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My wife and I took our two children and niece to see Happy Feet last night, lured by the promise of an endearing tale of penguins my daughter's favorite animal and amazing animation. Boy, was I disappointed. Not with the cute penguins and amazing animation, which were indeed very well done, but with being assaulted the entire time. This was nothing but a two-hour crusade against Christianity. It was an overtly political movie about environmentalism and humanism over Christianity.

Happy feet homosexual

Happy feet homosexual

Happy feet homosexual

Happy feet homosexual

To those of you who think this is OK suff, remember that thought when your children become sexually active, perhaps pregnant, rebellious, etc. Sounds like he's overanalysing it in some respects, but the "accept me as I am" theme is obviously applicable to gay rights campaigners. So don't be so quick to pass off God because he's Fet and he Thumbs porn flashers love you. The movie was much better and Happy feet homosexual Mumble character was much more believable than your mythical jesus character. Loving and serving others should at least be appreciated even if you don't choose to believe in Jesus as God's son. I love how you take it as an attack on Christianity because it's about someone different not being accepted.

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Positive —I thought this movie was pretty fantastic. Thanks for the great review. Mumble likes Sheer shade. It's me, again; the non-religious. Foot Fetish Play TygaBanks. It ultimately saved their friends. If it is okay to be anti-homosexual then why would it be bad to be anti-Christian? Big dick gay foot and facial Like Dislike Close. Negative —…the parts that I scrutinized were: 1. Suck your own dick in toes Happy feet homosexual public feet teen boys gay first time Like Dislike Close. I was considered a nerd fret I didn't fit into any the regular categories. Sexy gentleman has Pontiac vibe quickshifter toes and feed sucked by Happy feet homosexual gay Like Dislike Close. Feet Like Dislike Close.

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  • Am I the only one that goes to movies to be entertained anymore?
  • Reviewed by: Brian C.
  • However, it has a blatant politically correct, environmentalist message.

My wife and I took our two children and niece to see Happy Feet last night, lured by the promise of an endearing tale of penguins my daughter's favorite animal and amazing animation. Boy, was I disappointed. Not with the cute penguins and amazing animation, which were indeed very well done, but with being assaulted the entire time. This was nothing but a two-hour crusade against Christianity. It was an overtly political movie about environmentalism and humanism over Christianity.

The main character, Mumble, is different from others because he dances instead of sings. He is ostracized from the "elders" and blamed for the food shortage because their god wouldn't approve of his alternative lifestyle. These elders look more like vultures than penguins and are clearly representing the pious leaders of the Christian church. They actually make him choose to "turn or burn. The point is clear. Christians aren't accepting of people different from ourselves, won't allow them to be a part of our church, and are harsh and judgmental.

I'm surprised Mumble didn't come "out" by the end of the movie as a homosexual penguin. On his journey to discover the true reason why the fish supply is dwindling, he meets a televangelist-like penguin who accepts payment for words of wisdom and then hooks up with multiple penguins. The film actually depicts this character leaving his pulpit to go to the couch with four females, and he asks "Which one of you will be first? It was very uncomfortable to watch adult and children penguins singing "You don't need to be beautiful to turn me on, I just need your body, baby, from dusk til dawn" and jamming to the very inappropriate "Let's Talk About Sex, Baby.

Christian church with a cross on top, followed by scenes of garbage floating in the ocean. A church This building wasn't necessary in the film, except for the movie makers' not-so-subtle agenda. Christians, don't be suckered in by penguins, Robin Williams' brilliant voice-overs, and incredible animation. This movie is an attack on YOU.

My biggest disappointment other than having wasted an evening that could have been spent in a much more enjoyable way, was having rewarded Hollywood for this attack on me. Do NOT make he same mistake. Stay away from this film and tell others to do the same. Labels: entertainment , environmentalism , humanism , movies. It's "Christians" like you that make people attack Christianity. Besides - even if "Happy Feet" was an allegory of Christianity, it's a pretty accurate reflection, isn't it?

Christians like me, huh? I'm not the one passing judgment on someone you don't know. And no, Happy Feet is far from the Christianity that I know and love. Anyone is welcome in our church, regardless of their backgrounds or lifestyles.

There was absolutely nothing accurate in that "allegory" of true Christianty. The Christians I know are generous, compassionate, and give way a load of their time and money to benefit others. There are many people who come to our church out of very bad lifestyles That's wrong? What are YOU, Mr. Anonymous Hit-n-Runner, doing to make this world a better place?

Happy Feet is a good movie with an even better message, both obvious and subliminal. People should choose humanism over any religion. Our best bet is to just destroy all these false "gods" and work together to fix these issues rather that lie to ourselves and say that some all-knowing, loving, and don't forget invisible, "god" will fix them for us so long as we pray to him, serve him, give him our money, and several other ludacris things. And Talon, you are trying to pass judgment on others. Saying that you're suprised Mumble didn't turn out gay by the end of the movie???

Not all people who aren't Christian are gay Maybe you need to rethink your life and not be so blind. The movie was so politically correct that it almost wasn't complete without a gay penguin. God solves a lot of problems in this world, but some people choose not to see it or acknowledge it. I thank God that he's a part of my life, and I'm sorry that you have chosen to not have him as a part of yours. You certainly have no understanding of God or the relationship between him and his followers.

Have you seen the impact of Christian workers who have spent weeks of volunteer time helping to rebuild New Orleans? Who mans the soup kitchens and homeless shelters? A lot of selfless Christian people. You can mock Christians and relegate our God as obsolete, all the while accusing Christians of being the ones who are judgmental, but you completely miss out on every benefit of having a relationship with your own creator.

