Ion freak barrel kit-Freak Paintball Barrels

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Ion freak barrel kit

Ion freak barrel kit

Ion freak barrel kit

Ion freak barrel kit

Ion freak barrel kit

Own a Force Fed Hopper! Barrel, basses and inserts have some scratches from use but are in overall good condition with no problems internally. No returns. SawyerPB offers a variety of products. It comes with the case.

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How we use cookies. I think it would be impossible for anyone to play that long and never at least try out a Freak barrel kit. A lot of players choose sniper type paintball barrels Ion freak barrel kit the key advantage of staying protected by heavy brush or cover while having a barrel that is long enough to make accurate shots through the brush. This site uses cookies. From your first day on the field with an eNMEy 50 cal. Currently 4. What is a Drop Forward? Smart Parts. Related products. Choose an option Aluminum Stainless Steel.

Since its inception The Freak has been recognized as the best paintball barrel on the planet, and has won countless tournaments, woods-ball games and scenario games.

  • Since its inception The Freak has been recognized as the best paintball barrel on the planet, and has won countless tournaments, woods-ball games and scenario games.
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  • At GOG Paintball our mission is to deliver markers and barrels that represent the pinnacle of performance and value.
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Reef Santa Cruz. Sign in below for a faster checkout. Forgot your password? Cancel Sign In. Join Our Newsletter. Follow Us. The Freak Paintball Barrel Kit is the best selling paintball barrel system of all time! The Freak Barrel revolutionized how consistent and accurate a paintball marker can shoot. The Freak was the first barrel kit that uses sized inserts and a screw-in barrel tip to adjust both the bore diameter and the barrel length.

The Freak Barrel System gives the player total control for the paint they are shooting that day, or for changing weather conditions. No need to buy a whole new barrel system if you get a new marker or own another with different barrel threads; simply buy a new Freak Back and you are set! ActionVillage is proud to carry the complete line of Freak Barrels and Accessories. In Stock. Lowest Price. Freak Barrel Backs. Freak Barrel Fronts. Freak Barrel Inserts. Freak Barrel Kits.

Freak Carbon Fiber Barrels. Freak Complete Barrels. Freak Jr. Barrel Kits. Freak XL Barrels.

Privacy Policy. Our products represent years of experience and research to provide the best paintball experience possible to players of all levels. This means you can turn your regulator pressure down, or your velocity screw out making your marker softer on paint and easier on air. How we use cookies. Barrel Accessories. We use cookies to let us know when you visit our websites, how you interact with us, to enrich your user experience, and to customize your relationship with our website.

Ion freak barrel kit

Ion freak barrel kit

Ion freak barrel kit

Ion freak barrel kit

Ion freak barrel kit

Ion freak barrel kit. GOG Multi-Caliber Hopper

The Freak Junior lets you start with the basics, and upgrade as you go available as a barrel with one insert or as a mini-kit with the Freak Case and 3 Inserts. The Freak Carbon paintball barrel uses cutting edge carbon fiber technology. Combine the weight savings with the most affordable interchangeable threads on the market, and you have an amazing barrel thats also an outstanding value.

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Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. Changes will take effect once you reload the page. Total Freak System. Freak Barrel System quantity. What Is Borematching? How do you bore-match? What is bore-matching?

How to bore-match: Using the paint you plan to play with for the day, insert one of your paintballs into the base of the insert. If you have to blow very hard to push the ball through the barrel, you need a larger insert. If the ball rolls out without blowing at all or too easily, you need to use a smaller insert.

Bore-matching for Accuracy. More Efficient on any Marker. Adaptable and Practical. A Freak for all. The Freak System has an option available for everyone. All the Accuracy — Half the Weight. Upgrading the barrel on your paintball gun will give you increased accuracy as well as consistency.

Join Our Newsletter. Follow Us. All Rights Reserved. Carbon Fiber. Custom Products. Deathstix Kits. Empire Barrels. Field One Barrels. HK Army Barrels. Inception Designs. Planet Eclipse. Smart Parts. Special Ops. All Squeegees. Ball To Barrel Sizers. Paintball barrel cleaners and squeegees are a vital piece of equipment for you to have on the paintball field. The squeegee or barrel swab is used to clean your barrel from all unwanted residue, dirt or debris.

