing. Giants and genii chain'd each wondering ear ; And orphan sorrows drew the ready tear. Ye, Household Deities!

Modification de you rarement employee. The screen unfolds its many coloiir'd chart ; The clock still points its moral to the heart.

When soft it spoke a promis'd pleasure near: And has its sober hand, its simple chime. Forgot to trace the feather'd feet of Time? That massive beam, with curious carvings wrought. As through the garden's desert paths I rove , What fond illusions swarm in eviery grove!

Laden with sweets , the choicest of the spring! U7 How oft" inscrib'd with Friendship's votive rhyme, The bark now silver'd by the touch of Time; Soar'd in the swing, half pleas'd and half afraid , Through sister-elms that wav'd their summer-shade ; Or strew'd with crumbs yon root-inwoven seat, To lure the red-breast from his lone retreat!

Indulgent Memory wakes , and lo! To thee belong The sage's precept and the poet's song. I am at home , I am going home. Je suis Chez moi k la maison. Je vais chez moi. I am at his house , I am going to his house , Je suis chez lui. Je vais chez lui. I am at my uncle's , I am going to my uncle's , Je suis chez mon oncle. Je vais chez mon oncle. I am at the linen-draper's , I am going to the linen-draper's, Je suis chez le marchand de Je vais chez le marchand de toiles.

I am coming from my uncle's , Je viens de chez mon oncle. Wlmt soften'd views thy magic glass reveals , When o'er the landscape , Time's meek twilight steals! As when in ocean sinks the orb of day , Long on the wave reflected lustres play , Thy temper'd gleams of happiness resign'd , Glance on the darken'd mirror of the mind.

The school's lone porch , with reverend mosses , gray, Just tells the pensive pilgrim were it lay. Quickening my truant feet across the lawn ; Unheard the shout that rent the noontide air , When the slow dial gave a pause to care. Upsprings, at every step, to claim a tear, Some little friendship form'd and cherish'd here , And not the lightest leaf, but trembling teems. With golden visions and romantic dreams! To learn the colour of my future years! This truth once known.. We led the bending beggar on his way , Bare were his feet, his tresses silver gray, Sooth'd the keen pang his aged spirit fell , And on his tale with mute attention dwelt.

Angels , when Mercy's mandate wing'd their flight , Had stopt to catch new rapture from the sight. But hark! Ye tender scenes farewell! Quand il s'agit de quantite , on ne peut employer que no — more. Les deux locutions s'emploient en parlantdu temps, avec cette distinction : si Ton parle de la non continuation de Taction , il faut no — longer; la non repetition de Taction de- mande no — more.

Non repetition : Sorrowing that they should see his face no more. Lull'd in the countless chambers ot the brain. Our thoughts are link'd by many a hidden chain. Awake but one , and lo! Each stamps ils image as the other flies! Each , as the various avenues of sense , Delight or sorrow to the soul dispense, Brightens or fades; yet, all, with magic art, Control the latent fibres of the heart. Nous consacrerons quel- ques lignes k ce sujet.

Each , at thy call , advances or retires , As judgment dictates or the scene inspires. Each thrills the seat of sense , that sacred source , Whence the fine nerves direct their mazy course, And through the frame invisibly convey The subtle quick vibrations as they play.

Yet mark, in each these mystic wonders wrought, Oh! II y a six ans que je suis k Geneve. I have been at Geneva these six years. II y avail six ans que j'etais k Geneve , I had been at Geneva six years. J'etais k Geneve il y a six ans , I was at Geneva six years ago are gone. Dans le premier cas on emploie le parfait et non le present , parce qu'il s'agit d'un temps pass6 en relation avec le present. So , when the mild Tupia 4ar'd explore Arts yet untaught and worlds unknown before , And , with the sons of Science , woo'd the gale, That, rising, swelFd their strange expanse of sail ; So , when he breath'd his firm yet fond adieu, Borne from his leafy hut , his carved canoe , And all his soul best lov'd: — such tears he shed, While each soft scene of summer-beauty fled.

Long o'er the wave a wistful look he cast , Long watch'd the streaming signal from the mast, Till Twilight's dewy tints deceived his eye. And fairy forest fring'd the evening sky. But now the morn with orient hues pourtray'd Each castled cliff and brown monastic shade, All touch'd the talisman's resistless spring ; And lo!

