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Also,if you want,you can request. I'll try and find it,but I don't guarantee! Her ghost in the fog. From the cradle to enslave. Bablyon ad.

Been gone. Dinner At Deviant's Palace. There seems to be no middle ground on The Dixie Chicks. Live Browser. The seduction game you play is tried, true, and still effective: hard to get. End Of All Hope.

Barrie levy lesbian. Time to try to understand my quarter-life crisis!

Cold Day In July Top of the World Tracks of Disc 2 1. Heartbreak Town 3. So Hard 4. Long Time Gone Heartache 7. Heartache Tracks of Disc 3 1. Email Subscriptions. Landslide 3. Privacy Policy. Join ourfans. Favorite Year Anna Liz.

That song made me cry so hard.

  • Ludacris , Nicki Minaj.
  • There seems to be no middle ground on The Dixie Chicks.
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That song made me cry so hard. I miss all my friends. Those lyrics go with the last night soo well. I just realized it. I like the song, but it takes away from the videos. NOT getting a tan but titanic is playing on the big movie screen outside so i have to go adios. What loser updates their xanga when their on a freaking cruise? Titanic, i remember that movie.

Spit in the ocean for me. Color me a bright shade of weird. Max will be pissed 1 Anonymous bounce xanga. OH wait forget i said that. Im leaving for New York tomorrow so this shall be the last time i have any contact with you unntil monday, unless i decide to take my computer to new york or get on a computer in new york. Like strawberry wine, and seventeen The hot July moon saw everything My first taste of love Oh, bittersweet and green on the vine Like strawberry wine.

You were with me when i was introduced to them though. And I agree with you. He is a great boy. Fo sho. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up. BEcause you just lost. YES ameahaehean. I like her. Im so pissed! I completly forgot about it.

What have I started… 1 JaRay bounce xanga. Sorry if I freaked you out. Like that. HAHAH that night was fun. One of them was just to see if I made a right decision. About your night. That really sutted for you. EDIT marguerite williams is at my house selling knives.

Second to Cody Pope. I just realized that I like this song a lot and those pictures. We just got some new songs and we wanna know what people will think. I cant wait for rent…oh.

I had your drawing today. Heh heh heh. You are the power cord to an electric razor. You basically get plugged into the wall whenever some dude needs to spice up his look. Sucks to be you. I have on my…Kerry face?

All you have to do is pick a scene, noun, verb, etc. Will do. HAH 1 Anonymous bounce xanga. I love lunchtime. I love spring. Your right. Its coming closer.. I think. And I am not on there. Well byee… 1 Anonymous bounce xanga. Oh, and I can…by the way. I want a house with hearts coming out the chimney. And I think we should watch it. Im with Sean Matelyn. I want to see it so bad. But my brothers name wasnt going to be Tristan. And keep talking, it will work out in the end. I was scared I was Ahh, I knew it!

Because I also think your totally a kew-tee pie. I knew you could set that up for me. Because I was there. I personally still think that that story was scary. Haah like leatherface. Or Evan? Stephen Green. I win. Seriously 1 Anonymous bounce xanga. I liked it.

H — ating and loving bowling at the same time. R — aped by small asian girls? I — ng- kay ong-kay. S — tephen pwning noobs. T — he one and only Ricky Martin. A — mazing bracelets courtesy of LeWhitney. S — hows where i know at least one person in every band. That freaked me out, becauase of the night before. I do think we really need to have a night like Krystal again..

This was a long comment. You look so pretty. I miss you Kerry, hope things are goin well. LuV Ya! Est-ce que venir avec moi? Take the quiz: Which famous movie kiss are you?

Quizzes by myYearbook. So excited adsfjdfllksd. Well, you should spell your name Kerri. Now, that is wiiiild. MILLY is more my type! And about the dancing thing. Just dance with the damn dude. Clearly you light his enternal damnation fires.

But she probably is a pearl digger. Good one, ELaine. This game has been played since Once you read this letter, you must send it to 14 females within five days. It has worked for years.

Top of the World Lil' Jack Slade 2. Heartache Tracks of Disc 3 1. Keith Urban. Lil Jack Slade Travelin' Soldier 4.

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Also,if you want,you can request. I'll try and find it,but I don't guarantee! Her ghost in the fog. From the cradle to enslave. Bablyon ad. Unbodied of dusk. The raping of faith. Funeral in carpathia. Cthulhu dawn. Born in a burial gown. Hollowed be thy name. A gothic romance. Fraternally yours. Gilded cunt. FAKE I. MEST " miles".

Spit it out. Left behind. Pulse of the maggots. Me inside. No life. SUM 41 "Fat Lip". I changed the songs cuz some of them weren't working An Agreement Called Forever. Chalk White. The Heart And The Shape. Time bomb. Highway To Hell. Blue eyed suicide. The boy who destroyed the world. Man in the box. Laid To Rest. Never Ending War. The Spreading Disease. Open Your Eyes. Hubble Slaw.

London Life. Mourning The Innocent. Angry, Young, And Poor. Die For The Government. Protest Song. Watch The Right. Burning Angel. Let The Killing Begin. We Will Rise. Anthems of rebellion. Wages of sin. Give me more. The boys of summer. Blood Rose. Theft Of An Angel.

Ain't Love Grand. Bleeding Mascara. Lip Gloss And Black. Right Side Of The Bed. Someones Standing On My Chest. This Flesh A Tomb takes a long time to load.

Tulips are better. Eternal Rest. Darkness surrounding. Chapter four. An epic of time wasted. Armbands braids. Sinister rouge. Camilla Rhodes. Shades of Grey. Black sabbath. Iron man. Fear of God. So Cold. Pounded to dust. Full of maggots. Vitamin R.

Send the pain below. Hate Crew Death Roll. Down Again. Dead Inside. Sink Into The Underground. Anything but you. Empty Jar. Head Stones and the Walking Dead. Not Living. Row Boat. Killing word. Stupid Girl. Amor E Morte. At The Gates Of Midian. Cthulhu Dawn. Dinner At Deviant's Palace. From The Cradle To Enslave. Guilded Cunt. Her Ghost In The Fog. Hollowed Be Thy Name. Lord Abortion. Principle Of Evil Made Flesh. Saffron's Curse. Summer Dying Fast. Tortured Soul Asylum. No Giving Up.