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Skip navigation! Story from Wellness. Sara Coughlin. This article was originally published on September 16, On November 11, , Abby Stein came out as transgender and announced that she'd already begun hormone replacement therapy HRT on her blog.

Instantaneous sex change

Instantaneous sex change

I am Atural breasts not as a feminist, but as a transsexual. I gave up on that a long time ago. Because we are a lot closer to realizing this achievement than most of you probably realize. Will complete sex changes, including all internal organs and full fertility, ever be possible? This is an honest projection of what I see developing, because it has been being assembled step by step, piece by piece for decades. Thus, our findings imply plasticity of adult human brain structure to develop towards the size of the opposite sex under the influence of cross-sex hormones. Sex portal Biology portal. Instantaneous sex change Ecology Instantaneous sex change Sociobiology. Evan Jenkins July 15,am That was a really Bob hoskins phil collins twins read.

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As its name implies, the concept of sex change refers to a being possessing a physical sex becoming a Japan adult movies gokkun of Instantaneous sex change sex of the same species. What the underlying mechanisms for gender are can be handwaved away. Note: This concept should not be confused with the concept of cross-dressing ; the act of dressing as a member Instantaneous sex change the opposite sex without actually becoming a member of that sex. You have taken a first step, but you still have a long journey ahead. A gentle breeze flowed through her mane. You still think of time as a sequence of past, present and future, and you still see space as a distance to cross. Please click on the activation link in the message or enter verification code on the left field. Twilight didn't say goodbye, because she knew they wouldn't truly be parting. I just thought you could use some company along the way. What will you think when you meet them for the first time and they are just strangers to you?

By Colin Barras.

  • Polymorph any object would work, but can still be dispelled.
  • Twilight Sparkle went through the spell in her head for what must have been the tenth time that morning.
  • Sexual depletion may sabotage a man's ability to feel loved, to act loving, and to appear lovable.
  • EPorner is probably the biggest porn tube site in internet.
  • Note: This concept should not be confused with the concept of cross-dressing ; the act of dressing as a member of the opposite sex without actually becoming a member of that sex.
  • In mathematics , a rate is the ratio between two related quantities in different units.

Sound familiar? And nowhere amidst all these selfies did I see any of these folks, who for the most part fall under the category of progressive liberal metropolitan queers, practicing any self-awareness about what posting these filtered photos and videos might mean to their transgender and gender nonconforming friends and followers.

Nor do I want to see memes poking fun at the very real violence trans folks face. Why my girl always playing with these Snapchat filters pic. Because that thought is all that gets some folks out of bed in the morning.

The idea that we can alter our bodies to more closely align with our perception of ourselves is very serious to some people, so your funny tweet about how fish you look with a hairless, shaved down chin and luscious locks might not be funny to everyone. Stick with the bunny ears. All Rights Reserved. Search form Search. Scroll To Top. Lifestyle Tech. Latest News Television.

Twilight recognized the place immediately — she had walked down this corridor and others like it many, many times throughout the last years of her life. T Time Crusade. Gore Twilight Celestia. Edit: Ha, Dasrak beat me to the same link by a long shot. We need one more step from you This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:.

Instantaneous sex change

Instantaneous sex change

Instantaneous sex change

Instantaneous sex change. Получите свою почту здесь.

I want to emphasize this point: the degree of erotic love , interest, and emotional connection a man feels for his sexual partner largely correlates with the amount of sexual energy available to him.

Yet, men who are not trained in the art of conscious lovemaking happily spill their seed like robots programmed for release during every sexual exchange. Unfortunately, most men and women are still blind to the pitfalls of squandering sexual energy and they pay a steep price for their ignorance.

After all, many unpleasant altercations between sexual partners stem from harboring bad feelings about what happens, or does not happen, during and after sexual expression. While some men have more sexual stamina than others, most will experience at least some of the effects of P. However, for some men, the emotional consequences are more extreme.

For these men, loss of sexual desire, emotional withdrawal, irritability, moodiness and indifference are fairly common. Ladies, does that remind you of anyone you know? Interestingly, many women help to perpetuate this syndrome. Some women will do everything in their power intercourse, manual stimulation, fellatio , even faking orgasms, whatever it takes to bring about his release. She had never read about anything like that place she just escaped, though Celestia seemed to know what was going on.

