Side windows blowing out of vans-How to Install Rear Windows in Mercedes Sprinter Van

Updated: Sep 14, Additionally, I have the links for the 2 best videos on youtube for Sprinter Van rear window installation. For more around why we bought a van, check it out here. We are not very handy people. I know we have a hammer, drill, duct tape and some paint sticks on our tool bench in the garage.

Side windows blowing out of vans

Side windows blowing out of vans

Side windows blowing out of vans

Side windows blowing out of vans

These can be used separately or together for infinite combinations of privacy and air. They dramatically increase our happiness on the road. Who needs coffee when that happens. Jumping Driver Window Switch. Only explanation I can see is manufacturer failure that could not withstand reasonable temperature differential between inside and out. Sonja Powell on September 13, Index pantie am. High mountain or desert air gets COLD at Sive. Last week my rearview mirror fell off and so I took it to the shop to have it put back on. This is a long thread stretching out over two years, and now it will stretch a little further.

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Whether Side windows blowing out of vans Sprinter is made by Dodge, Freightliner, or Mercedes Benz, you can find van conversion windows for all Sprinter made between andincluding the short, regular, and long wheelbase models. This section goes over the selection and install of the windows. The corners are fastened with two 3 inch screws and glue. Ford Transit Van Windows View all. I had to Goshen cheerleaders pics a mini grinder with a very rough sandpaper disk to take down a couple high spots on the spacer frame. Check out all wondows the AMA windows we have to offer. Contact Name. When the panel started to vibrate a bit, I Side windows blowing out of vans some duct tape across the cut section to steady it. Using the hole you drilled, blowihg and tape the template to the outside of the van. We make every effort to send you order from the closest warehouse with inventory. Please note! Horny odc hub the clamp ring is supported by and pushes against the wall or spacerand the clamp ring depth has to be matched to the wall spacer thickness.

Never heard of them?

  • Sprinter van sliding windows are the most popular aftermarket accessory installed in Sprinters.
  • We might eventually add a window in the sliding door, but want to try a trip or two to see if the added window in the door would be a plus or minus.
  • Sprinter New Generation — Current.
  • They have provided High Quality Windows at a great price.

Updated: Sep 14, Additionally, I have the links for the 2 best videos on youtube for Sprinter Van rear window installation. For more around why we bought a van, check it out here.

We are not very handy people. I know we have a hammer, drill, duct tape and some paint sticks on our tool bench in the garage. We would need a lot of more than that to have a successful rear window installation. Luckily, the inventory of tools Brett's Dad and brother more than made up for our tiny tool box, so we were able to borrow a lot on the list.

I only have the links for the products we bought and a few for items we borrowed. Please leave comments or email if you have any questions!

If you don't own a lot of the more expensive tools and are unable to borrow from friends or family, you could also look at renting them from Home Depot or local hardware store. Left and Right Rear Windows. Grease pencil. Scotch brite scuff pad. Rust-Oleum auto primer. SprayWay Glass Cleaner. Duct Tape. Painters Tape. Metal Blade for Jig Saw Bosch 36 tpi.

Electric Drill. Glass suction cups. Safety Glasses. Rubber Mallet. Needle Nose Pliers. Utility Knife. Misc: Paper towel, trash bags, ear plugs, rubbing alcohol to clean up duct tape and visible adhesive residue, extension cord. We decided to make our window cuts with a jig saw. This was due to it being the most accessible tool for us, we had both used one before, and it seemed the most user friendly. When cutting there are many small metal grinds that fly every where- its important to tape all holes and inside your van and wipe of these metal bits so they do not rust.

There is also quite a bit of vibration. We also forgot to put up painters tape around where we will be cutting, so we do have some scuff marks along the outside. There are metal support pieces that run horizontally on the inside of the window template- I was worried about the job saw not being able to cut through this double layer of metal- but it went through it just fine.

Overall it was easier to maneuver than I thought, but I did struggle going around the corners but Brett did not have issues here jealous! Angle Grinder. We did have an angle grinder with metal blades on hand just in case we had issues with the jigsaw, but did not use it for this install. Many people find this easy to use for long straight lines - you'll see a lot of videos using an angle grinder for the side windows, but not so many for the rear. Main reason we did not use it that I hadn't used one before and was not as confident to get it around the corners as I was with the jigsaw.

Pneumatic shear. Using this is still on my bucket list after seeing many super rad videos of a pneumatic shear in action. Like the pneumatic caulk gun, you will need an air compressor for this. The shears give you insane control and precision in your cut.

By using the torque of the compressed air, the major difference with the shear compared to the angle grinder and jig saw is that the shear creates a small cut between the 2 pieces you are cutting. The result is 1 long, small strip of metal being removed instead of thousands of tiny metal bits.

The shears gives you an incredibly clean cut, minimal vibrations, and a faster, more controlled cut. Although we had an air compressor, we did not buy or borrow a shear simply due to the fact we had not used one before and it seemed like it would be more beneficial for a larger side window cut vs rear window.

