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My family always jokes that while growing up, there were "no time-outs in our house! It wasn't a lot or anything. For the most part, my brothers and sister and I were good kids, so our parents didn't need to resort to spanking as a form of discipline very often. But occasionally, when we were being disrespectful, we were spanked. This shouldn't come as much of a shock to most of you.

Spank boys in front of

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If your are a tween, teen, or young adultyou are invited to check it out. It was a spontaneous outburst from me, instantly regrettable and certainly not wise, given that he was already angry at Matt who had received a spanking the day before. Re: Who keeps the implement? As I looked down to pull them up, I gasped at just how much of my mound had been exposed. That asshole ex-stepdad of mine should also be ashamed for punishing and humiliating his teenage stepdaughter Spank boys in front of that! Not long after I turned 15, a little less than two years before those spankings I feared so much and managed to avoid started for me, my year old brother had two of his friends in the neighborhood over to play. As goosebumps covered me and my face blushed with the boys looking at me, my pants were soon roughly pulled down to my ankles to a few snickers from a couple of the boys. Large naked girls picture gallarie already knows that from now on, when she gets spanked it will be on her bare ass. Anything Spank boys in front of could have done to take responsibility and gotten spanked for in his place would have meant one less spanking he would have received. Author: Leslie [ Edit View ]. But he's got little choice now. But I always lucked out.

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  • It was difficult enough for me as a teenage girl to get much privacy with two brothers in the house without our stepdad stripping me bare in front of them to give me humiliating spankings.
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My family always jokes that while growing up, there were "no time-outs in our house! It wasn't a lot or anything. For the most part, my brothers and sister and I were good kids, so our parents didn't need to resort to spanking as a form of discipline very often. But occasionally, when we were being disrespectful, we were spanked. This shouldn't come as much of a shock to most of you. An occasional spanking is considered an acceptable form of discipline in most countries; most parents have spanked their children before, and most people can recall being spanked during their childhood.

My dad tells a funny anecdote about how when he was a kid, my grandpa broke a board over his head. All right, it doesn't sound that funny when I write it; but I promise, when he tells it, it's funny.

This is because he said he deserved it; and let's face it, he probably did. I mean, my grandpa is not an abusive man or anything; he's one of the most gentle people I know.

But back then, using violence as punishment was more common than it is today, especially for an Irish Catholic family of five rambunctious boys and two girls. They were no doubt disruptive and disrespectful, and they didn't stop, even after a few angry looks from their old man. My dad snickered and thought, "He can't do anything to me here, in front of God," clearly forgetting the service would end sometime and when it did, he would feel the wrath of his father.

Back at home, my grandpa lightly spanked the boys with the board. My uncle, clearly wiser with age than my dad, faked a cry and immediately apologized. But my dad, in a defiant air, proclaimed, "That didn't hurt. Grandpa hit him harder a few times and with each strike my dad said stubbornly, "That didn't hurt. Finally he broke the board over his head. This is the part in the story where my dad delivers the punch line: "That hurt.

For years, spanking was consistently found to be a cultural norm in the United States. However, Murray A. So why the drop in approval ratings? Probably because a lot of studies link corporal punishment with negative effects later in life, including aggression, behavior problems and mental health problems. Right now, advocates of spanking are probably thinking, "I got spanked, and I turned out perfectly fine.

I know of a psychologist who likes to reply to this very common argument with, "Yeah, but you think it's OK to hit little kids, so are you really perfectly fine? No matter your opinions on spanking children, it's important to remember that these studies don't imply that all children spanked will grow up to be exceptionally violent individuals. Every child is different, though, so how do you know which child will and which child won't?

It can also serve as a reinforcement of negative behavior. Some parents will try to send a message to children that their negative behavior — for instance, hitting another child — is unacceptable. However, by spanking children, you are in fact reinforcing violent behavior, because they see the effectiveness of it firsthand.

Basically, you wanted them to stop their bad behavior, and because you hit them, you accomplished your goal. Now when they want other kids to stop doing something, what do you think they'll do? There are some valid arguments for the spankers, though.

For instance, when psychologists reach their conclusions, they might not be looking at other factors that can influence averse behavior later in life. After all, correlation doesn't equal causation.

Baumrind also found that once parents who used more severe forms of punishment than mild spanking were taken out of the studies, the results were different. An occasional swat resulted in few harmful effects, if any. The key is to use physical discipline mildly and sparingly, but that line can be thin. During Christmas Break, I got into somewhat of an argument with my family about this topic. Some of my relatives believe strongly that spanking is, at times, necessary and very effective.