It couldn't have been a prank, could it? Celestia had a mischievous streak, but Twilight knew she would never do something so randomly mean-spirited to anypony, and least of all her personal student. Twilight stared at her teacher, momentarily speechless. That can't be right. Teleportation is supposed to be almost instantaneous! You have all the time in the world. Look around you, Twilight.

They were walking down a sparse corridor, quite different from the polished stone of the palace. Twilight recognized the place immediately — she had walked down this corridor and others like it many, many times throughout the last years of her life. They arrived at a large door at the end of the corridor. Lighting her horn, Celestia swung it open. On the other side of the door lay one of the large lecture halls. Twilight had anticipated this, but she could not have anticipated the scene taking place within.

Down by the blackboard, overlooked by a quartet of serious professors, a lone purple unicorn filly aimed her horn at a dragon egg she had been tasked to hatch. The child struggled, over and over, but was unable to produce anything even resembling a spell. On the side, her parents were watching in suspense and worry. Twilight couldn't believe her eyes. That's me! This is my entrance exam all those years ago! The ground shook when the Sonic Rainboom exploded over Cloudsdale far in the distance.

Twilight watched, in a daze, how her younger self hatched Spike from the egg in a single blast, only to lose control of her magic the next moment. She watched her parents turning into cacti, watched Spike grow to an awesome size in an instant and break through the roof of the school.

She saw Celestia approach and place a hoof on the foal's shoulder, stopping the violent surge as abruptly as it began. Twilight had been so mesmerized by what she saw that she almost didn't notice how the voice beside her had changed. She quickly turned her head and found that the tall, white alicorn had changed into a different one.

This new alicorn was shorter, with a dark blue coat and wearing black regalia. Her ethereal mane shimmered like the night sky.

The stranger rolled her eyes slightly. Come along, Twilight Sparkle. There is much more for you to see. She turned to leave, beckoning Twilight to follow with her wing. Twilight looked back a final time, seeing herself dance around, overjoyed at her cutie mark and the more than successful test.

Then she followed the alicorn, though she wasn't sure why. She didn't even know this pony. Or did she? Something nagged at Twilight's mind, like a memory lost in distant years.

The more she looked at her companion, the stronger it grew. Princess Luna? Celestia's sister? Besides, shouldn't you be sealed in the moon? Luna shrugged. Look around, Twilight Sparkle. Twilight looked around, and again found that the scenery had changed.

They were now walking down the dirt street of a small pony town, all quaint thatched country houses, completely different from the refined Canterlot architecture she was used to.

Once again, something stirred within Twilight's mind. I know this place. This is the Golden Oaks library in Ponyville. The sound of merrymaking and a murmur of ponies chatting among themselves spilled out.

Twilight stuck her head into the doorway. There seemed to be some kind of celebration going on inside and the place was packed with partying ponies. At the far end of the room, she once again saw herself, drinking punch through a straw while seemingly trying to ignore five other ponies who had just assembled behind her.

We still have a long way to go. Twilight threw one last look into the library. There seemed to have been something wrong with the punch, causing the other Twilight to run off to the upper floor with teary eyes and a burning face, leaving the other five sharing a surprised look. She quickly caught up with Luna, but the faces of those five strangers still lingered in her mind.

Strangers, she realized, with names she somehow knew very well. Those are my friends! This is the day I first met them. I haven't even been to Ponyville, and I don't know these ponies. Twilight frowned. I don't know, I just do. The sky had turned to night and the moon shone down, illuminating an ancient castle ruin towering above the treetops ahead.

Something occurred to Twilight. Possibly more awake than you have ever been, as a matter of fact. Luna cocked her head. You know how they say that when you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes? It is just a place you will need to pass through on your journey. But the analogy is apt, I dare say. Twilight saw that her companion had changed again, taking the form of the earth pony Applejack.

This time Twilight hadn't looked away from Luna, but she were still unable to tell how the shift had occurred. There was no elaborate transformation or magic spell. She had blinked once, and in that tiny fraction of darkness found herself walking by a different pony. I know I'm the last pony who should be saying this, but you've gotta be patient! Twilight rolled her eyes. Fair enough. If I'm still alive and this isn't a dream, then where exactly am I?

You are between the pony you were in the beginning and the pony you are going to be in the end. Since you can always divide the remaining distance by half, the race would logically go on for all infinity.

Or, in your case, the space between departure and arrival when you teleport, stretching on forever as it were. You need to travel an infinite space in a really short amount of time, sorta like when I want to get home from work and read the new Daring Do all day. Lucky for you, time has no real meaning here, so you'll still reach that podium eventually.

