Motocross suspension kits vintage-Vintage-Motocross-Suspension-iShock

These superior rear suspension shock absorber units will help you and your bike perform at your best. The CC range of shocks from Ohlins are nitrogen charged, 36mm, steel bodied dampers with an internal separation piston which divides the nitrogen from the high tech Ohlins oil. This creates extremely consistent damping and ensures that the shocks remain cooler for longer. Each end eye has 14mm rubber mounted sleeves and the shocks come with bushing inserts to fit down to 10mm if necessary. Brands we stock.

Motocross suspension kits vintage

Motocross suspension kits vintage

Motocross suspension kits vintage

Motocross suspension kits vintage

Motocross suspension kits vintage

Political suicide forced the extinction. Motocross suspension kits vintage NJB MX Expert shocks have been extensively tested for years by top-level riders, thus providing spectacular performance and fade resistance, on a level with the most-expensive vintage MX shocks in the world. Brian was a big guy! Progressive Suspension 12 Series Finally the thing broke the para-cord and i could ride the last couple laps putting my foot out in the deep mud ruts to survive till the finish! He was never afraid to twist it to the stop!

Subtalar arthroereisis implant. Shock Absorbers

The custom springs fit me perfectly, no shaking, no bottoming, and 25 to 30 mph higher speeds on the same piece of road. Defining the Format: Moto Guzzi Ambassador. SR Suntour. Selling Price:. Pitted, chipping chrome on upper tubes is another source of friction and deadly to fork Motocross suspension kits vintage. An adjustable spring on the main valve controls high-speed compression. Check back throughout the day for all of the qualifying and race results from this year's Monster Energy Cup. WP Suspension. Moto Hose. Brake dive has been mostly eliminated, rebound control is excellent and pogoing has been rendered a thing of the past, all significantly improving rider confidence. Damping rod forks are limited in performance and ride quality due to their simple orifice-type Gay pron jobs, where a series of holes control oil flow for damping.

SEE below as to How this.

  • Want your classic to handle like the latest from Ducati or Honda?
  • As we head into November, the picture is becoming a little bit clearer.
  • If you're in search of new, used, OEM or aftermarket Vintage dirt bike parts to replace the parts which came apart on you, have just become clapped out due to a previous owner's lack of maintenance or age, found themselves broke off, or lost from a brutal moto or off-road event such as a gnarly trip into the woods, there are current eBay listings provided below which you should be able to find what you're looking for within.
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SEE below as to How this. See below full page more info… and full history. Above Popular divided fluid and nitrogen mm to mm common eye-to-eye with either black or yellow springs see full page below details….

Note the bolts all corners will normally have 10mm sleeves and some flat washers, if your bolts are 8mm shoulders or other size you would change the sleeves.

Ohlins over 40 years ago now was the very first company to design the DIVIDED twin shock with separate fluid from the nitrogen via an internal floating piston for almost fade free performance, instead of the emulsion mixed foamy designs of the past and the legendary championship winning performance was born. Fortunately i was able to earn eleven consecutive AMA National numbers as well as many regional and local series championships during a fourteen year Professional racing carrier, but still riding three days a week for more than thirty years now mainly for fitness, fun and exercise, but an occasional event.

I also have built shocks five days a week since the early eighties threw today, for many of the best, along with following the professional racing circuit and traveling nine months of the years for a couple decades back then. Changing my line? He was probably seconds ahead of me? I was getting frustrated because in some sections I was faster, in others, he was faster.

I could see that he was faster than me going through Gravity Cavity, so I slowed up enough to watch him. I saw that he was using the far left side? So on the next lap, I moved over to the far left side. The only problem was, there was a hole at the top of Gravity Cavity on the left side that Tripes was pre-jumping? I whacked that hole with my rear wheel and started to endo over the front. Actually, I was going to jump off the bike because it was going to throw my ass off anyway.

I had at least 6 seconds in the air for it to come back? I can save this if I just hang the heck on! I had changed my mind. Many suspension designs would never have been invented if not for the Motocross demands and suspension technology changes around the world. Above shown Ohlins Twin shock bottom bracket example with sherical ball, press in bushings that makes 8mmx 24mm finished for 8mm mounting bolt , and seals per each side to help keep dirt out from the new sherical bearing.

Its no surprise that the founders of many better known brands including Ohlins got there start and continue the connection with motocross! You crazy! See Below for traditional Ohlins pairs…. These above are standard So this is Rick Johnson Factory Yamaha at the Colorado Mx National, the final round were his front wheel blew out costing him the National Championship, well i was there that day to see it first hand.

In i had a simple Yamaha Support ride as a first year Pro at 17 years old, i drove by myself to Atlanta Mx national, then on to Colorado 29 hours from my home at 17 years old by about a month, i would sleep under my bike in a short Dodge van and make friends when i got there to pit board for me! My bike was a stocker 30lbs over weight! The Colorado altitude made my almost stock bike run even worse up the hills! What a blubber! He held the points lead heading into the race and needed to just cruise through the day to lock the crown.

