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Sign in. Actor Teen Wolf. O'Brien , a camera operator. His father is of Irish descent and his mother is of English, Spanish, and Italian ancestry. Actor Jurassic World.

Uk teen male idols

Jimmy McNichol retired from acting in and lives in California with his wife and their two children. Uk teen male idols von Detten. At just five years old, Jax Malcolm asked his parents why we ifols wasn't on TV. The Bionic Boy never came to fruition. Actor Copy from this list Export Report this list. My biggest drool was over Leif Garrett As a teenager, Andy began singing in clubs around the Isle of Man.

What does chick fil a fly. The cutest and most talented 70s male teen idols!

Kerwin married in and he and his wife have three children. This Lace wig frontal toronto used to prevent bots and spam. Sadly, there isn't a lot of information available about his last TV role, which was on the TV mini-series Taken. Retrieved 23 March Uk teen male idols in the 70s. Unfortunately for them and for Mr. A Uk teen male idols walk mae memory lane for me and I hope for others, too. Similarly, Neil Sedaka had two distinct eras of his career, with about a decade in between: one as a teen idol in the s, and a later career in adult contemporary music. Evigan is not just nice to look at, He has a nice singing voice too, which you can hear for yourself. Block B. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. ComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, idole publishers. Check Your Email We sent you an email to reset your password. Lenny starred in Fishthe short-lived spin off from Barney Miller.

Glory's love of sharing info about 70s TV entertainment wouldn't be complete without a visit to the world of teen idols!

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  • Or, how Frankie Avalon came to be stuck on my bedroom door.
  • Glory's love of sharing info about 70s TV entertainment wouldn't be complete without a visit to the world of teen idols!
  • A teen idol is a celebrity with a large teenage fan-base.

Tinchy Stryder never really took my breath away — but the fashionable young British rapper, who recently had a number one in the charts, has become an idol to many youngsters.

Stryder mostly raps — his singing voice isn't the best. Thankfully his songs occasionally feature other artists such as Frankmusik and Amelle from the Sugababes who offer a refreshing alternative to the monotonous dross which Stryder can often produce examples include "Never Leave You" or "Confusion Girl", from which I wanted more of the uplifting melodies of Frankmusik and less input from Stryder.

On the other hand, sometimes Stryder's rapping is well structured and rhymed and relatively pleasing to the ear as in "Number 1" and "Breathe", for instance.

Some of my friends have implied that he still has a long way to go compared to the likes of UK hip-hop veterans like Task Force and Braintax. Stryder's music, along with a lot of modern hip-hop and pop, is well produced but lacks any real depth.

But it is understandable how music like this has such a superficial appeal to my generation: it's all about catchy tunes, big beats, big bass and dancing around in clubs — with sunglasses on, of course. I've been a fan of Theo Walcott ever since he came on to the international football scene at the World Cup, when he was only 16 years old. It was great to see someone so young make it into the England team, even though he didn't end up playing in any of the matches.

I think that credit has to be given to him because he must have been really disappointed not to have played in any of the World Cup matches and yet he didn't complain — he just got on with it and worked really hard at his football so that he could perform at the highest level, which of course is what he is now doing. He's inspirational to young people in this way because he's shown that by really applying himself to what he's doing he can achieve success.

My friends and I look at him and believe we can do the same in life if we work as hard! He must also have found it difficult going from being really successful at Southampton in the early stages of his career to adapting to a really big London club like Arsenal.

That's a lot of expectation, publicity and pressure for someone as young as he was when he was coming through. I like him as a player because he is a really fast and an exciting winger who plays well up-front.

I loved it when he scored a hat-trick against Croatia in that qualifier last season. Ok, so i don't particularly like Robert Pattinson. Basically, it's because all the girls love him and that kind of thing really annoys me, especially as they don't even like him for his acting ability, only for his supposed "good looks".

Also, when he first came to light in the Harry Potter films, not that many people noticed him, but when Twilight came along, suddenly everyone was infatuated with him. In all fairness, I haven't seen the Twilight films, or read the books, mainly because of this teen-idol persona that he has adopted, or rather the media has put on to him.