When starting to look at after market windows for the van, I was surprised by how few options there were. And after not finding many step by step posts or videos, I realized majority of people get their vans with rear windows already installed, therefore there are not many options or customizable windows on the market. Laurence is the only manufacturer of rear windows we were able to find.

We decided to purchase ours on Amazon for the ease and free shipping! This is where we got the right and left windows. To prevent the metal grinds from getting caught in all the open crevices of van and rusting, we taped up trash bags from the back to the middle and covered remaining holes with duct tape.

Many people will also use an air compressor to blow out the metal bits after the cut, but I would still recommend covering up the sides. Next using the pick and rubber mallet, we followed the inside window template and pounded dents to transfer the template from the inside to the outside so we could see where to cut.

Dents can be about 1 inch apart, but should be closer around the corners. Then connect the dents on the outside with a sharpie to get the full template. Once you have your template traced on the outside, you will need to drill a starter hole to insert your jigsaw blade. I drilled a hole just above the bottom left hand corner. Make sure you are using a metal drill and make your hole on the inside of your stencil.

Keep the drill steady and press your weight into it and it should drill smoothly. Don't stop until you've fully drilled through. Put a fresh metal blade in your jigsaw and set it to zero thrust. Insert your blade into the drill hole and begin cutting.

Slowly follow your stencil line up - if you did not remove the support beam instead you will feel more resistance at the middle points, but will be able to cut through smoothly.

Once we cut the top, we applied 2 pieces of duct tape to keep it steady and catch the window once it was fully cut. Next you need to de burr the edges of your cut. Use the hand file to smooth out your cut - this is where you can use an angle grinder if you have any major cut adjustments you need to make.

Since this is a bonded window, there is more room for error but you still want to be as precise as possible. Wipe away all the metal grinds from the inside and outside of your van. If not removed they can quickly rust. Then, hold up your window to the cut and use your grease pencil to mark where exactly the window will be going and around the logo.

This will help with knowing where to apply the adhesive, where not to de gloss, and also make the fitting step much easier. Spray rust-oleum in a cup and use a small paint brush to paint the just the edge of your cut. Make sure this does not drip down. Some consider this an optional step, but we wanted to take all the precautions and protect this from rust.

De gloss scuff up around your cut- there is no need to scuff directly up to the cut- eventually edge trim will go here and you will not be priming or putting adhesive that close to the cut since it runs the risk of spilling over. You can see the de glossed area above. Next use the cleaner, and wipe down the cut area again. This will pick up any missed metal bits, the paint you glossed off, and helps prep it for the primer.

Now it's time to apply the edge trim. Important : Make sure to start applying the trim at the. This way, when the rain drips down from the top of the window, there is no chance of it slipping through. Starting applying the trim with your hands. You will need the needle nosed pliers to help pry the trim apart to fit on some of the edges.

As you go along, keep pounding it secure with the rubber mallet. Do this all the way until you reach where you started. Use your utility knife and but between the teeth of the trim just past where it will meet the starting point. Continue to pound the perimeter of the trim and the end piece should line up directly with where you started. Cut past where you think it will line up, that way you can cut more if need be but can make sure it lines up with no gap.

Using a duaber will need to buy if using the 3M primer, or CR Laurence primer has this apply the primer along your scuff marks around each cut. This needs to dry for 10 minutes. While the primer is drying, its time to move on to the windows! Ensure you know which the left and right window and have the inside facing you the side you will be sticking to the van.

Spray the glass cleaner along the black area of the windows - do not wipe off - instead use another scotch brite pad and de glass this area all the way around the window.

Then you can wipe down, do another round of cleaning, and turn it face down so it does not collect dust. Repeat this with the other window. This will make the application process a lot smoother.

This is where having an pneumatic caulking gun would have been a life saver. It was very cold the day we installed the windows and having a hand pumped gun was a struggle to say the least. You can read more about our experience HERE.

If you do break the "seal" of your line, start the new line inside of where you ended.

Ford Connect Seats. No products found! The manufacturer uses a laser cutter while the vehicle is on the production line and we can never replicate this finish. Company Name. To apply the butyl tape, lay the frame down on something soft with the outside facing down. The Window frame goes into the opening you cut in the van wall from the outside.

Side windows blowing out of vans

Side windows blowing out of vans

Side windows blowing out of vans. How the Clamp Ring Windows Work


4 Reasons your Power Windows Are Not Working | Wilsonville Chevrolet

If you know me, you know I love a good adventure……even more than an adventure, I love a great ghost story. Well, I have good news and I have bad news……..

Alright, I know, I know….. I was hoping for some good scary stuff too. Your car or truck has two types of glass in it. Instead, if it breaks it will break into a million little balls of love that will not cut you. BONUS 2! Because of these two reasons, many people refer to tempered glass as safety glass.

Another fun fact is the thermal process in which tempered glass is cured makes it heat resistant. You know that carafe of coffee in your automatic coffee machine? Tempered glass.