Barrel Accessories. Barrel Adapters. Barrel Cases. Barrel Plugs. Camera Mounts. A paintball barrel is one of the most important investments for your paintball setup if you are looking to get consistent and reliable shots from your gun. Upgraded paintball barrels are made with a lot more precision and care over the stock barrels on most guns. Aftermarket paintball barrels use different technology through their manufacturing process. There are many different factors of a paintball barrel that cause a barrel to be more or less accurate.

Most stock paintball barrels are not able to disperse excess air quickly enough in order for the paintball to attain maximum velocity when it leaves the end of the barrel. When this happens in most cases, there is an extra burst of air once the ball leaves the end of the barrel that easily throws off your trajectory.

Paintball Barrel Machining - The Care and Quality of Upgraded Paintball Barrels When you purchase an upgraded paintball barrel, know that your barrel was machined with care. All of the upgraded paintball barrels are micro honed and micro polished to give the inside of the barrel a slick and smooth look. The paintball barrel manufacturers do not do this for aesthetics but for performance. When you feel the inside of any aftermarket paintball barrel, you will feel that there is nothing to slow down the ball or any resistance.

Most stock paintball barrels have machine lines internally which are caused by running the machine too quickly during production as well as not spending enough time internally polishing the barrel. If you want a quality paintball barrel, check out our selection of aftermarket paintball barrels.

Paintball barrel porting is the set of small holes usually in the second half of the barrel. The porting holes in paintball barrels disperse the excess air flow to increase the accuracy of the paintball. The second big advantage to having strategically ported paintball barrels is the noise reduction. Some paintball barrel manufacturers have patented porting patterns that will significantly lower the sound of your gun shooting. This is only true to a certain point which is why you will be hard pressed to find any paintball barrels over 20 inches in length.

Paintball barrels come in a variety of lengths which usually start at 10 inches and reach a max of The most common length for a paintball barrel is 14 inches since tests have shown that anything over the 14 inch length only have a minimal impact on your accuracy. When you start to dabble with paintball barrels under the 14 inch mark you will notice significantly less consistency and accuracy of your paintballs.

Some paintball are willing to take that loss of accuracy in order to knock some weight off their gun and give them a more compact and maneuverable paintball gun setup. These types of paintball barrels are more commonly referred to as sniper barrels. A lot of players choose sniper type paintball barrels for the key advantage of staying protected by heavy brush or cover while having a barrel that is long enough to make accurate shots through the brush.

It all comes down to preference when choosing the length of your paintball barrels, but know you will get the best maneuverability as well as accuracy combination if you choose a 14 inch total length barrel. Paintball Materials - Great Variety of Materials to Choose From Over the years, the materials that are used to make paintball barrels have changed to give paintball players exactly what they are looking for.

The four main types of paintball barrels are aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and carbon fiber. Aluminum has always been the most desirable choice to make a paintball barrel out of. Aluminum is the easy choice since it is light weight, fairly inexpensive and is easy to machine. When aluminum paintball barrels are machined to perfection, they will give you some really great performance.

Smart Parts Freak Barrel & Barrel Kits

Order by:. Available to:. The Fibur is the only CF barrel that you can use with your Freak inserts. The Deadlywind Fibur carbon fiber barrels are ultra-lightweight. Accurate, and They utilize the Freak replaceable inserts, so one barrel and a few inserts will do the job of multiple barrels. If you don't know please ask: Weighing in at an average 60grams 73 grams with insert The Fibur is 2x to 4x lighter than other replaceable insert barrels. Unlike other carbon fiber barrels. The Fibur barrel is built with a unique 3 layer construction.

CNC align-bored segment for the insert area, CNC-ported with 3 rows of straight ports, and then hand-assembled and quality checked.

You can't get any more accurate. Tippmann X7 Phenom support now available. This ring will not fall out but it can easily be removed to swap Freak inserts. Hustle Paintball uses two shipping providers. MST will ship that business day. Any orders paid for after this time will ship the following business day. If the order is time sensitive and it is past this time in the day, call us at and one of our representatives will do what they can to help you out.