Maybe I would be less annoyed if he was not so commercialised by all those rubbish magazines. He's constantly in these mags for the best body, best looks and so on and it really grates on me. Personally, I think he looks ill all the time! Anyway, I think people should stop following the crowd and get some real idols. What's wrong with admiring someone that not everyone has heard of? I don't really have an idol, especially not celebrities hyped for their good looks.

Most people haven't heard of the music I listen to and I like that because it makes me different. Besides, is it really that great to idolise someone? There is nothing to gain from idolisation, it seems pointless to me. From child star to fashion icon, Emma Watson rocketed to world fame in her teenage years.

Composed and intelligent — some would say she is also a breath of fresh air compared to the American teenage idols such as Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton. She has a special place in the British public's heart as our second-favourite best friend of Harry Potter, and she seems to be going from strength to strength in her career. Watson's just become the face of Burberry, as well as attending Brown University in the US this year.

Part of her appeal is that she's the good girl; for instance, not once has she been papped coming out of a club completely wasted, or seen smoking. She's probably got a contract saying she can't deviate from the image of her geeky counterpart, Hermione, but maybe that's a little too cynical.

And yet I still have inhibitions about Watson. For one, she seems a little too high on her horse, and quite stuck up. She comes across as quite unfriendly and intimidating — boys adore her and girls envy her, but the problem is, she seems to me to know this just a little bit too much. However, I suppose any arrogance is understandable — not all of us have starred in a multi-million-pound film franchise, are the face of a designer fashion brand and attend an Ivy League university.

Oh yeah, and I forgot the millions she has in the bank before she's even I first came across Megan Fox in Transformers and my first reaction was, "Wow, this girl is so hot! Many other girls my age think she's beautiful, so they feel threatened by her — and the guys I know just think she's hot and nothing else. Although, a while ago, I was at a friend's party and met some guys who said they'd never heard of her.

I yelled at them and told them that they had to see what this girl looked like because — seriously — she's just perfection, and if they didn't see that then they didn't deserve to be in the same house as me! I suppose she has had an effect on me, because she's so pretty and I compare myself to her. I wish I looked more like her and had her lifestyle The reason I like her is because she's cool and gorgeous — but not everyone else feels the same.

Girls always seem not to like her — which could be envy, or because she can come across as outspoken and confident — but I don't know her as a human being, so I have no idea what she's like really!

It must be quite hard for her, I suppose, having all those producers and directors who just see a very pretty face they can benefit from. Overall, there must be a downside to all the fame she has, and when she gets older and less attractive she'll realise it, but for now, she's amazingly attractive and lucky and I'm insanely jealous of her The Saturdays are an up-and-coming five-girl pop band, and like most girl bands they wear excessive make-up, do lots of posing and steal old classics to perform as their own.

Their single, "I Just Can't Get Enough", is a cover of a song by the Eighties electro band Depeche Mode, who frankly performed it with more passion and better singing. The Saturdays have a seductive music video which simply consists of a bunch of attractive females prancing about in their underwear! The fact that they encourage the ditzy, girlie look I find degrading; for example, the band member Frankie is on some scales and drops her dressing gown to reveal her bra — implying she wants to lose some extra pounds.

The message this sends to teens like myself in a time of increasing anorexia and size-zero-ness is that being skinny and worried about your weight is what a girl should be thinking about. This was not the only undignified aspect: each girl is introduced as a calendar model, and they're all wearing the most minimal outfits possible.

It seems today more girl bands get to the top of the charts by flaunting themselves in a provocative manner. The other characters in this video include a cheerleader, a girl vacuuming and dish-washing. Young girls really need a strong-willed role model who shows more personality and is less sexually provocative to boost their confidence in being unique. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

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Each week, we watched as Lucan tried to fit into this new world. Lenny began singing at the age of 5 and when he was 10 he was singing at the Little Miss American Pageant in New York when he was spotted by a manager who signed him immediately. Director Friends. In , Alan Longmuir returned to the band just as they were about to make their Saturday morning debut on the Krofft Super Star Hour. She became a teen idol through her music, and her unique fashion at the time. Some marketers turned to film and TV for fresh, attractive, 'safe' faces.

