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Photography Forums. Hello, My wife and I recently found out she is pregnant. She did not use gloves and touched the solution with her bare fingers. Quickly after touching the solution, she washed her hands with water, no soap was used. Before the conception date, she's spent the last 6 weeks in the dark room, maybe once or twice a week.

Pregnant and dark room chemicals

Pregnant and dark room chemicals

You can wear gloves these are available in all types of chem-proof styles and a respirator to preform tasks in the dark room or when you might have exposures to chemicals. Gary - Obviously I'll be bound by what Pregnant and dark room chemicals doctor says. Third: If you have morning sickness and you find the smell hcemicals acetic acid or other chemicals making you sick, just avoid it until this passes normally in is only a couple of weeks. Well, you don't have to worry about birth defects after the first trimester. Thank you for your help. Currently I am 5 weeks dhemicals and I normally wear gloves in the darkroom but I'm worried about the fumes. Richard Knoppow, Pregnant and dark room chemicals 30, Linsay As a chemical engineer working in a related field, I recommend giving the darkroom a nine month rest. Best toom.

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Mauricio P. One tool to aid either of these situations is a contact printing framewhich holds the negative or negatives securely, tight and flat against the paper, to ensure the sharpest focus across the image. She's running a photo collective, working on educational programs with Brooklyn Central and supporting Lomography in all our endeavors. Do you remember for Pregnant and dark room chemicals BS you Busty nudebabes urged to wear protective goggles? Chemical Exposure During Pregnancy. Safelight filters come in a Cartoon world war two nurses different varieties. New York City does, in fact, never sleep. Available in our Shop. Pushing my start date back the winter isn't an option, unfortunately. Regardless of which style easel you end up with, make sure it is capable of holding the largest size of paper on which you plan to print prior to printing mural size. Adna, a Swedish folk-pop singer and songwriter with Bosnian roots, living in Berlin, is currently passing through a creative state of stillness while she is working on her new, upcoming album. More From Women's Health. The safelight should be positioned to provide the best illumination of the work area, but should be kept at least four feet from the photographic paper. Reduce your risk by controlling pests with less toxic options, such as boric acid. With your film developed, you can now move on to the heart of traditional wet processing: printing.

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  • The darkroom.
  • Here are the essentials of any good basic darkroom.
  • When we get pregnant, we're routinely told to skip alcohol so our kids aren't born with fetal alcohol syndrome, and to stop smoking to reduce the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Everybody knows that chemicals are bad for your health, but if we stick to the safety rules on how to manage and handle the chemicals we use in the darkroom, it should save you a visit to the doctor's.
  • My husband and I are exclusively digital photographers, and I've never worked in a darkroom.
  • What you need to know about environmental hazards in pregnancy.

Welcome to Mothering! OR Remember. Old , AM - Thread Starter. I am trying to find out whether or not I can safely continue taking my photography class this semester, while TTC.

I don't yet have an OB or midwife to ask - I want a homebirth and that's no easy task in the Louisville, KY area I'll take suggestions in that area, too! What say you, wise mamas? Azuluna is offline. Old , AM. Back in colledge when I studied photography all the proffessors always said that as far as they knew it was safe. If the case goes beyond the basic you then get into chemicals that are less familiar to me.

There are toners and I do not remeber how they work. There is hand tinting or coloring the prints, which is done with oil based paints which I have heard are a problem.

Many women become extreemly sensetive to any odors during the first trimester. When I was pregnant the smell of any food inclueding popcorn and choclate made me horribly sick to my stomach. I wouyldn't have been able to go near a darkroom nevermind work in it creatively.

I guess I'm saying that if your very careful you can take this class, but you would likely have to skip part and might find it a horrible torture if your morningsick which lasts all day for most of us. You currently have 0 posts. I would be really careful wearing gloves and a mask. I student taught photography at a high school while nursing, I think gloves were the recommended protocol a couple of years ago.

