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If this isn't your thing, dont read and don't flame. Thanks a bunch. The roads along southern California were all like this Alyssa noted as she stared at the passing scenery from the darkened car window. The rocky hillsides cascaded straight down into the ocean giving making Alyssa second doubt her Father's rough driving hazards. He was well known for gawking at things that zoomed by, making the small Prius swerve along the highway.

Des erate pee stories

Des erate pee stories

Her bladder wanted to release its contents, and a sharp quick burst of pee suddenly escaped Emily's clenched crotch lips. She couldn't believe how fast her bladder reached it's limit this time, and was on the verge of peeing herself once again, but was trapped, knowing she could not run to the bathroom and have everybody in the ballet school see what had happened. Her bladders distress increased yet again. Some trickled down her leg and into Des erate pee stories shoe, a cold sweat breaking out of her forehead. I'm good thanks," Darren says quietly, a hint of embarrassment in his voice. He brushes his shirt off, wincing when he pushes on his lower stomach a bit too hard, his bladder making its self known again now that he'd come. He was a good boy, he did drink it even his bladder was full. The instructor moved her hand down on her tummy and as she removed it slowly brushed over the top edge of the growing wet spot, which was spreading through the leotard crotch. Alyssa doubled over in pain, grabbing her crotch, and moaning slightly. Diaper auntie giggled as she looked Des erate pee stories Emily's damp crotch.

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On to another day. Gil was out of Judy and John's life for two years. I really had to go to the bathroom, but my therapist was talking about something, DDes I decided to hold it. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Indian girl fucked by African guy in transit at Doha Emma and me. When Ophelia Meets Kumiko A erte college girl is rescued in an unexpected way. Shop To You Drop. Security code:. She stood infront of her dressing mirror and raised her skirt to admire the bulky diaper. The Rest Stop A desperate, wet situation turns into something much darker. My friend looks at me and Des erate pee stories, "Just pee in the pool. Des erate pee stories you a jealous person? His dick was sticking strait at me with his piss slit staring at me as it DDes framed by his dark curlies and two dark balls dangling below. Caught on camera with Dress junior pageant shoes.

So, this story is me in marching band.

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Remember me. Forgot my Password. Log In. Groups Stories Questions People. In the little town where i live, there was a student, who made some little works for money. I asked this boy for help and he did agree. I did not realy needed him to help, because there was somebody at this town for help, but i did not want to make this 7 hour trip alone, i wanted to have this young, cute boy beside me and i wanted to try to make him hold his pee for the entiere day.

The boy, let him call John, asked what cloth he need for this work. He came early at the morning on this day and i had a little breakfast for him and coffee and orangejuice for his bladder. We went with a little lorry, it was nice to talk with him and i loved it to see his slender, nacked and very smooth boy legs. I like nude boy legs, especial if they are so slim and so smooth, like the legs from this teenboy was.

After we had deliverd, we went for something to eat. I stopped wilful at a kind of kiosk where there was no loo. A lage coke for his bladder was a good invest for my joy and lust.

I told him to stay in the car, because i leave all my things inside and i want not lock the car. As i came back he started to speak "Can i He was a good boy, he did hold it. A little bit later, i opend the 2 coks and did give one to him. He was a good boy, he did drink it even his bladder was full. There was ony one more station with a loo on the motorway back hom, this station i had to pass and then there was no more possibility to stopp till our home, then he had to hold it. After a while he needed so bad that he could not hide his urge,he rubbed his knees, he did bent over, but he did not say anything and i did not aske.

Sometimes later he stated again to aske"Can we please I was not sorry - i was horny to see him suffer. He had badluck, there was a accident and we only could go very slow, stopp and go. He was nearly crazy from his urge and his painfull need,he did gripe his thighs - he had a short short so they where nacked- he griped it very hard with his hands, he rupped his knees, he did bent over, he was more then desperate. I could see that his tummy was swollen from his overfilled bladder, i wanted to talk about his need and so i said"Your bladder is swollen and bulging, you realy must have to go bad, i am sorry that you must suffer".

He told me that he never had to piss sooo bad and painfull in his life, then now. Poor boy! Jan 9, Receive notifications on replies. That was a hot story! This is a fantasy of mine to take a hot, muscular guy on a road trip and give him a ton of drinks and test out his bladder capacity, knowing he would not want to look weak and ask to stop for a piss.

Did you ever make a Boy hold his pee for hours on end? Do you like to hold you own pee? Is he here at EP? Thank you.