Uk teen male idols

Uk teen male idols

Uk teen male idols

Uk teen male idols. Evan Brinkman

DeFranco and his sister Marisa still perform on occasion but he also has a successful career as a real estate agent. Peter Duel's entertainment career began in the s with minor roles in both film and television.

The series lasted for one season. Shortly after the series ended, he was offered a starring role in Love on a Rooftop, as newlywed apprentice architect Dave Willis. Even though the series did fairly well in the ratings, ABC decided to not renew it for a second season. Duel wasn't too disappointed, as he had decided to try for more serious acting roles. The show was a hit. Sadly, on a break between the first and second series in , Duel committed suicide. The producers recast Roger Davis in Duel's role, but the show never really recovered and was cancelled in The show was set during the American Revolution and Ely played Jeremy, a young Patriot who fights against the British using guerrilla warfare.

He recorded the album Circle Game in Other parts in both feature films and television began to fill up his acting resume. In he was cast in the role that would bring him teen idol fame, that of Officer Francis "Frank" Llewellyn "Ponch" Poncherello a rather trouble prone officer who was assigned a partner in the level headed Jon Baker Larry Wilcox in an effort to keep him out of trouble.

The series ran from In August , Estrada was injured while filming an episode for the series, fracturing several ribs and breaking both wrists which required hospitalization. Estrada still acts as well as does charity work for D. He played that role from and was credited simply as "Wesley. The producers thought that by listing only his first name they would build mystery and interest in Eure as an actor.

Sadly, the gimmick didn't work. But Eure is more than just a cute face. He is a talented writer, having written a children's book called The Red Wings of Christmas in The neat thing about this book is that Ronald Paolillo illustrated it. We all remember who Paolillo is, right? I remember watching B. It led to a TV series of the same name that lasted for three seasons and also was responsible for the spin-off series, The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo.

Evigan gained teen idol status with his role as B. There was even a poster or two, if I recall correctly. Evigan is not just nice to look at, He has a nice singing voice too, which you can hear for yourself.

Evigan sings the show's theme song and recorded several albums over the years. He continues to work in the entertainment industry, acting and singing. But I discovered him in his short-lived series, Three for the Road. That was when his picture began to appear regularly on the covers of teen magazines. Garrett branched out into music and in he released his first solo album.

Sadly, his music career stalled after that and several more albums failed to chart or to produce any hit singles. Things didn't go well for Garrett in the s.

He was arrested more than once for drug-related offenses and was in a car accident that left his best friend paralyzed. Garrett is a survivor. Today, he is involved in music and movies. Let's hope this former teen idol can get things back on track. I admit it, I had a "mega crush" on Garrett.

I thought other guys were cute, but none stole my attention like he did. Looking back now so many years into the past, I really have no clue why I found him so much more attractive than any of the other guys. Do you find yourself wondering what you were thinking about your choice of teen idols to. He was the youngest of four boys and his older brothers, Barry, Robin, and Maurice would go on to musical stardom as the Bee Gees.

As a teenager, Andy began singing in clubs around the Isle of Man. Eventually in he recorded a hit song called "Words and Music. Gibbs' romance with actress Victoria Principal gave him a duet partner. Principal has stated that Gibbs' drug use prompted the split.

Drugs put Gibbs' career off track for a while, but he bounced back. In , while in London working on a new album with his brothers, Gibb complained of chest pains.

He died on March 10, , just 5 days after his 30th birthday. The cause of death was myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. Peter Chernak. Glaser made numerous guest appearances on television before finally landing the role of Detective David Starsky in Starsky and Hutch, a crime drama series that made him into a household name. The show ran for four years, from He is still active in the entertainment field and has added photography and poetry to his list of interests.

The series ran for two seasons and spun off another live action super hero show, The Secrets of Isis. I have heard that he is trying to get back into acting, but is this just a rumor? Anyone have an update on what former heartthrob Michael Gray has been involved with lately? One of Mark Hamill's earliest jobs was as the voice of Corey Anders on the cartoon series Jeannie from to In , Hamill starred in a short-lived series called The Texas Wheelers, which lasted only eight episodes, but three years later he was cast as Luke Skywalker in the movie Star Wars and his teen idol status was set.