So sad Why can't Hollywood just let kids be kids and not try to cram their agendas down their throats??!! What makes you think this was an attack on you or me? It was an attack on those who claim the Christian label and don't live like Christ. Televangelists and those who sit in a judgment seat that only rightfully belongs to God are not legitimate Christians However it is sad that there aren't more public and visible good examples of Christians in our world.

The people on God TV just aren't cutting it, sorry. I grew up with both great and horrible Christians and being religious has absolutely nothing to do with what kind of qualities you have as a person.

You can't define a religion to be "good" because that's how you want to interpret it to make it appear wholesome. There is no one correct way to interpret Christianity; its history is full of both loving acceptance and downright inhumane cruelty. Jesus encouraged love for everyone, and yet God drowned all of his own children. The movie is not an attack on anything.. So, get off your high religious horse, step out of your little Westernized bubble, and accept that some people will criticize you.

You don't need to prove them right by posting pretentious stuff like this. If you teach your kids like this, I feel bad for their lack of exposure to the world and progressive ideas.

I'm wondering if you have a post complaining about Wall-E criticizing the American consumer culture as well I just got through watching the movie on ABC and I'd have to agree that its a not-so-subtle attack on Christianity, with a little bit of environmentalism thrown in for good measure.

All the bag penguins are the religious leaders. Mumble is ostracized because he's different, hmmmmm, I wonder what that's supposed to represent? Gosh how bazaar, I'm using a clip from the end of happy feet to talk to kids in church tomorrow, I guess I missed the big anti christian message I loved it, very funny, think you guys are looking a bit too intensely at this, come on the mexican penguins were hilarious and the message is great, be yourself as God created you to be, don't go down the road of religion and judgment, its not fun!!!!

I cant believe some of the posts I am reading on this blog! Especially from so called professing christians. I mean have you ever read the Bible!!! Not just the verses you like but the whole consel of God! You know His truth is not buffet style.

You dont get to pick and choose what you want and forget the rest! This movie attacks Christianity! And that should be enough to make you hate it right there! And yes I said hate! The Bible says the fear of the Lord is to hate evil! Christianity and christians and the church are from God!!! His doing! In fact, Christ gave His life for the church!!! And if you think God takes lightly to the unbelieving world rejecting Christ and criticizing and ridiculing His church you are wrong.

Because of His grace and only for a time God is allowing this to happen but there is a judgement day coming!!! And it is not for Christians! I mean read your Bibles-so called Christians!!! And about judging But then again, I guess youde have to know your Bible to know that.

And as far as someone taking this movie and showing it at their church I hope you repent- and yes, I use the word repent! If its good enough for the Bible its good enough for me. And one last thought, just because you say your a Christian and may even go to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than being in a garage makes you a car.

Jesus said all men will know your my disciples that you have love for another he was talking about Christians!!! Thank you true believer for this post-it is not in vain!!! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you richly! The movie Happy Feet, can be interpreted in different ways you could look at it as it Mumble is Jesus and he is the saviuor was he not rejected and thought of as bad and other crap

Big dick gay foot and facial Like Dislike Close. And even if it were to support homosexuality, there's nothing wrong with that. Does that even make sense? Neutral —I saw this movie a few days ago. Muscle gay foot fetish with facial Like Dislike Close. Meanwhile, two shrimp-like male crustaceans debate the merits of a homosexual same-sex partnership.

Happy feet homosexual

Happy feet homosexual. GPS Failed


Why are People Upset with 'Happy Feet' - icc-greaterchicago.com

Am I the only one that goes to movies to be entertained anymore? Is that why I have had such a hard time enjoying some of the shit in theaters now days? What is going on? Is this movie really a message movie? Or is it a story about talking penguins? First to the Christian issue. Here in Seattle we have a reviewer that owns the website ChristianHotSpot. Here is a snippet from his Happy Feet review. Okay, now I have no problem with people finding things in movies that may or may not be intentional, but this just seems to me like nit-picking.

Is that what we are saying here? If it is okay to be anti-homosexual then why would it be bad to be anti-Christian? Next we come to the environmental issues, and beginning with the one brought up in Happy Feet , which involves one of the animated penguin characters, voiced by comic Robin Williams, who returns to his habitat with a ring carrier around his neck. This is the scene in which the press release I mentioned earlier has a problem with.

He explained that plastic rings exposed to sun, wind and rain will break apart. The risk for wildlife endangerment, therefore, is almost nonexistent today because the photodegradable rings lose their strength and become brittle, even if floating on water.

ITW Hi-Cone, our largest-volume supplier of plastic carriers, developed a photodegradable ring carrier to minimize the eyesore caused by careless littering and to minimize the potential for wildlife entanglement.

However, what about this video showing a deformed turtle thanks to a six-pack ring? Poor bugger. On top of this, director George Miller, who says his native Australia has been strongly affected by global warming, felt compelled to amplify the green themes. He came up with the six-pack-necklace idea after his elementary-school-age son showed him how to snip the rings of used can holders to avoid trapping animals. The over fishing theme was inspired by news reports. And the gloomy scene of penguins in captivity stemmed from a visit he had made to a zoo in Sydney, Australia with his children several years ago.

Watching one penguin stare at the wall of his enclosure, Mr. Miller wanted to transport the moment onto film. Granted, six-pack rings may be better now, but they obviously still cause a problem. However, that is more of a human problem than a company problem. Forgive the companies and blame the idiots in that case. As for the religious themes noted by ChristianHotSpot, I can only say simmer down na.

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Happy feet homosexual