They were in Cloudsdale now, and Twilight found that she could walk on the clouds as if they were solid despite being a unicorn. Rainbow Dash hovered by her side rather than walking, flapping her wings.

Twilight recalled that Rainbow practically never touched the ground while moving. It's like I can remember them and all the happy times we shared, all the battles we won and the things we learned together. But how can I know about things that haven't even happened yet? Let's just say that stuff that will be and stuff that has been is basically the same thing.

You know, 'cause of space-time and stuff. It just depends on where you happen to be at, and right now you're kinda all over the place. Twilight let out a small sigh. A friendly smile lit up a pair of bright turquoise eyes. They were walking down a Canterlot street while the sun rose in the east, painting the clouds in bright hues of rose and gold. The only other ponies around were a few yawning early risers still getting ready to greet the new day.

It just lets you move from one point in space to another, in practically no time at all, without having to pass the distance between them. Sunset shrugged. Turns out, there are no shortcuts. The spell simply reveals the truth. Sunset grinned. Of course that means moving any distance in any amount of time is also an illusion. Ponies like you simply don't realize that since you're limited to perceiving things that way.

When you teleported, you partially overcame that limitation and transcended to a higher state of awareness. The concept of distance no longer applies to you. Like Rainbow said, you're all over the place. You said I have to travel an infinite distance to get to where I'm going," Twilight argued. That's how you can go from one place to another without moving - because this place is everywhere, all at once.

You still think of time as a sequence of past, present and future, and you still see space as a distance to cross. All this walking is a metaphor — a way for you to process what is happening to you in a way you can comprehend. A small bit of lag while you take it all in and get your bearings can't be avoided. Sunset shot her slightly bemused look, raising her eyebrow.

I just thought you could use some company along the way. Caught off guard, Twilight blushed a little. Thank you. Somehow I really believe that, even though we just met.

We're all friends here. They kept walking, through cities and jungles and deserts and snow, and Twilight saw many things along the way. She saw the battle against Tirek, the redemption of Discord, and her duel with Trixie. She saw herself fight a horde of changelings with her friends by her side. She saw them all lose their cutie marks, only to win them back. She saw them face a dragon together. She saw birthdays and weddings and so many smiles.

She watched, in amazement, herself appear in a bright flashing star, spreading her new wings to the sky. All of this would have been impossible without them. Passing through the Crystal Empire, Twilight witnessed another scene from her future: She was with her friends and family, all gathered around a newborn alicorn filly. Flurry Heart, her own niece. She saw herself bend down and gently kiss the baby's cheek, causing the child to let out a happy squeal and reach for her with tiny little hooves.

Twilight felt a tightness in her chest and her eyes teared up slightly. I just didn't expect there to be so much happiness in my life. I thought that as long as I studied hard and made Princess Celestia proud of me, I didn't need anypony else. But now? Now I know there's more. There's so much more, and I'm worrying I was just wasting my precious time alone.

They were wandering across the surface of the moon, among vast craters and hills, past dunes of silver dust and dark basalt seas. All around them, the silence of space reigned undisturbed save for their own voices. That it'll run out. That you won't have enough of it. That it will be wasted. Oh, Twilight, if you could only see time the way I do, then you'd never worry again. Twilight turned her head to the sky. Above them the great planet shone bright blue and white in all its majesty, spinning at a dizzying speed.

Continents drifted across its surface, breaking apart and joining together into ever-changing forms. Twilight couldn't begin to estimate how far they had traveled. It felt like eons had passed her by in the blink of an eye.

She felt ancient and like a child all at once. She closed her eyes and sighed. Twilight looked up and saw that they were back in the chamber where it had all started. Podium B was right in front of her, only a few steps away. She turned to her companion, who was once again Celestia. The princess looked down at her and smiled. But this is the end of your journey, at least for now. Celestia nodded. Go on now. Just a little bit further.

After countless steps across an endless space of yesterdays and tomorrows, her goal was so close now. And yet she hesitated. She knew it was irrational. She knew the spell didn't work that way, that changing the destination in the middle of a jump made no sense, but still: "What if What if I go to Ponyville instead and find my friends? Celestia chuckled, as if Twilight had told an amusing joke. But even if you could do that, what will you say to them?