All orders shipped do not require a signature. If you would like to have your item shipped with signature required, call us at and one of our representatives will get that taken care of for you. This information applies to orders shipping in the Continental U. If shipping USPS Parcel it will take business days to arrive at your location and is the cheapest s. Lightly used 14 Inches. Also Check out my other items to combine shipping!

Freak 13 inch barrel kit- dye - planet eclipse - autococker. This is a 13 inch freak 2 part barrel With the case and bores bores include. It has been used once in field play in is in excellent condition both aesthetically and functionally. There are no nicks or scratches and it shoots as well as it looks.

The package also includes a Dye i4 mask. It has also only been used once in field play but has some marks on the mirrored lens from the autococker's back block. The clear lens that was originally on the mask has never been used. The tank is an Empire psi 68ci tank. Used once as well and less than a year old. The tank comes with the Dye rhino cover. Loader is an Empire Halo V. Stock ANS barrel.

This barrel came new from ANSgear with the rear not locking up to the front. The front is g2g but the rear is defective. Also included are 2 Dye pods. This setup performs extremely well. I hate to get rid of it but i am going into the Army and do not have the time right now to use it unfortunately. Excellent condition threads. Barely any use. Inserts come with a case. Autococker threaded inserts: Freak deadly wind barrel kit. Item fits ion barrel thread also comes with a barrel adapter Cocker to ion will fit the a5 thatI have listed and once again item is as is it is used happy bidding ask questions.

Ever get tired of chopping paintballs because your bore size is too small or losing accuracy because your barrel is too big? It has different sized sleeves so no matter what size your paintball. You can have the perfect fit just by changing your sleeve.

The barrel is in excellent shape, hardly ever used, and has pinpoint accuracy! Comes with 8 sleeves, 14" tip, and freak back which has threads that will fit the barrel for an autococker or an ego paintball marker.

Also comes with a hard carrying case to carry everything to the field and protect your barrel. Please email me with any other questions! I have a smart parts freak barrel kit for the ion. It has a 10 inch teardrop front comes with six inserts. A dye barrel case and a proto primo hopper. The inserts are size. It is in good shape but has a few scratches. Ion threads. Full freak kit autococker threaded mint condition red barrel invert bob long axe.

The kit contains an unused mint condition 14 inch red all american barrel front with black back and 7 inserts. Inserts and case are used. Sweet barrel kit. Can be used on any autococker threaded gun. Bob long. Invert mini axe etc. Great deal! Well worth the buyout- Old school case- rare vintage. I am including a Dye barrel case. This comes with the following inserts from Smart Parts: Thus eliminating the need for the Smart Parts two part barrel system.

Everything is in excellent shape as I did not use this has my primary barrel system. I used to play paintball some years ago and I have had all my stuff in storage for years. So look for a few more auction coming at great prices. Insurance I reserve the right to ship only to confirmed addresses. No shipping to Hawaii. Alaska or any other country without prior approval and extra shipping charges might apply. All returning shipping is at the cost of the buyer and is nonrefundable.

I will not accept any other form of payment without prior approval. I reserve the right to cancel bidders with questionable eBay feedback or any bid that does not abide by the aforementioned criteria. I also reserve the right to end the auction at any time.

Please make contact with me within two days of auction close to make arrangements for payment. If I have not heard from the buyer within 3 days. I will relist the item. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase. Contact me before leaving feedback and I will try to make your ebay experience a pleasant one. Please do not leave negative feedback without giving me a chance to make your experience an enjoyable one. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my auction. Autococker thread freak system with all inserts.

Comes with freak tip " and a newer freak style tip " Box is in good shape I have modified foam to fit extra tip and all inserts. Front plexy glass is missing the corner but does its job. This barrel hasn't had much use, I had it with a old autococker that I recently sold so now it's time to part ways.

Any questions please ask. Thx Posted with. This barrel will make you shoot ropes like a pro. If you have never used this barrel. You are seriously missing out.

Freak Kit bores include: Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Ion freak barrel kit

Ion freak barrel kit

Ion freak barrel kit