Hamill continues to work in movies and TV. His most recent work, however, is as a voice-over artist playing Skips on The Regular Show. His next role, and the one that earned him teen idol status, was as Captain Apollo on the series Battlestar Galactica which lasted for one season only. Battlestar 's cancellation didn't stop Hatch. He went on to work in films and TV and even to start a new career as a motivational speaker.

In , he began work on the new Battlestar Galactica series, playing Tom Zarek. He stayed with that series from to with a total of 22 episodes under his belt.

They sang, danced and did the usual comedy skits. It wasn't long until teen magazines like Tiger Beat and 16 were doing write-ups on these three cuties with Brett getting the lion's share of attention.

It was filled with songs and comedy skits and was generally a lot of fun. Basically, it was a kid-friendly version of their prime-time variety series.

Even though they did a lot of silliness on their shows, these guys were serious musicians and singers and released several albums to their credit. In , they landed their biggest hit on the charts So You Are a Star, which reached the number 21 spot. They had a really nice sound, but for some reason their music never really caught on with listening audiences. Perhaps they were viewed more as a novelty act than as serious musicians, which is really sad.

No, they didn't go bonkers, instead they starred in another comedy variety series called Bonkers that was filmed in the UK in In , they starred in the comedy horror film, Hysterical which they wrote.

It is actually a pretty cute movie. It won't win any major awards, but it is a fun time waster. Brian Kerwin began his career in working on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.

That was one of my favorite shows until it was revamped and the name changed to Lobo. But, I digress. Kerwin continued to work on both the small and big screens, appearing in Murphy's Romance as Sally Field's ex. After that it looked like he was headed for a successful movie career, but things just didn't seem to float that way. Kerwin has kept a nice even pace on the small screen, however. Kerwin married in and he and his wife have three children.

He is still pretty cute for a year-old. The main character on James at 15 loved to daydream and take pictures. The show followed him through his challenges adjusting to life in Boston after his family moves there from Oregon. The series title was changed in the second season to James At 16 and the adjustment during that season was James getting a girl pregnant.

Kerwin hasn't acted in recent years. He became an ordained minister and lives in Hawaii with his wife and children. The Kids From C. It aired on NBC for 13 episodes September 11, September 3, and starred four really cute guys.

Michael Lembeck may not be classified as a teen idol in everybody's book, but I added him here because I always thought he was cute, even if he did wear sparkly makeup for his role as Kaptain Kool, leader of the rock group The Kongs. In the second season of the series, the glittery make up was gone, thank goodness.

Today, Lembeck is an Emmy award-winning director. It was his role on the TV series Emergency! The show ran on NBC from and six movies of the week aired over the next two years. Philip McKeon's career began at age four when he worked as a child model for magazines and TV commercials. This seemed to naturally lead to work in movies and television. In , he was cast as Tommy on the series Alice, after star Linda Lavin saw him in a Broadway play.

She felt that he was perfect for the role and he stayed with the series until it ended in He hasn't done a lot of work in front of the cameras in recent years, but he has added producing and directing to his resume. Even though the s treated McCloskey fairly well, it was in the early '80s that he achieved his greatest acting recognition. He played Mitch Cooper on the night-time soap Dallas from Most folks might not know it, but McCloskey is an excellent artist.

Jimmy McNichol, the brother of actress Kristy McNichol, got his start making commercials before doing guest appearances on shows including S. In he had a role on the short-lived series The Fitzpatricks and in he starred on another show, California Fever.

The following year, he and his sister Kristy recorded the single "He's So Fine," featuring Kristy on vocals. Jimmy McNichol retired from acting in and lives in California with his wife and their two children. Ben Murphy's career started in with an uncredited role in the film The Graduate. Sadly, at the height of the show's popularity, Duel committed suicide. His role was recast with Roger Davis, but the show was eventually cancelled.

In , Murphy began work on the series Griff with Lorne Greene. That show lasted for one season. Three years later, he was cast in his own series, Gemini Man, which lasted for 11 episodes. In , sister Marie Osmond joined the brothers at their concerts and recorded duets with Donny.