What will you think when you meet them for the first time and they are just strangers to you? Twilight's heart sank when she realized the implications of those words. This is all just an instant, a flash, far too short for your physical mind to register. Those words were far too ironic this time around. How much more time will I spend like that?

A year? You can't simply change who you are in the blink of an eye. Life is a long journey and you have to take it one step at a time. You knew that from the beginning. Twilight drew a deep breath. She recalled a memory from a long, long time ago: A question that still hadn't been answered.

She turned around and looked at herself. Except this Twilight was taller, more majestic, older. The alicorn princess looked back at the unicorn with the ancient eyes of one who had lived countless lives, all of them adding up in this single infinite moment between moments. It's just our limited perspective playing a trick on us. Distance and time are illusions, and words like 'you', 'me', 'them', they are really just synonyms.

That's why we need each other, why we are incomplete when alone, why hatred hurts us, and why we are healed by love. I know you don't fully understand this, but some day you will.

Dozens of questions ran through Twilight's head, but she knew it would be pointless to ask them, so she settled for just one. Don't worry, my little pony, everything will be just fine. Twilight didn't say goodbye, because she knew they wouldn't truly be parting.

She made the last step and reached the podium. It was all over in a single bright flash. Twilight blinked, looking down at the big B beneath her hooves. I did it! Turning around, she looked at the spot where she had just been standing. Twilight frowned slightly, "I'm fine, but I feel a bit Nostalgic, almost? As if I've forgotten something important from a long time ago. It's strange, I can't quite put my hoof on it. We don't know why, but it's only a temporary side effect.

This is going to be so useful! I kinda want to do it again. We have the Summer Sun Celebration ahead of us, and I still have some preparations to attend to. For a brief moment, Celestia's smile turned slightly wistful. She shook her head. There will be more lessons for you to learn soon enough, but for now you've earned yourself a break.

Take this time to relax. Perhaps do some reading? Twilight scratched her chin. I brought in a few books on that subject but I haven't had time to look into them. She left the chamber with a spring in her step.

After the success of the test, her previous anxiety was all but forgotten. Twilight still didn't understand how teleporting worked but she no longer felt worried about it, as if somehow the experience itself had dispelled her doubts. There's a bunch of fics directly related to Ocal's, but I haven't seen a lot of stand-alone stories on the same general theme. Except this other, similar one also called Blink, but I'm pretty sure it's actually older.

Honestly feels like something out the show. The whole journey is sweet without being schmaltzy and the end is bittersweet without hitting you too hard.

Awesome work. It's a very positive story in the end, and a welcome refrain from the horror of the Blink series not that the originals and some of the spinoffs aren't good, mind you-just a nice change of pace here , and Twilight talking with all her friends that she has and hasn't met yet was just interesting and heart warming, in its own way. I really do have to commend you on the positive spin on this here.

Writing a story that is ultimately positive but has a conflict-even if here it's just confusion and finding out what is happening-can be a trying experience, but you pulled it off very well.

Go shoot season 7! Makes me think of Donna Noble and Dr. Nevermind, there's Dr. Thanks, you guys. It's not Henry Akeley's mind in an alicorn body? I thought for a minute this might be a Lovecraft crossover. Considering this story, that's not entirely unlikely. That was a really interesting take on teleportation.

I see why you say 'inspired by, but not related to Ocal's Blink,' and I totally agree.

Instant sex change served up by video software | New Scientist

Yes I think it will someday. Not immediately or even in the next couple decades. Depending on how involved of a chance the cliterous and nipples because the nerve layout is different between men and women for nipples would need to be cloned in addition to ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and cervix. The Pelvis itself, some sort of surgical procedure would need to be done on an The Pelvis itself, some sort of surgical procedure would need to be done on an adult, in order to make it so the pelvis can grow again.

At some point after changing the DNA so there is no rejection. Installing the Ovaries, and the rest. You cannot change your sex, no matter how many organs you replace and even if full fertility is possible. You cannot change your XX and XY chromosomes. I don't think we will ever be able to change that. I could be wrong. Maybe humans will waste billions of dollars on something this naive and ignorant in the future, and maybe they'll actually figure out how to do it.

Sorry if I offended anyone, I am only speaking the truth. RE: Will complete sex changes, including all internal organs and full fertility, ever be possible? Total social collapse from overpopulation, or global nuclear, biological, or chemical warfare, or whatever might prevent it. Therefore it IS possible. Absent social collapse from whatever, and assuming continued scientific advancement, then sooner or later humanity will come up with a pill o Absent social collapse from whatever, and assuming continued scientific advancement, then sooner or later humanity will come up with a pill or shot in the arm which changes your sex.

