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Stethoscope fetish story

Stethoscope fetish story

I don't think so. Holy crap. With that she stood, unzipped her skirt and to the doctors shock, Cindy was not wearing panty hose but a garter belt with stockings. Page Summary quindara : You are so right! I'd love to try it, but it would certainly be pricey: Digital 'scope connected to in-ear headphones and the OhMiBod. Are there any others who feel the same about their fetish esor do others find it easier to keep their kinks in a box and Stethoscope fetish story let them take over Stethoscope fetish story entire sex life?

Germany sex camps. Mistakes that make you humble is better than any achievements that make you arrogant.

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The knock on the door came almost to the minute the doctor was set to arrive.

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I met a beautiful sexy women online, she was thin, had small breasts and large nipples which I like. We became friends and shared a common fetish. We are both cardiophiles, a very intimate, sexual, passionate, erotic fetish. Listening to the heartbeat of another person is a complete turn on, it is their life….. We made arrangements for her to come to California and spend a few days. I had so much anticipation leading up to picking her at the airport.

Had plans to show her the area that she had never been too, I was ready. Everything was ready, clean house, stocked refrigerator, wine,clean sheets, candles. A brand new vibrator, massage oil, littmann steths, bp monitor, heart rate monitor,dopplar, straps under the mattress to confine her. I was ready. The drive to the airport seemed like it took forever, I parked and waited for her to walk out, my heart was really racing now due to the exciting things I had planned.

We caught each others eyes as she stepped out the door. We embraced and I held her tight to my chest, so that the pounding of my heart could be felt against hers. I could feel her heart pounding as well. She was excited as well.

I gave her a soft kiss on the lips and welcomed her to a very special and fun weekend. Laughing and talking about our special fetish. We walked in the house and I showed her around, and made her feel comfortable. After some drinks outside by the pool, we were embracing, hugging, and having passionate kisses. I reached up her shirt and and my hand brushed her aroused nipples as I slid my hand and stopped between her breasts and I could feel her beating heart,my hand was moving up and down.

I knew she was ready. We walked up stairs, the candles in the room were lit. I said lets freshen up and we took a shower. I dried off and so did she. As I did this my head was at the level of her heart. Her heart is beating and very visible! I slowly put my lips on her beating heart and kissed it. My lips moving up and down to the beat of her heart. Her legs were trembling, I grabbed her hands and led her to the bed.

I wanted her to feel like a queen this first night, because the next night she was going to be my little patient in a private bdsm hospital room complete with exam room etc. I rolled her over and started her front. Massaging her erect nipples,everywhere, only slightly rubbing over her beautiful pussy and magic button. I could see and felt that she was getting very wet. Oh the things I am going to do.

I asked her if I could listen to her beautiful beat. Yes yes please do!!!!!!! I got my steth and started auscultating all four places. Her pounding heart had to be at least bpm and rising. I took my free hand and started to massage and touch her clit. It was engorged… I knew she was excited,after a good 30 minutes of stething and and pleasing her with my hand, the sound beating and beating faster.

I knew she was going to cum. Listening to her lub dub as she reaches her climax absolutely drives me crazy. And yes the body started to shake, and she came…….. I took my steth off and put my ear on her chest to hear her start to slow……… I gave her passionate kisses as she was calming down. We embraced and held each other………………… After a few minutes she said that was so incredible, that is the best most erotic steth session I have ever had.

She puts the steth on and slides on top of my cock she puts the steth to my chest and listens to how loud the beating is. After awhile I was ready to cum and I exploded my hot load deep inside her…. I leaned forward and she was sitting on me, I took her feet so they behind me,I was still inside her, we hugged and we could feel our hearts beating with each other, and gave her passionate kisses. She took the steth off of my heart and said I have never ever heard a guys heart cum.

That was amazing!!!!!!!! After a great night sleep, I made breakfast and coffee, she was in the shower, and came down wearing a beautiful see through sheer top and shorts, looking sexy, we ate outside and it was warm, I asked if she would like a mimosa, and she hell yeah.

After a few of those, and laughs, I asked would you like a fun morning before we go do stuff. Sure she says. I grab her hand and lead her upstairs again. I kiss her soft lips, her neck, her nipples, I kiss her chest and heart, her stomach, her legs and inner thighs. I grab a heart rate monitor and strap it to her, its is now beating at bpm.

