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Tuesday, 31 December Ilyas and Emir and the Archbishop. Got a much needed ray of sunshine when Abang Long, my brother-in law, sent me this photograph of his "Cucu No. Posted by anak si-hamid at Tuesday, December 31, 12 comments:. Labels: Christianity , Malays , Teachers. This posting is dedicated to each and everyone of my Followers - with much appreciation for your support.

Cool malay cikgu wearin ncc uniform

I learned how to grow a thick skin while doing that. The late Nelson Mandela pushed the door a little for justice for his people but his followers and the younger generation among his people will have to work even harder. Arrival of Dravidians and Their Influence. He held talks with the leaders of the Congress and the League. Political Career 2. His activities roused the opposition of the Jewish high priests who accused him. Patel became the leader of the Congress's all-India election campaign in The Peninsula was like the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. Aims of the Society.

Middletown de cheerleading camp. Table of contents

However, the family appealed, and two years later, a three-judge panel of the 9th U. Then you wear your dry and warm socks and shoes. You printed with noisy dot matrix printers and used computer paper with two rows of holes at the sides. Seems like some singaporeans also was thinking of his 80s childhood Register a new account. Skirts differentiate the male from the female therefore confirming traditional gender identities for students whom must wear the correct attire corresponding to their sex. Children as young as 8 years old report being victims of, or witnesses to, harassment. About LinkBacks. Firstly, a cikgh board has to have the right to set up a policy. KFC used to be a high class place that let you use metal forks and knives. Retrieved from www. Some of ncc pros include the following: Advocates believe that uniforms affect student safety by: [12]. Although often used Cool malay cikgu wearin ncc uniform, there is an important distinction between dress codes and school uniforms : according to scholars such as Nathan Joseph, clothing can only be considered a uniform when it " a serves as a group emblem, b certifies an institution's legitimacy by revealing individual's relative positions and c suppresses individuality. Gourock High School. For teen girs number of steps were taken to address the issue.

Short Range Firing.

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  • It encompassed the land, sea and air cadet movements, as well as the Police Cadet Corps, so as to bring the four under a common structure.
  • Not to forget, maybe Ninja turtles too.
  • A school uniform is a uniform worn by students primarily for a school or otherwise educational institution.

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Retrieved 11 February The opposing side of uniforms have claimed their ineffectiveness using a variety of justifications, a variety of which have research supporting them. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. SBS buses used to be non-airconditioned. I am impressed! Wolly, Mr. It's raining cats and turtles: Hundreds of pets kept in high-rise buildings escape and

Cool malay cikgu wearin ncc uniform

Cool malay cikgu wearin ncc uniform

Cool malay cikgu wearin ncc uniform

Cool malay cikgu wearin ncc uniform

Cool malay cikgu wearin ncc uniform. Navigation menu

NCC Nurturing, committed, cool. Singapore: National Cadet Corps, pp. Call no. Beng, A. Nationa l Cadet Corps: th anniversary, character-building, experiences, achievements. Singapore: National Cadet Corps, p. National Cadet Corps: years of distinction. Parliamentary debates: Official report. Singapore: Govt. Printer, col. Anglo-Chinese School Barker Road. History of the corps. Koh, J. Extra-curricular activities in schools: Getting the right perspective. Teaching and Learning , 7 2 , 57— National Cadet Corps: th anniversary, character-building, experiences, achievements.

Retrieved from NewspaperSG. Schools revive cadet corps. The Singapore Free Press , p. Ministry of Communications and Information. Towards independence. Retrieved from Singapore.

National Cadet Corps Bill Vol. National Police Cadet Corps: Its origin, growth and development. Singapore: National Police Cadet Corps, p.

Foo-Tan, G. The Ministry of Interior and Defence. Military Heritage, 7 Printer, cols. Chew, L. Some days you would get chocolate milk, other days strawberry. The old Magnolia fresh milk came in a triangular packet. Everyone in class would tremble in fear when someone with a gauze stuck in the mouth came to your class and called out a name to go visit the school dentist. SBS buses used to be non-airconditioned.

The bus seats were made of wood and the cushion was red. There were colorful tickets for CSS buses. The conductor would check tickets using a machine that punched a hole in each ticket. All SBS buses used to be manually operated, with a gigantic gearstick to the left of the driver.