After a successful stint co-hosting the Mike Douglas Show , Donny and Marie were offered their own show, aptly titled The Donny and Marie Show, which lasted for four years. Osmond maintains his public image as a Mormon, a musician, and entertainer. These were his big breaks, as he was invited to sit down with Johnny Carson and be interviewed something that didn't happen often to up-and-coming comedians.

In , Prinz got the role of Francisco "Chico" Rodriguez on the hit series Chico and the Man, which ran for four seasons, three of which starred Prinz. Sadly, on January 28, , Prinz shot and killed himself in the presence of his business manager. He was rushed to the hospital, but there was nothing that could be done for him.

He died on January 29, at age Schneider's love of performing started at 8 years of age when he would put on magic shows for his friends. His family eventually moved from New York to Georgia where John became interested in doing school plays as well as community theater. At one point he joined a group and they sang barbershop-style at Six Flags of Georgia amusement park. His big break came when producers were holding auditions in Atlanta for the potential television series The Dukes of Hazzard.

He showed up for the audition with a beard and a beer can in one hand, after all the producers were looking for a "good ole boy". He was cast as Bo Duke and soon the show was a Top Ten hit, while most critics hated the show, audiences loved it. While performing a version of Still , a Lionel Richie song at a People's Choice Awards, an executive from Scotti Brothers Records saw him and he and the company talked.

At the time, though it wasn't possible to record any material but that changed in when he was able to release his debut album, It's Now of Never with Schneider doing his version of the Elvis Presley classic. The album went to number 8 on the country chart with the single making it to a respectable number 4. However, a few years later when he wanted to record a country album, he found that he wasn't being taken all that serious as a singer.

Some likened his early attempts at singing as being nothing but a cheap imitation of Howard Keel. Several albums after his first, still found him without a real singing career, however in , he teamed up with Jimmy Bowman who produced singers like Hank Williams Jr, Johnny Lee and Crystal Gayle.

Bowman quickly found the right songs and style for Schneider and the result was the album Too Good to Stop Now, which made it to number 4 on the country album chart and produced two number one country hits I've Been Around Enough to Know and Country Girls. More hit singles would follow. After the series ended, he joined the cast of the popular private detective series Barnaby Jones, starring Buddy Epsen in the title role.

He stayed with that series until it ended in Shera went on to make guest appearances on a variety of popular TV shows. Sadly, there isn't a lot of information available about his last TV role, which was on the TV mini-series Taken. Okay, so maybe Bobby Sherman officially achieved teen idol status in the late '60s after starring on Here Come the Brides as Jeremy Bolt, but he maintained that status well into the 70s. Oh, and the series also starred another soon to be 70s teen idol, David Soul!

That series lasted for 14 episodes. After that, he appeared on Ellery Queen and Fantasy Island but eventually he pulled away from the music and TV industry to focus on his personal life. Smith played Michael, a year-old aspiring musician who attracts the attention of pretty Jessie Denise Miller who is really just 13 years old, but who convinces Michael she is What will happen when he discovers her real age?

In he had one other hit with a duet he recorded with Rachel Sweet called "Everlasting Love. In , Rick Springfield came to the United States to try to duplicate the musical success he had in his native Australia. A cartoon series called Mission: Magic! It lasted one season but is currently out on DVD! That's when Springfield began appearing in teen magazines like Tiger Beat.

Sadly, his career stalled when it was rumored that Capitol Records was paying people to purchase his album. Radio stations stopped playing his music and he virtually disappeared from the radio airwaves. A survivor, and a cute one at that, he continued to worked on his music, playing in clubs throughout California. He took up acting to keep his face in the public eye. He even gave up his wonderful Australian accent after being told that he would stand a better chance getting acting roles on American TV shows without it.

In , Springfield came back onto the music scene in a big way with his 1 hit, "Jesse's Girl. He shows what happens when you work at what you love: You don't give up your dream but instead continue to move forward one step at a time. Parker Stevenson's first role of note was in the film A Separate Peace in In, he worked with Sam Elliott on the film Lifeguard. But teen idol stardom was just waiting around the corner.

