Fender low power twin-Tweed Twin Low Power

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Fender low power twin

Fender low power twin

The chromed steel vertical chassis houses highquality components mounted on a sturdy black fiberglass eyelet board, sturdy tube sockets, and nicely done point-to-point wiring. Product Details The multi-tap primary power Fender low power twin now comes standard, and works Febder, and wall voltages! It's got Mecury Magnetics Transformers and Weber or Eminience Designed Alnico speakers but sounds murky when over-driven and harsher and duller clean in comparison to vintage amps and my custom builds. In these I can install one that is bypassed when turned all the way up. Follow Us. Nov 1, We use cookies to provide you with a better experience.

Sex game ideas. Tube Changes:

Lower negative feedback leads to a thicker clean tone, earlier dirt and a lazier transition to overdrive. Well, I finally got a chance to put everything back together. Not only is the handle durable and stylish, the all-leather construction is an authentic detail from our past. It sounds phenomenal. We use cookies Fender low power twin provide you with a better experience. Another nice trick with this version of the Twin is the ability to remove one of the rec tubes to drop the volume, increasing sag and lower the headroom slightly. Summa likes this. The added 18k Fender low power twin also acts as a "bass floor" to limit how low you can set the bass. Preamp Tubes. The Deluxe and Deluxe Reverb both "suffer" from undersized power and output transformers but this leads to enhanced playing dynamics with more sag and bloom. The lack of reverb is this amp's only weakness. The 68 CDR is not a silverface amp, it is an almost exact copy of the 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue with just a few valuable tweaks. Why is the Vibroverb my favorite AB amp? Another difference is it does not have a Middle tone control like the Surface model Reverb. Gwin online dealers listed here will have Fender low power twin specified product in stock, Fendeer for purchase.

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  • The multi-tap primary power transformer now comes standard, and works with , , , , and wall voltages!
  • The '57 Custom Twin-Amp replicates the original so-called "low-powered" tweed Twin platform, coveted for its sweet, singing tone and highly responsive dynamics.
  • Note there was no AB Champ , Princeton or Harvard because these little amps did not use a long tail pair phase inverter and so carried a different circuit designator.
  • Fender has been putting out a number of Tweed models through their Custom shop.

The multi-tap primary power transformer now comes standard, and works with , , , , and wall voltages! Sporting 45 Watts of power, the amp has all the sweet, vocal qualities and rich dynamic response as the original. A mixture of high quality capacitors, preamp tubes, potentiometers and other components makes for a beautiful dialog between player and amplifier, and assures the longevity of the equipment. We chose to pair this amp with two Jensen C12Q 35 Watt speakers to finish off the sound with a nice midrange bite and bright highs.

Global controls include presence, bass, and treble for a wide variety of tonal options. There are two channels, bright and normal, and each has two inputs. We offer a completely hand-wired Tweed Twin Low Power style amp assembled by our expert builders right here at Mojotone headquarters.

For those players who are a little more "hands-on," we also offer the amplifier as a kit with a variety of options including small parts only, full kit both head and combo configurations , export specs, and more.

Disclaimer: Some of the parts contained in this kit are subject to availability. Mojotone reserves the right to change or substitute any and all of the parts contained in this amplifier kit without advertisement or notification to the buyer. Part substitutions made by Mojotone are guaranteed not to effect the integrity or operation of your amplifier kit. Time estimates listed are from start to finish.

If you are new to Tube Amplifiers, additional time may need to be factored. Use code: Rocktober Please, follow these basic instructions to place your order: Add only the numerical characters of the Item Number. Description and pack size will be displayed. You will be presented with a list of items after entering 3 digits, select one of them. Suggestions are welcomed, please contact us! My cart.

My Cart. Click here to see your shopping cart. Click here for current lead times. Tell a Friend. Product Details The multi-tap primary power transformer now comes standard, and works with , , , , and wall voltages! Reviews Name: Jim Rating: 5 null This was my 2nd amp build - first was a 5e3. The build was a little bit more difficult than the 5e3, but nothing that should scare off anyone looking for a Low Power Twin.

I made a few mods to the basic design wired OT for 8 Ohms, installed a bias trim pot and installed a master volume and installed Weber Legacy speakers 30 oz magnet, 65 Watt rating. The amp sounds amazing. I had never played a 5e8 circuit prior to this build, and I am very impressed.

The amp stays really clean until the controls are way up. Treble and bass controls directly affect the output volume, and with the taper of the volume pots, it is easy to achieve manageable, low volume. However, with the volume up, the LPTT starts to growl and bite like you expect from a tweed amp. Hit the front end with an overdrive or distortion pedal and the amp will easily do rock and blues. The characteristics that have pleasntly surprised me are: 1 the tone is so rich and clear, at all volumes; 2 the amps is easy to dial in, and really, it sounds great at nearly every setting; 3 the amp is clean and muscular - you have to want the amp to be dirty to get dirty, but no matter how it's set up, girth and power while retaining touch sensitivity; and 4 unlike most Fender-style circuits, the 5e8A has a tight bottom end.

I would absolutely buy this kit again. One caveat - this kit does not come with instructions, only a wiring diagram and schematic. If you have never built an amp, this may not be the best choice for a first time build.

However, the experience I gained building the 5e3 was more than sufficient to work my way through the build with minimal problems.