Thus kindred objects kindred thoughts inspire , As summer clouds flash forth electric fire. Qiacopo Foscari ne put supporter Texil ; il revint et mourut dans la lorture , en In Rome's great forum , who but hears him roll His moral thunders o'er the subject soul?

And hence that cahn delight the portrait gives : We gaze on every feature till it lives! Still the fond lover views th6 absent maid ; And the lost friend still lingers in his shade!

Say why the pensive widow loves to weep. Arcbimedem, cujus ego quaestor ignoratum abs Syra- cusanis, qnum esse omnino negarent, septum undique, et vesti- , turn vepribus et dumetis indagavi sepulcrum. The hoary grandsire smiles the hour away , Won by the charm of Innocence at play ; He bends to meet each artless burst of joy , Forgets his age and acts again the boy. What claim'd the sorrows of a last adieu? The social tribes its choicest influence hail ; And when the drum beats briskly in the gale , The war-worn courser charges at the sound , And with young vigour wheels the pasture round.

Oft has the aged tenant of the vale Lean'd on his staff to lengthen out the tale ; Oft have his lips the grateful tribute breath'd , From sire to son witlr pious zeal bequeath'd. Just , Recall the traveller, whose alter'd form Has borne the buffet of the mountain-storm ; And who will first his fond impatience meet? His faithful dog 's already at his feet! His faithful dog shall tell his joy to each , With that mute eloquence which passes speech.

He lived with you , — dit not he? He will not bite , — wiU he? He can speak , — cannot he? He must not write , — must he? Led by what chart, transports the timid dove? The wreaths of conquest, or the vows of love?

Say thro' the clouds what compass points her flight? Monarchs have gaz'd and nations biess'd the sight. Pile rocks on rocks, bid wood and mountains rise. Sweet bird! When , with the silent energy of grief, With looks that ask'd, yet dar'd not hope relief. Want, with her babes, round generous Valour clung, To wring the slow surrender from his tongue , 'Twas thine to animate her closing eye ; Alas!

Who bids her soul with conscious triumph swell? With conscious truth retrace the mazy clue Of varied scents, that charm'd her as she. Memory, hail! Speak to her , she is a good-natured girl , Parlez lui , c'est une bonne fille. Sweet drop of pure and pearly light! In thee' the rays of virtue shine ; More calmly clear, more mildly bright Than any gem that gilds the mine.

Benign restorer of the soul! Who ever fly'st to bring relief, When first we feel the rude controul Of love or pity , joy or grief. The sage's and the poet's theme , In every clime , in every age Thou charm'st, in fancy's idle dream , In reason's philosophic page. You yourself could not do it. You are the very person I want. She is the same person 1 spoke to yesterday. No eye observes the growth or the decay : To day we look as we did yesterday ; Yet while the loveliest smiles, her locks grow grey , And in her glass could she but see her face , She '11 see so soon amid another race , How would she shrink!

I have not any needles. Have you any thread? WiU you take some pie? Our pathway leads but to a precipice ; And all must follow , — fearful as' it is , From the first step ; 'tis known ; but — no delay!

We tremble and obey. I would stop and linger if I might. At length the brink appears. We faint, — on! How great the mystery! Let others sing The summer's glory , and the rich repose Of autumn, and the winter's silvery snows.

Man through the changing scene let me pursue : Himself how wond'rous in his changes too! Not Man the sullen savage in his den ,. But Man called forth in fellowship with men, Schooled and trained up to wisdom from his birth , God's noblest work , — His image upon earth!

And now behold him up the hill ascending, Memory and Hope , like evening stars attending ; Sustained , excited , till his course is run , By deeds of virtue done or to be done. They who watch by him , hear not ; but he hears. And Earth recedes , and Heaven itself appears! That hand we grasped, alas! Nor shall we look upon his face again! Manquer, comme verbe neutre, se rend par to be wanting. Then was the drama ended. Then secure From pain, from grief, and all that we endure.

He slept in peace ; — say rather, soared to Heaven , Upborne from earth by Him to whom 'tis given , In his right hand to hold the golden key That opes the portals of eternity.

When by a good man's grave I muse alone, Methinks an angel sits upon the stone ; Like those of old , on that thrice-hallow'd night.