I'm sorry but I could not read this. The grammar was too horrid. English is not my mother tongue. What do you think is it better for me, to stopp to write in english or would it be better if you stopp to read my stories?

Dont you think you are a little bit too overbearing?!! Your English is not that bad. Thank you! What did he have on so you could see him buldge?

I once was so full I had to losen my pants as it was to tight on my bladder on a road trip. I was full to my navel. It was great to let it out. Thank you for your Answer. What was your longest Time without a pee? Did you ever measure how much pee you can hold in your Bladder? Are you slim so that you can see your Bladder bulging out when it is overfilled?

Do you like if someone need to pee and hold a full Bladder for Hours? I am not sure how long I have held for, but I know I have held it from before bed then in school and went when I got home. I guess I went at shower time at 8 and got home at I never mesured how much I can hold. I will make another post. Yes I am slim and if I am even a bit full you can see it. You mean you peed before bed at evening.

You did hold it till evening? Your bladder must have been up to your navel!? Great that you are slim so you can watch your bladder grow. Damn, that's a really hot story! I would love to be that boy. He could not really talk it out before he started to pee. He did get out very slowly from the van. I think that every move did hurt his overfilled bladder. He crossed his nude, slender legs as soon he was out. I think first he thought that he could make it to the loo, but than it was to much for him, he did push the very short cutoff jeans up on his left thigh and did take his co.

Than he pissed with high pressure for nearly one minute so much hot pee on the road, that it was nearly unbelievable for me that he could hold so much in his bladder. That must have hurt him a lot. You can't imagine how arousing that was for me. The boy was near to tears. TBH this is really amazing English. You were disconnected from Similar Worlds. Get Online again.

The Subway On subway, a girl desperately tries to hold bladder - fails. I make a little fun while I'm there I really fancied my wife's cousin Simon. While waiting I couldnt pee when there was not nature around us, it was only the road and some buildings. I wake up at 3AM knowing no one can ever find out about this.

Des erate pee stories

Des erate pee stories

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I turned to look at her. She had her legs crossed just about as tightly as was humanly possible and was gripping her thighs with both hands, obviously very desperate. Her close fitting black trousers were stretched skin tight between her legs and across her abdomen, which looked swollen with the pressure of pee in her bladder. I deliberately didn't suggest getting off at the next station, finding somewhere to pee and getting a taxi home because I wanted to see how desperate she could get and I was willing to go to my own limit to see this.

The train doors were working again now and for the next few stations Griselda was managing to hold on with no more than pee inspired, anguished groans, crossing and uncrossing her lovely legs and muttering "Hurry up! Then she counted five more stations and told me she didn't think she was going to be able to make it and asked how I was managing.

I've got no option but to hold it in, unless the whole carriage empties and I can pee on the floor. I hadn't considered peeing in the empty cup, even if I had been alone, certainly not with Griselda sitting next to me, but it was a tempting thought if only the couple opposite were not there. I turned to check on Griselda' state of pee again; was it imagination, or was her abdomen more swollen? You are not so badly off, you could probably have a discrete pee in those black trousers without anything showing.

If I let even a drop of pee go, it will be obvious to everyone. Was this too bold a suggestion for desperate Griselda, even in her present mood? Apparently not. You're probably right, as long as it doesn't drip on the floor, nobody will notice if I pee a bit. The problem is going to be stopping once I start.

Right on cue, the offending couple got off at the next station and we had nearly half the carriage to ourselves with still three stations, at least ten minutes still to wait. I didn't need any more encouragement. I picked up the cup and holding it between my legs, as discretely as possible, pulled out my cock and directed a stream of pee into it, trying hard to pinch off the full flow and avoid splashing, not easy when my bladder was close to bursting point.

It was even more difficult to stop when the cup was full, as I was far from finished and had to squeeze my cock hard for several seconds to get control of my bladder again. Griselda had been watching this with interest, particularly my struggle to stop as the cup filled with obvious pee envy.

Oh no! It's no good, watching you pee has made it unbearable, uncontrollable, I'm going to have to pee myself, my bladder is going to give out, I can't possibly wait another second. She kept her legs crossed, so I couldn't see if she was peeing or not, nor could I hear any hiss of escaping pee over the noise of the train.

I really could not believe that she was peeing in her trousers, despite what she had said. She had her eyes shut, her legs still crossed, her hands clenched and after some seconds she visibly shuddered and tensed herself, then pressed her hand between her legs. Only then could I see that her trousers were wet between the legs, she had peed! At least that has let some of the pressure off my bladder, I'll be able to manage now.