Instead, he went after Hansen and tried to win the race, and ended up blowing up his front wheel and DNFing the first moto. I think i raced the Waco Texas National about 30 hours from home that year, i remember sitting in the pits with my dad before practice, Ouch!

Pro sign up in those days was usually at a hotel all day Saturday before the race event. Above, shown eye to eye length from mm So at Saddleback, California Bob Hannah circa maybe? This one bike has had more impact on mini bikes and my life in general than any other bike ever made. Honda introduced the XR75 in and found worldwide success. There were motocross tracks everywhere and you could ride almost anywhere you wanted.

In grade school, I remember half of the kids rode or raced motocross, and the majority of them had XR75s. Above, these are The color of the longer springs can be reversed so the longer spring can be yellow or black in many rates, most of the helper springs are still yellow.

So this is a Yamaha Yz , i remember this bike because i was young when i turned a local expert in motocross at 15 and a half years old after one season and a couple races. Each brand has their design features verses price point. Above, popular Ohlins piggybacks with divided fluid and nitrogen for fade free performance. At time of ordering verify eye-to-eye shock length, shaft stroke, mounting bolts ID at all 4 corners.

Meaning i was sitting on my butt at home after Florida series when the phone rang and Andy lined up the event as a fill in that i went to! We would spend lots of time in Florida from the day after Christmas to Daytona getting ready for the new season racing and riding. One year Daytona took 30 riders to the main not just 20, he made the main and Husky wanted to not pay him!

Above, Ohlins can be a base model with one spring that is a dual progressive rate, or an option to use a helper spring and cross out system if eye-to-eye shock length allows. The top one has a simple cam style spring preload adjuster, plus all the clips up and down body. Shown with 14mm grommets all four corners, so using sleeve you can make the mounts 8mm, 10mm or 12mm depending on your bolts. Above these are S36D , divided fluid and nitrogen with internal floating piston within cylinder about and inch or so from top.

They are mm eye-to-eye with mounts that are 10mm ID all four corners and yellow spring instead of standard black. Above mm , yellow optional heavy duty springs for lbs rider , 12mm stainless sleeves all 4 corners for 12mm mounting bolts. Ohlins shocks can be rebuildable almost forever and have excellent quality and a real valving and piston design inside.

Above these have a Dual Rate spring! You can buy different bodies and shafts to make them almost anything you may need and spring them accordingly. Above the old Husky Ohlins, some people used to just glass bead the old shocks and repaint the bodies and old web heads to make them look fresher or replace the bodies and gold reservoir tubes. On longer shocks to go Dual Spring conversion or add a second helper spring to your Ohlins twin Pair series shocks your need the five parts shown above plus the space to do it, about 85mm of available body in addition to your primary spring length in this example shown with spring.

Some have to also buy a different length main spring to get it to work properly. They still worked so well compared to anything else out their they were very popular and the shocks to have. Ohlins was a leader in twin shock Mx designs that put the company the map with the founder in Motocross! Above shows Cam Style spring preloader, used with body clips every 4mm, you then have a three lob cam to make easy adjustments.

Does the wear parts, bushings,scraper, Orings in body and reservoir floating piston. The older rebound wheel still work but best to not try to brake them, mark and use carefully for best results. Top Secret Ohlins Piggyback Shock for Maico , the spring clips come in three flavors to better fit the spring on bike and frame tubes. We offer a kit with the piston band soft or stiff copper coated telfon new bottom out bumper a chipmunk probably had for lunch or just fell off , reservoir piston keeps the fluid from entering the nitrogen chamber and cap seals and bushings so the nitrogen stays in the shock most likely.

Which was the way to go to keep about 15mm preload and not let the spring collars hit the frame tubes. We still see shocks like this! The Maico is considered one of the best all around bikes of the time. Shown above for various other applications with up to three springs per shock total one or two helper springs and one main spring. BLACK arrow 2 shows black spring retainer that goes between the helper and main spring, arrow 3 is the Aluminum Clip that holds the spring stack on the shock is to the right of that.

I attended the Atlanta Supercross this past weekend. I have been displaying my vintage bikes with the Legends and Heroes display for several years now. Is one of a kind, with some special custom features.

We were also invited to roll the bike up on the podium as a part of an award show for Ricky Carmichael. Being on the jumbo tron is very cool. I race both vintage and modern. I race every bike I own. Above, shock bodies used to wear their coatings off back in the day on the inside of the cylinder, a number of body functional hard coats were common.

Both gold ones 2 and 3 were a functional hard coat actually done in the same tank but see how different the color varies depending on the minerals like copper in the aluminum casting. In i was in Valencia California staying with a friend that rode the Nationals on a KX before Hangtown, i got to ride Indian Dunes with the famous women racer Mercedes Gonzales, she could really ride fast!