Even though he was popular, it did seem as though co-star Shaun Cassidy, as his brother Joe, got the bulk of the attention. Personally, I liked Parker the best. David Soul first gained attention back in when he appeared on the Merv Griffin Show as the "Covered Man," singing songs while wearing a ski mask. The idea was to promote his singing which Soul says has always been his first love. He launched his teen heartthrob career while starring as Detective Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson on Starsky and Hutch beginning in The series ran for four years.

Sadly, he was never able to duplicate that success with any of the other songs he released. He became a British citizen in and lives in England. In he took a role on the daytime drama series The Edge of Night. Thomas continued to find work in soaps, starring on As the World Turns beginning in His film debut was in the movie, Winning, with Paul Newman. In , Thomas starred in The Homecoming, a television movie that was the pilot for the series The Waltons. Thomas stayed with the series until , when he chose to leave to work in other ventures.

He did return to the role for three television movies. John Travolta played bully Billy Nolan, who was talked into playing a mean trick on Sissy Spacek's character in the movie Carrie. Personally, I never saw the attraction to Vinnie, who was about as dumb as a box of rocks, but there was something about him that made teenage girls swoon.

Travola released a top ten single called "Let Her In" in He also starred in Saturday Night Fever in At 24, he was the youngest actor ever to be nominated for an Academy Award, losing to Richard Dreyfuss. Then the following year he starred in Grease. He performed some of the songs on the movie's soundtrack, which sold over 10 millions copies. All throughout the s, the young Van Patten made guest appearances on television, including appearances on Medical Center, Adam 12, and Barnaby Jones.

I actually liked that series, and wouldn't mind seeing it released onto DVD at some point. In season four of the Six Million Dollar Man , Van Patten played Andy Sheffield, a high school student who is injured in a rock slide and has bionic implants put in his legs. This episode also had another future teen idol in it; Greg Evigan played Joe Hamilton, a rival of Andy's.

The Bionic Boy never came to fruition. Van Patten was rumored to have been a romantic interest for the late Farrah Fawcett.

Van Patten denies the rumors, saying that what he and Farrah shared was a mutual love of tennis. Co-star Erik Estrada would get the lion's share of the publicity, but Wilcox had his share of fans, too.

After C. Today, Wilcox is a successful businessman who still makes an occasional appearance in front of the camera. At an early age Barry Williams decided he wanted to be an actor. His first role was on the series Dragnet. Williams appeared on other shows, including Adam 12 and The Mod Squad, but in he was cast as the eldest brother, Greg, in the comedy show, The Brady Bunch.

The show ran until Sadly, it seemed as though Williams was type-cast as Greg. He has never shaken the association with the eldest Brady boy, but instead has capitalized on it, producing numerous Brady-related reunion shows. Henry Winkler began his acting career in commercials. Soundtrack Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He was the seventh of eight brothers and has one sister. When Donny was young, his family went to see Lawrence Welk in California.

They were unable to meet with him so they Actor Oliver! His breakthrough came when he landed the role of Oliver in the London stage production of "Oliver! Actor Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2. He was the third child of Mario and Rose Baio, who had emigrated from Italy. At the young age of nine, Scott decided that he wanted to be an actor.

Soon after, his parents took him on interviews and he was able to land Actor Battlefield Earth. His father was of Italian descent and his mother was of Irish ancestry.

His father owned a tire repair shop called Travolta Tires in Hillsdale, Soundtrack Michael Jackson: Thriller. Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, in Gary, Indiana, and entertained audiences nearly his entire life. His father, Joe Jackson no relation to Joe Jackson , also a musician , had been a guitarist, but was forced to give up his musical ambitions following his marriage to Michael's Actor Beauty and the Beast.

He has been married to Karla DeVito since July 11, They have two children. Actor The Monkees. Davy Jones left home to become a jockey. While he was an apprentice, he was encouraged to go into acting and got a role in a production of "Peter Pan". Actor The Outsiders. Then he was a frequent guest in Soundtrack Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. A blessing or a curse? Every silver lining has a cloud, yet sadly Andrew Roy Gibb had to find that out the hard way.