Tlie Poem's description of his country retreat. To a Friend. In vain , alas! And lo! Still must my partial pencil love to dwell On the home prospects of my hermit cell ; The mossy pales ' that skirt the orchard-green , Here hid by shrub-wood , there by glimpses seen ; And the brown pathway , that , with careless flow , Sinks , and is lost among the trees below; Still must it trace the flattering tmts forgive t Each fleeting charm that bids the landscape live. Far to the south a mountain vale retires, Rich in its groves, and glens, and village-spires, fts upland lawns , and cliffs with foliage hung , Its wizard-stream , nor nameless nor unsung ; And thro' the various year, the various day , What scenes of glory burst and melt away!

Had not men of equal talent and consideration expres- sed themselves of opposite opinions respecting the head of the Lake School , Wordsworth , we would not presume to offer any remarks, bearing the least semblemce of dis- respect to the venerable patriarch of the recent period of English poetry. We will avoid, too, talking in a general and obscure manner , such as taxing our author with Braminical notions and with a tendency to the dreamy philosophy of Spinoza.

In the appreciation of works of taste , the task of delineating the peculiar characteristic features of the writer is peculiarly difficult and delicate. It requires that we should sit down sine ira et studio , and that we should make abstraction of our individual tastes , should examine with the enlarged vision of science , and be generously alive to the sym- pathies of the author.

J are susceptible of so many different manifestations , that it is not wise to lay down a narrow system , with the intention of prescribing the limits beyond which poetry or art cease to exist. In works of genius , there may be difference in kind without difference in degree. The invi- dious habit of setting' up the bust of a great writer on the wrecks of that of a fellow-genius does as little honour to the heart as to the head.

Have not Shakspeare and Milton an equal claim to our veneration? We will not therefore bring together Byron and Wordsworth , the two great representatives of the two different currents of the poetic movement during the Tra- falgar Period, for the sake of mutual depreciation, but rather to place in stronger light their individual merits.

It is sometimes sweet to feel the mind calmed down by the deep and passionless musings of Wordsworth's poe- try, and we sometimes delight to glow and bum with the lovely and varied imagery, and the fervid language of Byron.

Having disclaimed every species of partisanship, we proeeed to make some remarks on Wordsworth's poetry. We do not intend to collect passages out of his works in order to construct his system of faith. We know him to be a gOod christian ; and , as such , the ground- work of his faith must be the same as ours. But without affecting his piety, he may, as well as any other man, be allowed to entertain his.

He uses therefore promiscuously the same language , when speaking of organic or inorganic nature , not as figures of rhetoric , but as representing the different qualities inherent in the objects themselves.

But Wprdsworth , if we may be allowed to say so, was wrong in wishing to impose these fanciful notions on all poets, as the only condition of true poetry : as if Nature could be understood only by the adoption of these views! Rousseau , in pages of overwhelming eloquence , endeavoured to establish his ideal Nature , in sapping our faith and the basis of the fabric of society.

The encyclopedists assumed as an axiom that the language of their infidelity was the language of Nature, and that this Nature should be our guide qs she was our mother. The rustic has not more of it than the inhabitant of the town ; they are botli biassed by thenr respective prejudices , nor less enslaved by sinful propensities. The former may perhaps firom simplicity wear his heart nearer the surface ; but it is his nature to coiiceai it, and he does so nine times out often ; on the other haAid , the man trained up in the arts of civilized life , discloses oft his heart , not from simplicity, but from passion ; yet it is his imture to conceal, it and he does so more often than otherwise.

We love to have him for a companicm in our evening walks through the woody glade , or along the margin of Uie lake ; his mu- sings tune our hearts to harmony and render them prolific of gratitude to the Great Being in whom our affections should centre.

The law of association of ideas is for this amiable poet the link between God and his creatures. We are con- stantly dJ3turbed by his obvious aim of constructing a system , of shaping his ideas according to preconceived rules, and this even in his sweetest compositions. There is not in his poetry that ingenuousness of Cowper's muse, which leads the heart and mind captive , and leaves us in the undisturbed enjoyment of the poetic banquet. To the ro- mantic country around him , he devoted his affections, and retired at an early age on a little competence to the neighbourhood of the lakes.

He was first destined to Holy Orders ; but even this plan he did not alk w to in- terrupt his meditative existence. We have mentioned , in the notice on Moore , that the British government has few means at its disposal for the encouragement of men of letters ; the conferring of government offices is one to which it has sometimes recourse.

To Wordsworth was given the situation of distributor of stamps for the coun- ties of Cumberland and Westmoreland , a lucrative place of trust, which he has held for upwards of thirty years. Wordsworth first appeared before the public in , as author of two small volumes entitled the Evening Walk and Descriptive Sketches. His Lyrical Ballads, which appeared in , were written according to the peculiar theory of poetry to which he has since adhered.