Your favorite actor and actress were Huang Wenyong and Xiang Yun. I ws very very young. FIAT !!!! Yalah, come on lah! I have a feeling someone's going to say the same thing, except 60s.

Bro, how long you take to compile this list? Seems like some singaporeans also was thinking of his 80s childhood I envy some of my friends who has Legos and PlayMobile Even Kalkitos is a consider a luxury You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Recommended Posts. Posted January 26, You know what SBC stands for. You find your friends with pagers and handphone cool in secondary school. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. George Owell? I was on a wearing running around in some god forsaken jungle!

Come on lah Most of those things are still available now How about taxi and some private cars have mini fans attached in front of the dashboard 2.

Tuesday, 31 December Ilyas and Emir and the Archbishop. Got a much needed ray of sunshine when Abang Long, my brother-in law, sent me this photograph of his "Cucu No.

Posted by anak si-hamid at Tuesday, December 31, 12 comments:. Labels: Christianity , Malays , Teachers. This posting is dedicated to each and everyone of my Followers - with much appreciation for your support. This was the comment from AK Posted by anak si-hamid at Tuesday, December 17, 2 comments:.

Labels: Hypocrisy , Malays. I do apologise. The demise of one of the 20th century's bravest freedom fighters, Nelson Mandela, saw a great outpouring of love, sadness, sympathy and respect in the world's electronic and print media. The piece struck me as typical of an increasingly vocal campaign against Malaysia, now being waged often by 'Malaysians" on the global Internet.

The only country left in the world with its own version of apartheid is Malaysia and the country needs a great fair government and a leader that could walk in the shoes of Mr Nelson Mandela. What magnanimity to utilise the passing of an African leader and freedom fighter to score points against Malays and Malaysia and to slag off his 'motherland"!!!

Yes indeed. Of course the political realities are different, but the skewing of wealth distribution is much the same. So the tally is : 1 Indian, 1 Arab, 1 Malay and 7 Chinese. Doesn't this look like the list of South Africa's 10 richest men with the immigrant whites hogging the wealth?

Just as a matter of interest, in Apartheid South Africa, during the s, the Chinese were classified as 'honorary whites' and by the s , together with the Japanese they were treated as 'whites'. You see, you can't possibly make and accumulate such wealth and clout if you suffer discrimination and segregation like the blacks in the United States and in South Africa. But then , this domination and control also exist in Indonesia and the Philippines.

So here are two more apartheid regimes in Southeast Asia! Let's look at Indonesia's Top Ten Croesus. You see, if people like davidlee and scores of others want to play the racial card about inequality and imbalances and democracy, I find no reason why I should not follow through their line of argument and look at the most crucial ingredient of power and justice and equality - namely wealth.

Just to add grist to the mill, outside of China, Malaysia is the only country that caters for vernacular Chinese education. My experience as a teacher in Singapore tells me that it takes more than colour and culture to excel in school.

Those from a comfortable middle-class background especially the ones who live in the urban areas have the right ingredients for educational success, not only in terms of motivation but also of health and facilities.

The Chinese have always, always been the denizens of mainly urban areas where the British provided the best facilities, services and infrastructure for education, employment and health - an enduring legacy of their built-in advantage.

I think people who reckon that the Malays have an unfair placing in the power structure of the country should familiarise themselves with the matters that really count - wealth! So what are the Sino-cybertroopers whingeing about? And while checking on the news of Malaysia a week ago I discovered this helluva codswallop - this time from the Kelantan Malay Datuk Zaid Ibrahim - about how the Chinese were the true patriots because they paid the most tax!!!!

Of course this silliness will be used by the likes of davidlee52 to show what good Malaysians they are. People who are not rich enough to pay a lot of tax have other priorities to cater to, like paying their rent, the children's schooling and putting food on the table.

People who pay tax are exactly the sort who have more than they need and want for a good life. In any country in the world these sorts have to fulfill their responsibilities to the country that made them what they are! But then they also can afford accountants who can help them to siphon their extra dosh to escape the tax man! So, is there another indicator of loyalty? Will davidlee52 of Swanscombe and all the other cybertroopers of his ilk out there in the ether acknowledge and respect those who pay with their blood to protect the sovereignty of "Apartheid Malaysia"?