I grab my steth and start listening to her lub dub lub dub the minute I placed the cold steth on her, she started beating faster, it is her trigger, it turns her on and she has to fuck. I continue stething and slide my finger inside her pussy and she is now sopping wet, I take my cock that stays up for hours hard and slide it into her wet pussy. I was thrusting and trying to be in rythem to her heartbeat. I untied one hand and placed a vibrater in it, and said put this on your clit, I was pounding away, the steth on her mitral valve, here she goes…….

I untie her and ask her lay her head on my chest as I slowly go back to my normal heartbeat. Then we go have a nice lunch and I show her a few places and we went back to my home to chill before a fun night ahead. Found it on a site. Another fun evening started. We went to a high class clean bdsm house…. My friend told me that she always wanted to be tied up to a St. Andrews cross and be taken, but at the same time being stethed. I wanted to fullfill that fantasy of hers. We go into to the room and I take control and tell her to remove her clothes, she takes them off, I see the beautiful sexy lean body again, I want her, I tie her to the cross, and place a blindfold on once again.

I thrust deeper and faster…….. Such power that beat is who she is, her life blood, and I can control and make it go faster or slower by pleasing her body. I untie one arm, and I put the steth in her ears and said hold the bell to your heart and hold it, I want you to hear yourself cum.

I take my other hand, and begin rubbing her clit and I was pounding away. After awhile just relaxing and having a few drinks, I ask her if she would like to be examined by dr.

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Stethoscope fetish story

Stethoscope fetish story

Stethoscope fetish story. Female stethoscope exam

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Cardiophile stories

This is gory….. Are you sure that you want to go through with this? Voluntary surgery was one thing, but recreational surgery? The possibility of her own death was put out of her mind a long time ago: Dr.

The doctor meticulously manipulated some valves, and confidently grabbed the mask that would briefly render his lover unconscious. Her heart started beating even faster as the doctor enclosed her nose and mouth with the rubber framing of the mask.

May, his pulsing member ejaculating as Linda finally loses consciousness. The doctor refocuses. Linda was now nude from her stirruped feet up to her red crown. He recalled the numerous kinky experiences that he had shared with Linda, all of which were about to be trumped by these next hours of experimentation.

An automatic sphygmomanometer is attached to her right arm, a low hiss emitted as the black band constricts, yielding the force of each systole and diastole. After preparing and disinfecting her chest, the doctor disappears into a swarm of movement: each muscle in his hands manipulating tools as if detached from thought, dancing through sometimes violent motions with grace, practiced from their memory of thousands of previous cuts, clamps, and separations.

Pressing a button, he tacits the machine. Snapping out of his trance, the doctor reverts to a state of libidinousness. Linda steadily becomes lucid, her chest rising and falling more rapidly with each passing minute, slightly shifting its blue cover. An unusual, localized tingling.

Linda slowly becomes aware of the absence of sound in the room, and remembers that Dr. May stated that no ventilator was required to keep her breathing during the procedure. Listening deeply, a distant thudding sound, both alien and familiar, grows more rapid. Correlating the pitched beeping with the far-away percussion, Linda recognizes that the tapping she is hearing is the contraction of her own myocardium. A brushing sound now couples with the action of her heart, and Linda derives that Dr.

May is now masturbating to the rhythm of her heart. Linda is fully alert from the shock of adrenaline, her heart pounds faster and faster, its hammering, louder, she begins to pant as the doctor strokes his cock in tandem with her pulse. Her labia, engorged and naturally slicked, are tickled by the air currents in the room. An incredible climax hits Linda milliseconds after she hears Dr.

After her pulse slows slightly, the doctor removes her blindfold. She should be aware of the weight of the cloth on her chest, or the slight tug of the EKG wires, but she is not, the thoracic epidural shielding her from all sensation.

Her eyes dart to the doctor, his scrub pants wet with seminal fluid, his face flush from his recent release. Please show me, Doctor. At first, more EKG leads are displayed, then crimson, then metallic, the rib spreader holding open her chest cavity, then the aorta. A third climax at beats per minute, her heart ascending and descending with each respire. The doctor pauses again to remove his shoes and socks, then looses the drawstring of his scrubs, barely able to remove them over the rigidity of his manhood.