PS: The same is also true — and more likely — for a way to prevent aging. Sign In. Will complete sex changes, including all internal organs and full fertility, ever be possible? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Or is she still considered to be a biological male? Sex Reassignment Surgery Creates a vaginal canal, Labia minora, Labia majora, resections the sensitive tip of the glans into a clitoris, relocates the urethra and if done properly is self lubricating.

A bit about genitals in non trans people before we continue I want to be a girl so bad. How expensive is it for a trans woman to transition physically? How do female-to-male gender reassignment surgeries work? How do I change sex from female to male without a surgery? As "biology" is a broad term, I would extend to: Genetic biology: male Reproductive biology: gone agonadal Sexual biology: female.

Quora User , Scholar of ethics and religion, Miami Univ. Originally Answered: Will perfect sex changes ever be possible? This would seem to be a formidable hurdle. As it stands now, it's not possible to make As it stands now, it's not possible to make even a functioning prosthetic penis. Human cloning does seem feasible and would facilitate this effort.

While all 3 steps may be conceivable, I'd like to think that scientists will have other priorities and not start to tackle these challenges for many decades.

The above aspects are only biophysical, they ignore the psychosocial aspects of sex and sexuality. In order for a person to be "exactly as if they had been born" otherwise, wouldn't the person need to have behaviors, psychological traits, perhaps even interpreted memories as if they had lived "been born" as the opposite sex? This answer was written when the question was "perfect" rather than "seamless," but I think it is still useful. Answered Jan 5, Originally Answered: Will complete sex changes ever be possible?

I hope it comes soon. Its more likely it won't. The reason the bones would need reconstruction is because of the pelvis. That is the big give away of male or female.

Also without a female pelvis, the new genetic female would not be able to give birth. There is not enough space in a male pelvis. The endocrine system would help balance out the hormones. The reproductive organs can be removed, and the new would be inserted. I really hope thi I really hope this happens SOON. Do transgender people's sex chromosomes change when they transition? Would you ever consider a sex change? Medically is it possible to transplant genitals into the opposite sex?

Quora User , I use the scientific method on a regular basis. It depends on what you mean - are you talking about complete genetic updating to XX vs. Or something other? If ever any of those do become available, and medical science works wonders, seemingly on a daily basis, it will likely not matter to me, as I will be far past that point.

To be frank, although the surgical and physical changes are the most vi To be frank, although the surgical and physical changes are the most visible part of the transition process, I have grown to realize that the mental and cultural aspects are more impactful to the trans person.

After having been raised and acculturated as one gender, some of us for 40, 50 or more years, there are likely to always be little things that happen to us or around us or about us that re-emphasize that, although our brains were born this way, the outside world couldn't see it, and often won't ever let us forget that.

For me, the true solution would be identification in utero, with medical therapy before birth to resolve the fundamental conflict between what the brain believes and what the body seems determined to become. That therapy could change the brain or the body, but letting it go without an attempt to resolve is unutterably cruel, as the latest suicide and near suicide of my acquaintances, within a 3 day span, has once again proved to me.

As for me, I wouldn't have cared if I had ended up male or female, so long as whatever my externals, they would be congruent with my internals, and that both would be as functional as possible. Answered Mar 11, Quora User , sleep deprived.

Will it ever be possible? Absolutely, given infinite time, an infinite number of events can take place.

Assuming humans survive till the end of the universe, a complete sex change is a very realistic expectation. Seriously though, yes it will be possible, although not for a very long time. There is still too much that is unknown, too many technologies that don't exist for this endeavor to be possible any time soon.

Answered Jun 6, Sorry if Laws may prevent it. Social pressure may prevent it. View more. Related Questions How expensive is it for a trans woman to transition physically?

What are the steps in having a sex change? Are male-to-female trans people trans women more common than female-to-male ones trans men? If so, why? What is it like to change your sex from male-to-female? What happens if someone gets a sex change operation and regrets it?

Is it possible to get rid of transgender feelings and become content with my birth sex? Can a person undergo a sex change twice? Man to woman and back to man. Can a transgender person go back to their original gender? Related Questions What are the steps in having a sex change?

Instantaneous sex change