He consoled himself vnUi the con- viction that a time would come when justice would be done to his muse : nor has he beent mistaken.

In dioughtless freedom bold. And she had made a pipe of straw. There came a youth from Georgia's' shore. With hues of genius on his cheek , In finest tones the youth could speak. He was a lovely youth! He spake of plants, divine and strange , That every hour their blossoms change , Ten thousand lovely hues! He told of the magnolia, spread High as a cloud , high over head! Sweet Ruth alone at mid-night shed A solitary tear ; She thought again , — and did agree With him to sail across the sea And drive the flying deer.

But, as you have before been told. And with his dancmg crest So beautiful , through savage lands Had roamed about with vagrsoit bands Of Indians in the West. The wind , the tempest roaring high , The tumult of a tropic sky Might well be dangerous food For him , a youth to whom was given So much of earth , — so much of heaven And such impetuous blood.

But ill he lived , much evil saw With men to whom no better law , Nor better life was known ; Deliberately and undeceived Those wild men's vices he received And gave them back his own. Had loved her , night and mom : What could he less than love a maid Whose heart with so much nature played? So kind and so forlorn! They stirred him now no nuMPe ; New objecfa did new pleasure give.

Meanwhile , as thus with him it fared , They for the voyage were prepared And went to the sea-shore ; But when they thither came , the youth Deserted his poor bride, and Rath Gould never find him more. Yet sometimes milder hours she knew , Nor wanted sun , nor rain , nor dew , Nor pastimes of the May : — They all were with her in her cell. The engines of her pain , the tools That shaped her sorrow, rocks and pools, ' And airs that gently stir The vernal leaves, she loved them still, Nor ever taxed them with the ill Which had been done to her.

She sleeps beneath the greenwood tree. And other home had none. An innocent life, yet far astray! Be broken down and old. I, too, have passed her on the hills. I pray you tcU. With one knee on the grass did the little maiden kneel , While to that mountain lamb she gave its evening meal. Drink , pretty creature , drink! Why pull so at thy cord? What is wanting to thy heart?

Why pull so at thy chain? Tlte idle Slieplierd Boys. A Pastoral. The im iintain raven's youngling brood Have left the mother and the nest ; And they go rambling east and west , In search of their own food , Or through the glittering vapours dart , In very wantonness' of heart. IL Beneath a rock , upon the grass , Two boys are sitting in the sun. It seems they have no work to do , Or that their work is done.

They never hear the cry , That plaintive cry! When he learnt what thing it was. He drew it gently from the pool And brought it forth into the light. The Complaint of a forsaken Indian Woman. Before I see another day , let my body die away!

My Are is dead : it knew no pain ; Yet is it dead , and I remain. Ces id6es mys- tiques rappellent, entr'aulres, celles des Pythagoridens sur rharmonie des spheres. When 1 was well , I wished to live For clothes , for warmth , for food and fire ; But they to me no joy can give , No pleasure now and no desire.

Then here contented will I lie! Alone I cannot fear to die. Too soon I yielded to despair ; Why did ye listen to my prayer? When ye were gone, my limbs were stronger And, oh! That, afterwards, a little longer , My friends , I did not follow you I For strong and without pain I lay , My friends, when ye were gone away.

My child! When from my arms my babe they took , On me how strangely did he look! And then he stretch'd bis arms how wild! My little joy! Then do not weep and grieve for me ; I feel I must have died with thee. Too soon , my friends , ye went away ; For I had many things to say. I '11 follow you across the snow ; Ye travel heavily and slow ; In spite of all my weary pain , I '11 look upon your tents again. He saw me , and he turned aside , As if he wished himself to hide ; Then with his coat he made.

A CoDTenatioD. We talked with open heart, and tongue Affectionate and true , A pair of Mends , though I was young And Matthew seventy-two. We lay beneath a spreading' oak , Beside a mossy seat; And from the turf a fountain broke And gurgled' at our feet.

I have heard , 1 hear thee and rejoice : Cuckoo! It seems to fill the whole air's space , At once far off and near! Even yet thou art to me No bird , but an invisible thing , A voice , a mystery ; The same whom in my schoolboy days I listened to; that cry Which made me look a thousand ways , In bush , and tree, and sky.