It really doesn't show, does it? With her legs still tightly crossed, nothing did show, except that there was a trickle of pee running from the seat onto the floor, but that only noticed if you were close. Peeing like this was just enough to let us hold out for the rest of the journey, but we were still desperate, both standing by the train door, waiting for it to open as we arrived.

Quick, where's the toilet, I'm nearly losing it again. Can you walk behind me to cover my bum, it feels so wet it must show. She was dragging me down the platform, frantically looking about her for the 'Ladies' sign and then almost running when she saw it.

The 'Gents' was next to it, so I was dragged along with her and joined several other men who were also bursting, pouring out streams of pee into the trough, leaving Griselda to discover that the 'Ladies' was closed.

I was still letting my pee pour out when Griselda and a shorter, well-built black girl about 20, wearing a short, short, skirt, came rushing into the 'Gents', both holding between their legs as they ran. It's locked, what are we going to do? I must pee, I can't hold it any longer. You've finished your piss, so you can fuck off out of here. I stayed because Griselda, leaning against the cubicle door, was clutching my arm, still holding herself, pleading with me to find her somewhere to pee before her bladder burst.

As soon as we were out of the 'Gents' Griselda stopped holding her crutch, resorting instead to pulling up her trousers with both hands, so the already tight crutch must have been almost cutting her in half. This part of the station was well lit and her wet bum was quite obvious. I was trying to hurry her out of the station, but in her desperate state she was finding it difficult to walk and kept half stopping and semi-crossing her legs.

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desperatelyfullforever — Time for a Badly Written Out Omo Story!

If this isn't your thing, dont read and don't flame. Thanks a bunch. The roads along southern California were all like this Alyssa noted as she stared at the passing scenery from the darkened car window.

The rocky hillsides cascaded straight down into the ocean giving making Alyssa second doubt her Father's rough driving hazards. He was well known for gawking at things that zoomed by, making the small Prius swerve along the highway. Unfortunately, there was no room to swerve on this road. It was either run into the busy other lane or right into the ocean, none of which Alyssa wanted to experience.

She got the mega-fountain drink during their last pit-stop taking her time to cherish the refreshing liquid for the remainder forty minutes of the trip. The family of four was traveling to Camp Harmony, one of their favorite spots to camp over the summer break. Alyssa had turned fifteen only a few months ago, excited to spend her time scouting for boys here rather than spend time doing childish things like family picnics and outings like she had a few years ago.

Her only doubt was that her Mother would make her spend time with her twelve year old sister. Looking over at what looked like her mini-me, Alyssa didn't exactly hate her sister.

She just hated some of the things Julie did. She followed her around every, like a lost little puppy looking for a home. She bit down on the straw and folded it in her mouth a few times making it seem like an accordion.

Playing with the straw with her tongue, Alyssa waited impatiently for the small hybrid to finally pull into the campsite parking lot. Soon the sound of loose gravel under the car's tires woke Alyssa out of a daze.

Looking out of the window she saw the familiar, worn, wooden sign stayed firmly planted in the same spot it has for the past years it has been there.

The chiseled letters of 'Camp Harmony' came into view and just like a little kid, Alyssa squealed with excitement. Rolling down the window, the freckled blonde took in a big whiff of the fresh mountain air. Alyssa looked over at Julie who was mindlessly texting on her cellphone. Peering over her sister's shoulder, Alyssa read the message; 'this might be the last you hear of me. To her surprise, the entire Coca Cola had been drained down in about forty minutes.

She slid the cup back into its holder and sat back in her seat. It would be another ten minutes until they reached their favorite campsite, Cabin Twenty-Two. They stayed here every time they came to camp; it was Alyssa's favorite place to stay in the entire site. The old rustic cabin was one of the originals that have yet to be updated.

It still had its original furniture and cabinetry, along with the old way of bathing. Using the public ones in the middle of camp or using the outhouse just done the road for those late night pit stops. Of course, Alyssa's technology-obsessed sister would not be happy about this. She put up a fairly good fight with her parents about this, but Alyssa was lucky to have the upper hand and the family rented old Cabin Twenty-Two.

The Prius pulled up to the long stretch of driveway and Alyssa held her breath when the old, worn-down cabin came into view.

She ran up onto the stairs and down onto the rusty old swing that squealed with every turn of its hinges. It was a sound that Alyssa loved with a passion. A sound that she craved over the winter months. Julie hopped out of the back seat and walked onto the porch after her big sister with a less than amused expression on her face.