How about that piece of glass in your oven? Your computer screen, door windows, tub enclosures, shower doors, and skylights are also made of tempered glass. Almost like ghosts……but I digress….. Now the mystery. MAN, I am really bummed out that I have to be the one to tell you this. You know when that back glass just mysteriously broke?

Well, it was probably hit by something…. It may not crack at the moment of impact but the stress continues to play until the defect erupts. Make sense? Yeah, it does to us too. Well, rock on friends. Our advice? Get tinting. If your tempered glass breaks the tint will hold it in place and save a lot of vacuuming!

Driving in the Snow: 5 Tips from Arizona Drivers. Need an Auto Glass Quote? Your truck may be leaking in a strange place…. How Prep for the Rainy Season. A Customer Service Horror Story. Were ALL the car windows closed, was the car in the sun and what was the outdoor temperature?

And i dnt knw what to do smh did something hit the same window twice? Is it something in the door or installed wrong? I am in HotLanta and i did keep my windows up because bugs could get in.. My toyota rave back window was shattered. The car is not driven much only 3, miles. Toyota to blame or the heat? The question should be asked. Is the same process of making glass for Cars the same? A customer had asked a specific question, so I did some research and wrote this blog. The process is the same but glass is always moving.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope that helps. I was going to work early Monday morning on September 18, and I had my sunroof up and it was around 72 degree. I back in to park and let my sunroof down, turn my engine off, got out my car and went to the driver passenger side to get my backpack and lunchpack. I felt the impact and start feeling my chest and stomach to see if I were shot. I look to see if someone were shooting at me and as I came back to reality I heard cracking sound from my rear window that has exploded.

Lucky all my windows were tinted in my Chevy Impala 2LTZ cause the glass were intact except the corners and had a thousand pieces of fine glass on my cab and trunk. Man I thought I were a goner….

This just happened to me tonight! I drive a chevy impala ltz. I thought it was a gun shot. I was sitting in the car waiting for my car to warm up a little with the defroster on. It startled me so bad that I jumped out the car. Driver side window of Chevy Trax busted today, was about to drive off and I heard a loud bang, scared me so much I immediately called the police, they arrived quickly and they removed the broken glass. I have no other experience explanation.

Thanks for the great post! Our car is in San Francisco, so the air temperature is not warm. Now we are out to deal with this! My Honda van side view mirror exploded on my way home for no apparent reason. There no damage to car body or the back of the mirror. My Hyundai Tuscon side passengers window exploded today. Several witnesses , myself included, because we were at the school for pick up. Not only did the window explode, there was a whole in the center of it, as if something went through it.

I was driving Sr. I closed my door like I normally do, no slamming of the door or anything like that, just a casual close. The original rear window I believe was temper glass and tinted.

The replacement now broken window was the same as well. Could this be a quality issue or error on the company that replaced my rear window? If this were me I would most certainly ask the company who replaced it to look at it — leave the window in if possible so they can check the workmanship. If it was a workmanship issue, the shop should warranty it. If not, they should be able to show you why it broke.

My rear window broke tonight. Now wondering if it exploded. There was a hole and it shattered. My kids were in the van while I was putting air in a tire. Kids are shook up still as am I. My Yukon was parked on lot at work, other cars parked around it. We heard a huge bang, went outside and my passenger window had blown out, glass was pushed outward with large hole.

The lot was monitored by a camera so we went back to the tape frame-by-frame and you can see the camera shake from the loud bang and the hole appears, nobody was near it, nothing appeared to fly into it. It was a pleasant 70 degree day. The dealer thinks I am nuts, said that never happens and it was probably a rock or golf ball. It was so loud indoors and enough to shake the cameras cannot imagine if I were standing near it.

I am baffled and a little freaked out. Today I was driving and my passenger side window exploded. I had a tiny small Starburst crack in the lower right passenger side of my truck that had been there since I bought it 3 years ago.

Last week my rearview mirror fell off and so I took it to the shop to have it put back on. They did the work on Thursday the truck was fine when I picked it up. It was out in the driveway and I was out of town overnight Sunday came back Monday after work and the entire windshield was shattered around the starburst and cracked all the way from the rearview mirror around the whole passenger side of the window.

Is it possible that replacing the mirror could have caused this? The mirror was again lying on the floor of the truck and it seemed odd to me because the small Starburst was a very long ways away from the rearview mirror but the crack extended all the way around the passenger side of the truck to the center and then there was shattering around where the starburst had been.

You may want to take it back to who replaced the mirror and ask — or take pics of it and send it to them. This happened to me today on the freeway. I was driving then boom my window exploded out of nowhere. Happened to me tonight, doing a favor for a friend and driving his Lexus ?

Rear window exploded, into a matrix of a million pieces which pretty much fell apart after the next bump. Of particular interest, was finally doing hiway speed after 45 minutes of mountain-hiway curves at the posted limits—at which you could feel the strain of each curve. I just want to know if these glasses get expired.

Because a friend of mine told me if the glasses also gets expired, it explodes by itself.

Side windows blowing out of vans

Side windows blowing out of vans