I don't argue with this. It is effective, sometimes, especially if the parent desires an instant fix. However, I do think that research by psychologists suggesting otherwise should be taken into consideration. My parents did a great job raising their kids, in my opinion.

I'm not a parent, so I can't really place judgment on people who use spanking, time-outs or any other form of discipline. As my parents so lovingly reminded me, maybe in 10 years when I have kids of my own, I'll see it from their perspective. My point is, as the next generation of parents, we should look at both sides of subjects like these. For the sake of our future children and our future world, we should take studies like these seriously and not just immediately dismiss them.

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Do not open this page if children are present. Reasonable and moderate? You decide. Do not open this file if children are within listening range. People used to think it was necessary to "spank" adult members of the community, college students, military trainees, and prisoners.

In some countries they still do. In our country, it is considered assault and battery sexual battery at that if a person over the age of 18 is "spanked", but only if over the age of Just a handful of those helping to raise awareness of why child "spanking" isn't a good idea:. In 31 nations, child corporal punishment is prohibited by law with more in process. The US also has the highest incarceration rate in the world. The US states with the highest crime rates, poorest academic performance, and highest obesity rates and health problems, are also the ones with the highest rates of child corporal punishment.

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Don't have an account? Sign Up Today. Comment Text. Stop watching this discussion. Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. Start watching Stop watching. Marjorie Mead Feb 21, pm. Only suitable for minors? There is simply no evidence to suggest that child bottom-battering instills virtue.

After they've taken their quota, I will give them a few more until they are obviously full and very uncomfortable and then I'll give them two more. The paperboy gets it fm spanking , Author: joh [ Edit View ]. If all my clothes were removed as often was the case , I would effectively be reduced to a crying, naked, jiggling spectacle — on full display for whoever happened to be present at the time. And since he was so should I have been. On the day of the event, Farmboy had left the gate to the barn open for the third time after being warned by his father not to do so.

Spank boys in front of

Spank boys in front of

Spank boys in front of

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Sign Up Login. Toggle navigation. Videos Photos Users Models. Video Favorited: 86 Video Time: Embed Code. Custom Size. Message Optional. Starring Rob Palmer and new girl Naomi Bennet, as his sister, it's a little difference in presentation to some of the other CFNM stories Sting make but they hope you'll like it in any event.

The normally congenial Baker household had been upset by the actions of its eldest son Jamie Robin Palmer He has seen fit yet again to take his sisters car Naomi Bennet without permission. The fact he doesn't have a full licence and is uninsured didn't hold him back. Neither it seems have the previous warnings from the head of the house be listened too either.

Needless to say Dad is now furious! Jamie hasn't been physically punished for some time but now in exasperation Dad thinks its time to make an example. Hardly a week or two would go by without poor Matt who is nearly three years younger than me having to sit at the supper table squirming as a result of a sore bottom.

If I was present when my stepdad spanked my brother, I was never asked the leave the room. Yes, I was free to watch. Sometimes, my brother would be carrying on to the point that he got spanked initially over his underwear. I watched a number of those spankings and am ashamed to admit I teased by brother afterward about them. One time, when in 6th grade and while my friend Melanie was over the house, my brother was getting a bare bottom spanking.

When she heard him crying and asked me what was wrong, I suggested she go into the living room to find out. She returned with a look of horror on her face. She said when Matt stood up, he was rubbing his bottom when he saw her. But I always lucked out. More than once our stepdad threatened to spank us both for something or sometimes just me.

A few times I ended up over his lap with my skirt pulled up but fate would always intervene, usually my mom arguing with my stepdad, a phone call, whatever. Sure, he hardly ever got into trouble. But our stepdad seemed to be picking on me more and more, though not nearly as much as Matt. One time, at 13, I nearly got my first bare bottom spanking from my stepdad.

It was at a family barbecue on the Fourth of July weekend. My shorts were pulled down and then my panties were yanked down inside-out far enough to expose my slit to his two teenage nephews. But fate intervened sparing me from any additional humiliation. Another time, when I was 15, I was nearly spanked in front of my younger brother, my younger male cousin and two boys in the neighborhood one of whom I occasionally babysat.

Once again, my pants found themselves down at my ankles. My panties were on their way to joining them but fate again intervened. But not before they were lowered enough to expose my mound and the wisps of my pubic hair and bringing giggles from the boys.