How does the meadow flower its bloom unfold? See , at his feet some little plan or chart, Some fragment from his dream of human life , Shaped by himself with newly learnexi art : A wedding or a festival , A mourning or a funeral ; And this hath now his heart, And unto this he frames his song.

When we sat down to a studious perusal of Southey's poetical works , we must avow that we did so , with a mind prejudiced against him as a poet. We had read only fragments of his poems and were acquainted with the author chiefly, through the invectives, which Byron had so often vindictively poured out against him. We dwelt with fondness on the character of the Bfaid of Orleans. That a young poet , especially at the time Southey wrote this fine epic , should glow at the name of liberty, is what we should expect ; but that he d by Google SOUTHET.

Southey felt too well the beauty of the creation that history presented to his view , not to accept it frankly, without any invidious criticism, and not to adorn it with the riches of his imagination. To extol thus dis- interested patriotism is to perpetuate its example among mankind, and to contribute to their moral elevation by accustoming them to think that magnanimity is not a fiction. Idealist writers , who, like Southey, represent hu- man nature higher in the scale of perfection than it is usually found, confer an incalculable benefit on their fellow creatures , and tend to feed in their hearts the small and sacred flame of noble enthusiasm and to, keep alive faith in virtue and religion.

This poem was written at the age of 19 and pubHshed at the age of S4. His three great poems Joan of Arc, Modoc, and Roderick, the Last of the Goths, are written in blank verse , in the constriction of which he excels. In his Minor Poems , he has tried every species of metre, but appears to be unequal in conception. But to speak of Dr. Southey as a poet, great as he is, is only to mention half his merits. As a prose writer he is in the first place for purity of style; his popular work, the Life ofNeUon, is a fouHless piece of biography.

His fsAher , a Imen-draper, could not from Ul- success in business give him the education so well en- dowed a mind deserved. His maternal uncle, Mr. Hill, placed him , in , at Westminster School , from whence he was removed to Baliol College, Oxfprd, in It was to be called the Pantisocratical Society and to be established on the Ohio, in America.

His firiends, in order to wean him from this attachment , persuaded him to accompany his maternal uncle , Mr. Hill , to Lisbon.

The two lovers were however united secretly , and they parted at the porch of the church at the close of the marriage ceremony. The lady continued to bear her maiden name and to wear the wedding ring round her neck as a memento of constancy, At the expiration of six months , Southey re- turned and was united to his faithful virgin bride. In the following year, , appeared his Joan of Arc. His income was increased by L.

On the loss of his wife Edith, — his first love , — his intellects were weakened , and a lady of great talents , Miss Caroline Bowles , from noble com- passion for the prostration of so fine an intellect, under- took the guardianship of the afflicted poet. As his wife, she attempted to soothe the sufferings of him who , dur- ing the last six years of his life , was unconscious of her devotedness.

Severe they were And woukl have made me fear them , but my soul Possess'd the germ of steady fortitude. And stubbornly I bore unkind rebuke And wrathful chastisement. Good old man!

Joan of Arc". Book II. Le vem ianbiqae doit eoBsiflter enctoqiambes, ccmme -. Twelve hundred chosen oien Well tried in war uprear the guardian shield Beneath their banners. Dreadful was the sight Of preparation. These , preventive care destroys , Lest England', sheltered by the friendly walls.

Securely should approach. The monasteries Fell in the general waste. The citizens with long and ceaseless stroke Dig up the violated earth to impede The foe : the hollow chambers of the dead Echoed beneath.

The brazen-trophied tomb , Thrown in the furnace, now prepares to give The death it late recorded. It was sad To see so wide a waste ; the aged ones , Hanging their heads, and weeping as they went O'er the fall'n dwellings of their happier years ; The stem and sullen silence of the men Musing on vengeance; and, but ill represt, The mother's fears as to her breast she clasp'd Her ill doom'd infant.

Soon the suburbs lay One ample ruin ; the huge stones removed , Wait in the town to rain the storm of death. Joan of Arc. Book V. There was amid the garrison A fearless knight who at Vemeuil had fought , And high renown for his bold chivalry Acquired in that day's conquest. To his fame The thronging English yield the foremost place. At her coltage-door The wretch'd one shall sit, and with dkn eye Gaze o'er the pbdn , where on Ms parting steps Her last look hung.

