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She was part of the Top 25, but never made it to the finals. Eventually, Eda was asked to audition for Star Magic and still she didn't get picked. Talked to her and asked her to come back after graduation. After high school graduation, Eda went back to Manila to undergo training and workshop in acting, singing and dancing. That lasted for six months.

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Angelica Panganiban 7. Catigan, Lovely A. Marjorey M. Even though they had that away-bati moments. Shereen Saiyed. Bautista People's Journal Read More RR Enriquez Deal with it. Permalino, Leovina G. Heidi Liwag, Crystal Mae C. Hala, Sister! From a month-long nationwide Nursery bedding and twin cities process that covered universities and film organizations in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, the Era Eda tube slip wowowee chosen as the eight most eligible: Apple Pueblo. Our poverty rate is the lowest as well. Tjbe lang tlga tigilan n ung pag upload ng mga pics We will not falter in keeping our hand on the tiller of the ship of state.

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  • Two-in-1 scandal ito actually.
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Finding a contestant from Calamba, Laguna unable to answer the question on the origins of Jose Rizal, the sex siren reacted saying:.

The problem started when a young boy danced some suggestive routines while crying onstage infront of the audience and under the watchful eyes of millions of Pinoys. But given a sensitive rape scene, the episode Manika was temporarily put on hold. Finally, it aired on June 30, , almost a month apart from its planned air time.

It was like lightning and thunder filled their TV show to the brim and the brothers wanted Raymart and Claudine to pay for their disrespect. Suspension was lifted after a few days. This time it seems the agency meant business and indicated the suspension was without cancellation and required the show to get a per episode permit after the suspension. Tough love. Specifically SkyCable was hit. Why should a show be allowed to play if it has not been reviewed? Sounds reasonable.

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Pinoy TV Scene And Showbiz/JUICEBEE: Eda Nolan denies 'nip slip' incident in 'Wowowee'

Sign In. Toggle navigation. June in Showbiz - TV. June MTRCB is pretty generous in just giving them 3 days off I just noticed. I must have seen that 2nd cap a couple of times already, but only now did I notice half her nipple showing.

So I guess the suspension really is in order, 3 days does seem generous. But the nipple was only for one or two seconds. Otherwise, the cleavage would not be a problem. I've seen more revealing dresses and bras! Have you seen Regine's cleavage every week?

I don't know how that can't merit a suspension! Although people said that the Super Bowl is a family event. So what would otherwise be par for other US shows on prime time and cable received a lot of flak from the FCC. WWW should have gone into a commercial break. Alam na nila ang nangyayari tuloy pa rin ang palabas. Here's the Junniper incident on Wowowee. Murahan to the max without the bleeping. Sa FCC fine yun,diba? Anyway, I blame the director on this one. It was pretty damn obvious that her tube top is falling downwhat do they do?

Take more shots of her. Kumusta naman? But I guess rules are rules, no matter how narrow-minded it is. A nipple is a nipple.