She was going to try as best as she can to transform Julie into a less absorbed self. The two girls joined their parents by the car, helping their Father take the bikes off the rack on the roof. It was one of her favorite things to do around here and she would have to wait until tomorrow.

The two girls peddled off after a short goodbye and followed the ancient looking signs that pointed to the beach. After a good twenty minutes of peddling, the large sparkling water finally came into view. The water stretched out endlessly, more of an ocean rather than a lake. Alyssa let out a soft giggle when she heard Julie gasp in amazement before peddling towards the bike racks. The two girls parked their bikes, bought two cans of soda from a nearby vending machine, and then walked towards the white, sandy beach to find a good place to sit.

Placing their blankets underneath a rainbow umbrella, the two cracked open their cans and toasted. A man who looked like he was four hundred pounds came pounding along the beach.

Julie was known for being the comical one of the family, whenever she cracked a joke it was a real knee slapper. Alyssa, mid-drink, caught the joke and spit the soda out of her mouth before she started laughing hysterically. These were some of the times she loved Julie the most. She continued to laugh along with Julie when a sharp pain shot through her abdomen. Without thinking, Alyssa pushed her thighs together. Looking down at the empty can in her hand and then thinking back to the car ride down a stint of nerves hit her.

Julie was right, and now Alyssa had just put more pressure on her almost full bladder. Unlike Alyssa who laid wide awake to busy thinking about her bladder. She began rocking her knees back and forth, trying to block out the sound of the crashing waves on the shore out of her head. She watched a group of guys play a comical game of volleyball a few feet away, their crazy jumps and daring dives making her laugh every so often.

Julie sat up with a confused look on her face, apparently she wasn't sleeping. Minutes passed and the girls were still watching the boys play yet another round. Julie looked over at her sister when there was a break in the action.

Alyssa was bouncing up and down on her towel; her lower lip was being chewed on. Looking over at her sister, Alyssa flashed a wary smile. This set Alyssa off. Julie was supposed to look up to her, not Alyssa looking up to her.

She would not let herself seem so helpless. But on the other hand, the sodas were starting to get to her. Looking towards the lavatories, the line for the ladies room reached out past the door and from where she was sitting there were apparently already a lot of other girls in distress.

Then she gazed to her bike. She could always ride back to the cabin to use the outhouse but it would still be another forty minutes until she went down and back so why waist the time? Her only other option was to go in the lake like mostly everyone does.

But unlike everyone else, she was missing a very important aspect to that to the plan. A swimsuit. With a sigh, Alyssa laid back down. She wasn't going to let her little and lamer sister see her struggle like this. She would prove to her that she could make it. As she lay in the sand, it became a constant pattern of rocking knees together, rolling onto different sides, and squishing her legs together.

Subtle things that could help her keep the strings tight yet not let anyone notice. Thankfully Julie was too obsessed with the muscular guys on the beach than to take notice to her sister's desperation. Rubbing a hand through her dusty blonde locks, Alyssa wondered how long she can hold it. She was graced with a steel bladder as a child so she hoped that that skill had carried on through her teen years. A growl erupting from her stomach shook her from her thoughts.

She spent her few minutes in line talking to some other girls she remembered from last year, reminiscing about the giant sleepover they had at her cabin outside and how it was invading by a herd of deer. They laughed for a bit and before she knew it, Alyssa was headed back to her basecamp, salty pretzel in hand. The two girls ended up splitting the soft treat, savoring every salty bite that came with it. But when the tasty snack was gone, Alyssa's tongue was searching for something to drink.

The salt from the pretzel had dried her throat and now she was craving a drink. But Alyssa knew better, she could not afford yet another drink. Scanning the beach, she tried to find something to do to keep her mind off of things. The court that was recently taken up by the attractive young men was now empty.

It was the match point, Julie was up by one. If she got the point Alyssa would be buying vanilla cones for both of them. But if Alyssa got the point, it would go into a tie breaker. Time seemed to move slowly as the ball fell through the air, causing Alyssa to hold in her breath.

She dove for the ball, her feet leaving the ground and sent her flying through the air for a moment. Her balled up fists shot under the ball and sent it flying back into the air, over the net, and right past Julie who stared wide eyed. Alyssa hit the sand with a thump, landing directly on her stomach with an oomph. A wave of nerve reaction rushed through her body.

Starting through her head and straight to her bladder. The adrenaline of the dive went right through her and sent a stream of liquid shooting out of her body.

She felt the urine settling in her panties, balancing on the verge of spilling into her pants.

Des erate pee stories