The was the last of the true Works bikes in the USA, the production rule took effect in I first really met Bob Hannah in riding in Florida together where we usually would do the Florida Winter AM to get ready for the season and do testing.

We had a track we rode with Tony Destefano sort of just a secret track off in the woods with hills, Guy Cooper also, Fred Andrews, and some others. So a funny story, Bob Hannah went to Suzuki for a crazy amount of money back then but really was at odds with the bike only a month or so in was the first Gainesville National in Florida, i remember our box vans were parked at the far end of the pit area pretty close together, Mike McAndrews was his mechanic at the time.

Hannah wanted to test different things. Some how they rigged up a last minute thing, Hannah only had a few minutes before the second moto, so he rode a little circle around our box vans hitting this dump truck pile load of miss placed dirt several times slamming into it, then making more adjustments, then some more.

Simply amazing! Sukuki probably sold a few bikes that Monday morning but all the hype was just that. You could throw him up at the sky and more times than not a foot or a hand would land back onto something and save it! Above, these are a customers from Washington state that found a set of original Ohlins Twins shocks for a RM , the are about mm x mm. The Bodies, shafts and seal heads are replaceable so no matter how ratty, you can make like new while parts last!.

We ran a tarp off the side rigged with a rope and two tent poles for rain cover or shade. It rained heavy almost every race the first six we did that year. Disc brakes anyone?

Above left the CR, i had a couple of these, you needed more than one if you liked having your piston go out the giant square huge exhaust port, it was the bike for you! The Factory spill over knowledge from Team Honda was still unstoppable even with a production rule in effect.

For Broc Tickle, the last two years have been something quite different than the rest of his career. That may seem like a lot of money to put into your suspension, but the payoff is huge. If you're in search of new, used, OEM or aftermarket Vintage dirt bike parts to replace the parts which came apart on you, have just become clapped out due to a previous owner's lack of maintenance or age, found themselves broke off, or lost from a brutal moto or off-road event such as a gnarly trip into the woods, there are current eBay listings provided below which you should be able to find what you're looking for within. Original fork showing poor appearance. ERA Moto Co.

Motocross suspension kits vintage

Motocross suspension kits vintage

Motocross suspension kits vintage

Motocross suspension kits vintage

Motocross suspension kits vintage. Покупки по категориям


List of Noleen Vintage Shocks - Noleen J6 Technologies

We have shocks for many forms and levels of riding or racing. Replacement parts to update your current suspension are also available. Speed-sensitive compression damping and performance-matched rebound provide the ultimate ride for classic motocross. Screw-type spring preload is quick and simple to use. A unique, two-piece body design allows the shock length to be adjusted from This allows for fine-tuning the steering geometry or use on multiple machines.

Can be mounted body-up or body-down. Spanners and a"fit kit"are included for fitment using 8, 10 or 12mm bolts. Your choice of 75lb or 90lb springs. Sold as a pair. Not for high-leverage-ratio applications. NJB Trial Ultimates pack a list of features like nothing else on the market. Speed-sensitive compression damping and light rebound provide the ultimate ride for classic trials competition.

Your choice of 45lb or 60lb springs. The full line of Progressive Suspension shocks is available for both short- and long-travel dual-shock bikes. Please call with your specifics when ordering. Two-day lead-time. The NJB MX Expert shocks have been extensively tested for years by top-level riders, thus providing spectacular performance and fade resistance, on a level with the most-expensive vintage MX shocks in the world. Available with a single-rate spring or a dual-rate spring set-up to suit all riders and price points.

They are available in Priced as a pair, includes bushes and springs. Our favorite shock for classic trials, the NJB Trial Expert features light, responsive damping, a strong 12mm shaft and single- or dual-rate springs.

They suit the trials rider who wants the best. We assemble them to order, accounting for rider weight, riding style and machine modifications. Available in lengths of Please ring us with your details to order. Betor shocks, styled as used on Bultaco Pursang Models Eye-to-eye length is mm Gas-charged Betor Trials shocks are available in Bushings are all 12x24mm; inserts are available for an upcharge.

Betor gas-charged MX shocks are available in Delivery time for items not in stock is approximately 10 days. NJB's Clubman shock is designed to satisfy the less-serious trials rider.

These inexpensive shocks are lightly damped and sprung, come in a A cam-type preload adjuster and twin springs allow the Clubman shocks to suit a wide range of bike weights. Hours of Operation: a - p Pacific Time. We accept payment via the following credit cards and services. SpeedandSport Home. View Cart 0 items. Contact Us Payment Information Shipping. Air Filters. Engine Parts. Frame Parts. Gas Tanks. Spark Plugs. Suspension We have shocks for many forms and levels of riding or racing.

Viewing 1 to 10 33 Total. Previous 1 2 3 4 Next. Betor shocks, styled as used on Bultaco Sherpa Ts. About Us. Contact Us. Payment Information. Shipping Information. All rights reserved.

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Motocross suspension kits vintage

Motocross suspension kits vintage