Then in the fall of , I nearly got a humiliating spanking in front of both of my brothers. Whenever my mom was out of town, my stepdad expected me to do much of the cooking.

My brothers never failed to show their appreciation and would sometimes pinch in, if only to set the table or help clean up the dishes afterward. But our stepdad? He always acted as if he was in a restaurant. Something was always not perfect enough for him. It was a spontaneous outburst from me, instantly regrettable and certainly not wise, given that he was already angry at Matt who had received a spanking the day before. My quip got me a slap across the face. He then grabbed the inside back of my panties and jeans and started yanking them down.

I was ordered to stand up and my heart leapt to my throat as I knew what was coming next: he would unfasten my pants to get them down and my panties were sure to go down with them. My older brother just watched, not saying a word. But Matt smirked at me as he was anticipating watching his older teenage sister not only get a spanking in front of him for the first time but to get it bottomless as well.

After I stood up, my stepdad reached around me and began unfastening my pants. I looked down to the floor in embarrassment rather than face my brothers who were sitting a half dozen or so feet away at the kitchen table. With my pants unfastened, my stepdad then reached for my zipper and once it was unzipped all the way he began to pull my jeans down off my hips.

I pleaded again just long enough that fate once again saved my butt, literally. The phone rang. My stepdad got up off the chair and walked to the other side of the kitchen to grab the call. But Bobby quickly spoke up and said he was teasing me about my jeans falling down.

However, nine months later my luck would finally run out and both of my brothers would see my shame along with everything else. But from having it happen first in front of my younger brother and his year old playmate a boy I regularly babysat — making those feelings intensify greatly to the spankings I got a week later on full display in front of not only my younger brother who was present the whole time but also in front of my older brother, his girlfriend and two friends of theirs from college who unexpectedly walked into the house during my punishment, my humiliation and shame complete, I also felt new emotions:.

And if I continued to reach back with my hands to block the swats, my stepdad would continue to unhook or simply remove my bra each time too as he had last week and that night , essentially giving me a choice whether to suffer further shame or be compliant and accept my punishment. As one vicious bare-hand slap after another that night rained down on my bare bottom, I cried and pleaded for mercy that still makes be ashamed to this day for not being stronger and more defiant.

Regardless of the embarrassment, the stinging to my bottom was just too much and so I let my unhooked bra fall to the floor as I grabbed the lower part of the legs of the chair with my hands to help brace myself, my younger brother having already seen me essentially spanked twice this way before: naked.

As he had done before my stepdad had unhooked my bra that night, figuring that would keep my hands busy trying to hold it up against my breasts than reaching back attempting to block the swats. What the fuck?! Answer me!

Then my mom came downstairs from her shower, yelling at my stepdad as the couple who were friends of my older brother and his girlfriend now wife made a hasty exit. As I stood there, my parents arguing, my younger brother held up and dangled my bra in front of me, grinning. I snatched it from his hands before flinging it across the room in anger — my shame and humiliation already complete.

As my parents continued arguing, my older brother Bobby stared at me, a shocked expression on his face of both disbelief but also disapproval from what my stepdad was saying about my behavior that day. Maybe she was flashing truckers on the way back home.

She already knows that from now on, when she gets spanked it will be on her bare ass. Because now that Miss Spoiled Tart here sheds a few tears?

You never demanded I stop spanking him. Why should she be treated any differently? Maybe a sore ass and a little humiliation each week will finally teach her to behave. At that point I just lost it. Not over my humiliation, my nakedness and the twisting of the truth as to what had happened that day. Not over the spanking. I HATE you! Do you hear me? There was quite a hush in the room and I just sort of stood there, then began trembling, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

What for? You heard him. I stood like that for at least ten seconds or so, everyone staring at me, until finally an incredible sense of shame came over me. I threw my hands across my boobs and pussy and went running off into the living and flung myself onto the couch. As I stood up, putting on the robe, my mom walked over.

She hugged and kissed me and told me that everything was going to be alright. My mom had told him she was filing for divorce. There were still more spankings, more humiliation and more shame to come as the divorce progressed. Nor did it matter whoever may have been present as I was often reduced to a crying, naked, jiggling spectacle throughout most of that summer.

For years afterward, I was in denial. But not me. And certainly not as a teenager. Only my family and my closest friends knew the truth. Had guys at my high school knew, I would have never lived it down. But the embarrassment, shame, degradation and humiliation was still there. It still is.

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