Nor ever shall she know Her husband dead , but tortured with vain hope Gaze on;. Joati of Arc. What hollow moanings of the western wind Foretell the storm , and in what lurid' clouds The embryo lightning lies. Book VII. A Sonnet. As thus I stand beside the murmuring stream And watch its current, Memory here portrays Scenes faintly formed of half-forgotten days , Like far-off woodlands by the moon's bright beam Dimly descried , but lovely.

Dream-like and indistinct those days appear, As the bint sounds of this low brooklet, borne Upon the breeze, reach fitfully' the ear.

Dreary were the downs , more dreary her reflections ; Cold was the nightwhid , colder was her bosom : She had no home , the world was all before her , She had no shelter. Smooth and unarmed the pointless leaves appear. Thus though abroad perchance I might appear Harsh and austere , To those who on my leisure would intrude Reserved and rude , Gentle at heme amid my Hends I M be , Like the high leaves upon the Holly Tree.

And should my youth , as youth is apt , I know , Some harshness show. All vain asperities I , day by day. Would wear away , Till the smooth temper of my age should be Like ithe high leaves upon the Holly Tree.

So serious should my youth appear among The thoughtless throng , So would I seem , amid the young and gay , More grave than they , That in my age as cheerful I might be As in the wmter the green Holly Tree. Thus they pursued Their journey , each from other gathering store " For thought , with many a silent interval Of mournful meditation , till they saw The temples and towers of Cordoba Shining majestic in the light of eve.

Roderick, the Last of the Goths. Don Pedro's son , the order and service of Knigfuhood. Count Pedro then Would smUe , and in his heart rejoice to see The noble instinct manifest itself. Bareheaded then He stood. How cahnly gliding through the dark blue sky The midnight Moon ascends!

Quant k la typograpliie anglaise, Us y furent adoptes en ; excepte les deux-points qui le furent en , et le point-virgule, en A lovelier, purer light than that of day Rests on the lulls; and, oh!

Scarce visible , as in the utmost depth Of yonder sapphire infinite, are seen , Draw on with elevating influence Toward eternity the attempered ' mind.

Musing on worlds beyond the grave he stands, And to the Virgin. Mother silently Breathes forth her hymn of praise. Book XII. A happy man he went , his heart at rest , Of hope , and virtue, and affection full , To all exhilarating influences Of earth and heaven alive. For he long time , Far from his home and from his native hills , Had dwelt in bondage ; and the mountain breeze , Which he had with the breath of infancy Inhaled, such impulse to his heart restored , As if the seasons had rolled back , and life Enjoyed a second spring.

Book XVI. Embraced by-all , in turn embracing each. And melt , and leave the prospect bright and clear. Book XXI. JKoderick's War-cry. Roderick and Victory! Roderick aind Vengeance!

Not from the field Of his great victory , when Witiza fell, With louder acclamations had that name Been borne abroad upon the winds of heaven. The unreflecting throng, who, yesterday, If it had past their lips , would with a curse Have clogged it , echoed it as if it came From some celestial voice in the air, revealed To be the certain pledge of all their hopes : Roderick the Goth! Roderick and Vengeance! With mutual rage they met. Straight or reverse , delivered and repelled.

Roderick at length with better speed hath reached The apostate's torban , and through all its folds The true Cantabrian weapon making way Attained his forehead. He , shrieking , as beneath the horse's feet He fell , forgot his late-learnt creed , and called On Mary's name. The dreadful Goth passed on. Still plunging through the thickest war and still Scattering, where 'er he turned, the affrighted ranks.

Many werd they and glorious all. Les premiers monuments Ittteraires de tons les peuples sent en vers, c'est-k-dire , pour parler vulgairemeni, que iapoesie a pr6c6de la prose. En effet , la tradition servit aux premiers hommes d'histoire , de lois et de sciences. Tout au moins une narration prosaiqtie leur aurait paru trop ordinaire pour vouloir la fixer par des signes. Mais cette kme a I'instinct de r harmonic et de I'ordre : en cela elle montre un reflet de I'esprit mSme du Tout-puissant.

Tout cela sans doute est menreilleux , mais pas plus que la croissance du plus petit brin d'herbe de nos champs. La throne de rinvention du langage nous paratt une pure absurdite. Pour ne pas sortir des bornes d'une note , nous ne parlerons que des Grecs. Cette langue a une richesse de rhythme dont le latin seul approche.

C'est ainsi que se forma notre 'Haydn , le grand compositeur , mourut a Vienne , en

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