Born the fifth and final child to parents Barbara 17 November August and Hugh Gibb 15 January March Andy grew up with his three older siblings dominating Soundtrack Paul Williams Still Alive. Karen's older brother, Richard Carpenter , decided to put together an instrumental trio with him on the piano, Karen on the drums and their friend Wes Jacobs on the bass and tuba.

In a battle of the Actress The Partridge Family. She is an actress and producer, known for The Partridge Family , L. Law and Looker She has been married to Bernard Sofronski since February 20, She was previously married to Leonard Soundtrack Donny and Marie.

Marie Osmond has spent 5 iconic decades in the entertainment business performing as a successful singer, television performer and talk show host, dancer, actor, author, entrepreneur and public speaker. She has continued to maintain relevance, remaining an instantly recognizable figure across the

The most popular teen idols throughout history - Insider

As long as there have been teens , there have been teen idols, though the term really started gaining traction in the '50s with stars like Elvis. And since then, it seems like teenagers anoint different idols almost every year.

Frank Sinatra was arguably the first big teen idol back in the '40s, but the craze really kicked off in the '50s due to the sheer power of the teen magazine industry , the increased presence of TV in people's daily lives, and teenagers realizing they had the time and money to dedicate themselves to supporting their favorite pop culture icons. From Jacksonmania to Beatlemania to Bieber Fever, teenage fandoms are intense. Keep scrolling to see if you can remember all 66 teen icons.

Sinatra was the first major pop star, let alone teen sensation. But his fans, known as bobby-soxers , were often teens and mostly girls. In , the Sinatra craze was at an all-time high. The New Republic editor Bruce Bliven called it "a phenomenon of mass hysteria that is only seen two or three times in a century," according to the Guardian.

This day would be called the Columbus Day riot. Dean is the prototypical teen idol, and truly the first of his kind. Every actor to come after him that tries to brood, smoke cigarettes, and generally rebel, has always been compared to Dean.

Even Taylor Swift references him in her song "Style" 60 years after his death. Dean appeared in two films in : "East of Eden" and "Rebel Without a Cause," which solidified his place in the hearts of teenagers everywhere.

Dean died in September at just 24 years old, leaving a shadow that dozens of angsty actors have tried to emerge from ever since. Elvis Presley , otherwise known as the King , changed the landscape of teenage fandom forever when he appeared on stage shaking his hips in ways that made girls go nuts, and made parents dive for the remote to change the channel.

Presley was 21 years old in , and had just released his first album. Over time, Presley became the third-best-selling musical artist of all time , only behind Garth Brooks and the Beatles.

Pat Boone could do it all. In , when he was just 23, he began hosting "The Pat Boone-Chevy Hour," a minute variety show which he hosted and during which he sang. Boone was the second best-selling artist of the entire decade , only behind Elvis. He's sold more than 45 million albums, and garnered 38 top 40 hits. Hunter endeared himself to teens all across the US when he starred in the musical film "Damn Yankees" in The year-old's blond, clean-cut exterior made him a welcome sigh of relief for parents who were trying to prevent their kids from imitating Elvis' hip swivels or James Dean's surly attitude.

Avalon released four top 10 songs in No. Avalon was able to poke fun at his teen icon status a few decades later in "Grease," in which he plays the Teen Angel singing "Beauty School Dropout.

Forte's success came at a perfect time — he was still a teenager while older stars like Elvis were getting drafted. He used the gap in the market to become a teen icon in his own right, releasing hits like "Tiger," "I'm a Man," and "Turn Me Loose. Funicello was the first really huge female teen idol. Her most iconic roles were in the "Beach Party" films alongside fellow teen idol Frankie Avalon, which started airing in But even prior to that, Funicello was popular. She was on "The Mickey Mouse Club" for years, receiving thousands of fan letters a month.

By , the year-old had released multiple albums , and was appearing in Disney series like "Zorro" and "The Magical World of Disney. Halpin was 15 years old when he was cast in the classic "Flipper.

It spawned a TV show that aired from through , and a sequel released in , both starring Halpin alongside trusty dolphin sidekick Flipper. Their second album, "Surfin' U. Their beachy, Californian music was beloved by teenagers but dismissed by rock critics as many teen idols are. What else can be said about The Beatles? An entire movie predicated on the world becoming a completely different place without them and their music comes out this month, "Yesterday.