Is there any chance that one day, people like davidlee or his grandchildren and great grandchildren will be willing to reciprocate this sacrifice? But maybe they might think, what for? We've paid enough tax. Instead he used it as a platform to shout his chauvinism and slag off Malaysia. I picked this beautiful flower from near Motherwell, a township where the blacks live. In , the spouse and I went on a little visit to South Africa. We disregarded that advice and on both trips we were treated no different from the other 'local' passengers..

We got back to our host's house safe and sound, body and possessions intact. Later we took a coach trip from Port Elizabeth to Capetown. We shall never forget this. On that coach, we observed a white woman giving a can of drink to a black South African - who obviously looked far far poorer - in the seat next to hers.

You would think, there's a good lady - she has shed her sense of superiority in a South Africa that has cast off the chains of Apartheid. Well, she had 'donated' a can of drink which she herself could not finish - she gave away her leftovers. The late Nelson Mandela pushed the door a little for justice for his people but his followers and the younger generation among his people will have to work even harder. Ditto Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Posted by anak si-hamid at Sunday, December 08, 12 comments:.

Labels: Chinese , Double Standards , Malaysia. For the last ten days, the weather has been a wee bit chilly and insalubrious for a geriatric tropical flower like AsH. I decided to do something unchallenging like tidying up the folders in My Document and My Pictures. But then the Brixton slavery case hit the headlines and when it was revealed that one of these women 'slaves' was a 69 year old Malaysian it became more interesting than reading 'Fictionalized History: Initiating Changes in the Malaysian Identitity' by Sim Chee Cheang.

And when the identity of the the Malaysian turned out to be Siti Aishah Bakar you could have knocked me down with a feather. I do enjoy playing the post-modernist lingo! I am curious as to how our post-modernist critics, crypto-Marxists, liberal intellectuals and academics in the Talking Salons and Ivory Towers in Singapore and Malaysia will interpret this phenomenon.

Anak Md Deris in her comment on my previous posting, asked me if I knew anything about Siti Aishah as we were born in and were in London at about the same time. Actually Siti Aishah came to do her degree in London in That was all. USA ended its presence in Anti-war protests in London, organised by the young revolutionaries was particularly regular and well-attended.

However another battle of resistance by Palestinians against Israeli Occupation remained somewhat invisible, even after the Six day War. I remembered the 'bread' strike in when all the shelves in the shops were emptied of bread. There were also frequent and unannounced strikes on the London Underground and buses.

I recalled a group of students coming to our lecture room in asking us to leave the room and join their protest. This was at the Institute of Education, Malet Street. There were about nine of us but we ignored their call. In comparison to university students today, British university undergrads then were living the life of Larry.

They were given very generous student grants. During University vacations they were well taken care of by registering for the dole. This was a grand time to be young and radical. My father organized for me a college in the East. But I went to California, the sun-shine and the beach.

My parents and lecturers could never understand, Why I gave it up for music and the free electric band. Mao and Mao's China was regarded as the 'model for the socialist revolution'. They were mainly small groups making inroads into student movements in the late s. Many were overseas students and according to Professor Steve Rayner of Oxford University they "refused to recognize the legitimacy of the state Their ideology was profoundly detached from reality. They were regarded as non-violent and were simply maintaining a low profile, waiting for the Great Victory.

And in some ways the Maoism of the group is irrelevant: their key features are those of a cult rather than those of a Leninist party. Posted by anak si-hamid at Friday, December 06, 6 comments:. Labels: England. Sunday, 17 November Poppy. From this A field of common poppy Papaver rhoeas In those days the poppy had four petals, but no leaf. It was one of those so-called freebies which kids loved to get. It was just like those cake and drink coupons you get on Sports Day.

Mind you, even the smallest donation of five cents meant a lot to us because a plate of mee siam cost fifteen cents at the school tuckshop. Did we care, or were we told about the significance of that poppy? But it marked the beginning of my love for the poppy. Scarlet red poppies grow naturally on disturbed land. In fact the seeds of the poppy can remain dormant in the soil for almost eight years.

This was seen again in the fields of Flanders and Northern France during the First World War, a bitter bloody battle that was described as "a war fought by lions and led by donkeys. However no lesson was learnt as the Second World War followed, not much later.

Cool malay cikgu wearin ncc uniform