May hastily removes the cloth completely from Linda, wholly revealing her tachycardic heart. As he does, Linda is exhilarated by the reflected view of that billowing organ, its fascinating motions overwhelming her more by each second.

Greedily, Linda longs for a direct view of her heart. His approach slows as the bell submerges into her open chest. Heaving in air, Linda cums, the doctor in tow, his hand rocking against the pounding of her pumping organ. He retracts the head of the stethoscope from her heart. She wondered if she could have felt him touching her heart just a moment ago, wondered if its contractile surface would act as a new erogenous zone. The thought permitted Linda witnessed an ectopic beat first hand, watching her heart falter, then briskly increase in pace.

He then released the pressure of the tubes against her neck, aligning the earpieces with her ear canals, but intentionally too far away, so that Linda could not yet hear the tumultuous rhythm of her valves. Tracing a line of gel from her right knee to her inner thigh, the doctor then began to draw a closing circle around her vulva, watching her heart accelerate as he reduced distance, her right atria almost distending from the pressure of each contraction.

Teasing her outer labia with multiple fingers, the doctor lingered, torturing Linda before beginning to explore her tender, tumescent inner lips. Linda cooed and panted vociferously as the doctor placed his head in front of her pussy, and began making broad, soft strokes up her lips, tormentingly avoiding her clit until the EKG sounded its alarm, then sucking on the erogenous spot while barely penetrating her with his fingertips until the electrocardiogram sounded another climax, her quadriceps shuddering beside his head.

The doctor stepped away to permit Linda to partially recover, re-scrubbing and donning new gloves. Finally, Linda was able to view, in person, the amazing action of the human heart, but she had never imagined it would be her own.

Her heart is now erect between the slope of her full breasts, its each thrashing beat at last unobstructed by the housing of her chest, each contraction causing her peaks to quiver, each areola wrinkled with tumescence, both nipples pointedly engorged.

The scene is almost too much for her to bear. His own heart quivering, he was surprised to be so quickly drenched in sweat, beads trickling down his developed pecs, accumulating across his six-pack. As he pumped faster to sync with her gyrating heart, the doctor focused, singling out the left and right coronary arteries. Linda cried out in ecstasy as he began to trace their paths.

The doctor could easily feel each artery surge with the beep of the EKG. Momentarily, she is struggling to breathe, the blood pressure monitor indicating a huge spike as adrenaline rushes to her heart in reaction to this planned heart attack. The EKG reads a critical beats per minute, but then begins to fluctuate rapidly between impossibly low and high rates.

In a pact to ignore the danger, the doctor strains with his gluteals, fucking with ascending rapidity. The free flow of oxygenated blood floods her coronary arteries, and begins to restore her pulse to a regular but astonishingly elevated rhythm, even as she experiences another chest-crushing orgasm. While normally used for pain control, Dr.

May has perverted its purpose to heart control, the contents now full of heart-speeding stimulants. Reaching for a nearby bag, the doctor pulls out a pair of ultra-thin, transparent latex shorts. He is barely able to slide his excruciatingly rigid member into its see-through sheath, but is able to feel even the slightest current of air against his genitals after he dons the garment.

May, please, let me fuck you with my heart! The extraordinary surface of the cardiac muscle twists, expands, and contracts against his cock. Each machine-gun heartbeat licks, massages, and vibrates the length of his member, like some organic sex toy.

Linda had heard her own heart stop before, but never under such an extreme circumstance. Beginning to lose consciousness, Linda wonders if she and the doctor have gone too far, but reconsiders when the doctor begins to manually massage her heart after dismounting her chest. The contractions of Dr. May realizes how right she is. Snapping to action he grabs a pre-filled syringe, and penetrates her left ventricle directly, emptying its contents.

Linda and the doctor alternately stare at each other and her heart as her pulse approaches Thoughts of cleanup and recovery are distant compared against the forbidden pleasures that they just shared, and hope to share again. Dark cardiophiles of Tumblr!

Good for your health! A story about someone trying to get their heart beating as fast as it can through good old exercise. With some chemical or physical aids as well! Posts Submit a post Archive. We had to intubate. CardioPrompt 3 Abscence makes the heart grow fonder: a story about loss or sadness centered around the heart. Cardioprompt 2: Good for your health!

CardioPrompt 1: A first person story about being aware ones heart has stopped. See this in the app Show more.

Stethoscope fetish story