It is not as big of a problem as long as you are not the person mixing the chemicals. Talk to your professor, too, because they may have some knowledge. Thanks mamas With my first, I puked for the first 5 months and couldn't even look at a hotdog without getting sick. I am going to keep the class for now and invest in some good quality protective gear gloves, tongs, apron, mask and hope for my BFP by next month The professor said he will sign a drop slip at any time if I need, he seems to be a very cool, laid-back guy.

Old , PM. I took one of my photo independant studies during my first and second trimesters. Tongs should be used always anyways! But during the first trimester, I was careful to wear a mask- a respirator, not just a covering.

I got some thin latex gloves and didn't have much trouble using them. They were kind of a pain, but didn't hold on to chemicals and transfer them to my paper or anything. Also, I made the decision to have my film developed for me. It sucked, because I couldn't do my own tweaking to my film, but was a way to cut down on chemical exposure. And that's usually what a basic photography class is.

But, just in case Stay far away from toning chemicals! If it's an issue with your class assignments, maybe you can work with your professor to find different ways of toning coffee, tea, koolaid? So fun, though! I miss the darkroom!

I just wanted to chime in and say that I took photography in the fall of , and apparently I was pregnant without knowing the last month of classes. She told me that all should be fine, since my class was only twice per week, and I was only in the darkroom about 5 hours per week. Had I known I was pregnant, though, I probably would have had someone else develop my film and I could have done something else for them.

Just to avoid the chemicals. I'm no expert though. The fixer has the worst smell to me so definitely make sure you don't get any on your skin or it may make you sick! Also, be sure to get fresh air frequently.

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Selenium, sepia, copper, iron, and gold are some of the most popular varieties and add a distinctive coloring to final prints and often increase the archivability of your finished prints. If you need to refresh your memory, here are the basic steps of printing. Bear in mind that most commonly expressed forms of toxicity are for exposures occuring during a 8 hour period. Some people have one graduate for each chemical type. I'm a foreign, male, medical layman but just 2 thoughts: a I've seen extremely pregnant full time 1h lab workers.

Pregnant and dark room chemicals

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Pregnancy and darkroom chemicals | Photography Forums

Photography Forums. Hello, My wife and I recently found out she is pregnant. She did not use gloves and touched the solution with her bare fingers. Quickly after touching the solution, she washed her hands with water, no soap was used. Before the conception date, she's spent the last 6 weeks in the dark room, maybe once or twice a week. I already know how stupid we are for doing what we did, so please do not lecture me on that. I would really like to know if we did any harm to the baby and if there is anything we can do now besides pray.

Thank you for your help. Jason, Oct 29, Bob Salomon, Oct 29, Probably better to call the manufacturer of the chemical and ask what the constituents of each solution developer, fixer, etc. Then do a Google search on the individual chemicals; this will turn up at least one or more websites where toxicity descriptions of various chemicals are located.

Many of those descriptions will say whether the chemical can be absorbed through the skin and the degree of toxicity incurred. My guess and it's only a guess is that, depending on what chemicals your wife was using, she was probably more at risk from fumes than from touching the solutions. Most darkroom chemicals are fairly harmless, though there are some that are definitely toxic.

That's why you're right not to take the risk of not knowing. But it is important to identify the specific chemicals so you can get accurate information. LR Kalajainen, Oct 29, Donald Qualls, Oct 29, John, Oct 29, I still remember when working on cars and lawnmowers we used to wash our hands with leaded gasoline.

In jr. Frank Pittel, Oct 29, Falise, Oct 29, Gregory W Blank, Oct 29, This question is asked frequently.

I have never seen, from any authoritative source, any warnings about hazards to pregnant women from black-and-white darkroom chemistry. Material safety data sheets are available for all the materials; you can read them if you're curious. The bottom line is that nothing in ordinary black-and-white work is very dangerous. Michael A. Covington, Oct 29, Jason wrote in message The amount of chemical absorbed through the skin is minute.

I would not worry. Uranium Committee, Oct 30, John, Oct 30, Richard Knoppow, Oct 30, Covington, Nov 2, Jordan Wosnick, Nov 2, Show Ignored Content. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question?

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Pregnant and dark room chemicals