The kicker with the Low Power Tweed Twin was 45 watts and dual rectifier tubes. The clarity of this circuit is absolutely amazing. Almost everyone who hears the amp says the sound "rings like a fine bell". Ultra clear articulation from picking dynamics as well as an extremely balanced frequency spectrum. I loaded the mojotone solid pine cab with Celestion Neo Creambacks to keep weight down. What was shocking at first was how "out front" this amp sits in a live mix when performing.

I compare this amp to a 60's muscle car because of it's simplicity, efficiency and almost overwhelming power, even at 45 watts. There is no way I could ever,ever go back to a store bought amp. Completely blown away and this amp more than exceeded expectations. I'm on here now ordering another kit to build for a friend who was amazed at how this thing sounded.

Excellent work, Mojotone! I will comment on the other review for this kit. I did notice the same issues with the CTS pots. Volume comes in around 3, the bass potentiometer peaks around 8.

No problems at all with the presence and treble knobs. All in all, these small issues are so minor when rating this amp as a whole. Maybe down the road I'll swap out for some linear taper CTS pots. Again, it's such a small detail that probably leaving be is fine. As a guitar builder, I've realized some small quirks aren't worth obsessing over as I was about to do with these audio taper pots.

My sound is dead on perfect, and wouldn't without this amp. Built dozens of their kits. Love them all. I've played boutique and Fender LP Twins and was always "meh" about them but building my own gave me time to tweak components and make it my own. If you build any of these amps with the Audio taper you will get no volume until way up on the dial. Ditto with treble and so on. You will be convinced your messed something. Though the Fender layouts don't show it, that's what they used and for good reason.

Punch and low end and spanks high end with scooped mids. These amps originally used 19 watt rated 6L6G tube which is the predecessor to the 30 watt 6L6GC - which produces a hellish amount of volume in this amp. I opted for P12Q's and Mojo Dijon caps clear and detailed with no graininess and all Sprague electrolytics, just cause. And pre amp tubes. Thing is you can tweak this amp with different tubes and speakers - it can be a laid back vintage low volume relatively low gain affair with vintage type speakers and tubes, or you can rock a stadium with some efficient modern speakers and 6L6GC and a lone GZ34 and 12ax7's.

The sound is linear and scooped out - and it sounds a lot more refined than say a 5E5. And ultimately just more of everything that those amps have.

Truly - take my word. Not all pot tapers are the same and even manufacturers from year to year will change their taper - recently Mojo's CTS tapers have become even slower and it's caused me a lot of anguish in figuring out the problem of seemingly low power like why do I have it on 8 just to get stage volume?

Great kits - great service. All parts supplied are of high quality. Kester ''44'' Rosin Core Solder. Follow Us. Log Out Log In. Amp Parts. Mojotone Pickups. Mojotone Artists. New Products. Mojotone Amps.

Mojotone Amp Kits. Kester ''44'' Rosin Core Solder Details.

My sound is dead on perfect, and wouldn't without this amp. The Vibroverb's smaller output transformer adds a little more saturation, compression and sustain and thins the very low end a little compared to the Super Reverb. Click on the layout to see the hi-res version. All the AB head cabs used this smaller cap. Tight build quality by Fender's Custom Shop with a handwired turret board, quality components, etc. Mojotone Pickups.

Fender low power twin

Fender low power twin

Fender low power twin. Output Transformers


Tweed low power Twin vs. high power Twin | The Gear Page

Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Tweed low power Twin vs. Oct 26, 1. Messages: 2, Are the differences between both vaguely similar to the differences between a 50w and w Plexi or Metal Panel vs. Meaning the low power Twin has a bit more gain and grind, is more midrange focused, and high power Twin is cleaner, punchier, faster and with a much ighter ansd poweful bass, all other things being equal speakers, tubes etc.

Are EL34's a possible swap on those, or do they draw too much current? Laurent Brondel , Oct 26, Oct 26, 2. Messages: A low power twin is really a 2X12 tweed Super with bigger iron, and a hi-power twin is a late 50's tweed bassman with double the output tubes and twin twelves.

Walter Broes , Oct 26, JPH , Chris Scott and randalp like this. Oct 26, 3. Oct 26, 4. Not necessarily cleaner, but tighter and faster, yes. Tweed, but more Marshall than 5E3. Oct 26, 5. Messages: 3, The 5f8-a, HP Twin, has a bit more bass and authority, a tad bit smoother Definitely doesn't break up at the same volumes.

I would not describe the 5f8-a circuit as tight. Rich and full, lots of overtones and harmonics. Thick and ready to feedback in the most glorious way at any given time. There's always a touch of hair to the tone, in a perfect way. But, even when it's pushing into overdrive, there is a certain clarity of tone. When playing 'clean' there is a big fat thickness Like early jazz guitar tones.

The 5f6-a, Bassman, is similar to the 5f8-a tone, but a little bit brighter. It gives up the goods a lit earlier and it's a touch brighter. One thing with both of these amps, with the mid control dialed out, and playing with the presence control, you get a good bit closer to the later Blackface amps Not exactly, but closer than any other tweeds, that's for sure! I only have very limited experience with the low power Twin. But, I felt like it was a bit different.

I can't say exactly what it was, or give you an example. Axis29 , Oct 26, Oct 26, 6. Oct 26, 7. Messages: 6, I would venture that Eric Clapton is the only important 5e8-a player, but he's jumped to a Dumble now. Oct 26, 8. HotBluePlates , Oct 26, Laurent Brondel likes this.

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Fender low power twin

Fender low power twin

Fender low power twin