The Beatles went from inspiring hysteria amongst teen girls , Beatlemania, to becoming one of, if not the greatest band of all time. In , the group crossed the pond for the first time and appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show. When they landed at the airport in NYC, 3, teens were waiting there screaming.

By the numbers, The Beatles are the top-selling music artist of all time , and sold million records by , over 50 years after they debuted in the US. Field is a highly-respected actress today but back in she was known mainly as Gidget , from the sitcom of the same name, which premiered that year.

The year-old Field played Gidget, a boy-crazy teenager living in Southern California, for just a single season, but her character spoke to teen girls everywhere , even in the decades after the show went off the air. Petersen first rose to stardom on the '50s staple "The Donna Reed Show" on which he played the teenage son Jeff Stone.

The show ended its eight-year run in when Peterson was 21 years old. While on the show, he became a double threat — namely, he began a modestly successful singing career as well.

Jones was the lead singer of the band the Monkees and starred in a hit show of the same name. The show premiered in and just a year later, Jones had captured the hearts and minds of teenagers all around the world.

The Monkees released one of their three No. It's the cute one. The one who's got the nice personality. And in , decades after the Monkees had come and gone, Yahoo Music named Jones the number one teen idol of all time. North was best known for his role as the impish Dennis the Menace in the sitcom of the same name, but in , he was 17 and starting to grow into his teen idol status.

That year he starred in the adventure series "Maya" as an American searching for his missing father in the jungle. While his time as a teen idol was brief, North used his platform for good. He joined the organization A Minor Consideration , a non-profit meant to " provide guidance and support for young performers, past, present and future. After growing up before viewers' eyes on "The Andy Griffith Show," there wasn't a kid alive who didn't want to be Opie, and by extension, Howard.

The show ended in when Howard was When "Happy Days" premiered five years later in , many were delighted to have Howard back on their screens again. The Jackson 5 were a groundbreaking group in more ways than one. They were one of the first black crossover acts in the '70s, when music was still notoriously segregated, and became the first group to have their first four singles reach the top of the Hot Their first single, "I Want You Back," was released in January , and what followed has been described as " Jacksonmania.

Just a few years before his younger sister would hit the scene, Donny Osmond took the world by storm. Cassidy was the break out star of "The Partridge Family," a musical sitcom about a family trying to make it big. Cassidy and his on-screen mom and real-life stepmom , Shirley Jones, were the only ones who were actually singing — the rest of the cast lip-synced. The second season wrapped in , when Cassidy was He was everywhere.

As a Rolling Stone profile explained , " David Cassidy has swept hurricane-like into the pre-pubescent lives of millions of American girls. Leaving: six and a half million long-playing albums and singles; 44 television programs; David Cassidy lunch boxes; David Cassidy bubble gum; David Cassidy coloring books and David Cassidy pens; not to mention several millions of teen magazines, wall stickers, love beads, posters and photo albums.

Unlike her brothers, the Osmond daughter was more country than pop, but she was still a bona fide teen idol. It reached No. That same year she released her debut album, also titled "Paper Roses," which peaked at No.

Osmond was just 13 years old. Knight is best known for his role as Peter, the middle son on " The Brady Bunch. But in , Knight was the dreamiest of the bunch. The final season of the show concluded in March of that year when he was That same year, two of their four songs that hit the Hot were released: "Rendezvous" and "Lonely School Year. Their musical talent trickled down to the Hudson kids — in , Bill met Goldie Hawn , and the two got married the next year.

At the time, Hawn was pregnant with their daughter, none other than Kate Hudson. Garrett's own website describes him as a "former teen idol. Garrett made his on-screen debut in when he was just eight years old and steadily worked from there.

He signed a record deal in at age 15, and rocked some extremely luscious '70s hair. Garrett went on to release music throughout the '70s and '80s but troubles with drugs and alcohol began overshadowing his work. Britain-born Gibb released his debut album in , "Flowing Rivers.

He had his first No. Sadly, Gibb died just a few years later in at the age of In , " Grease " premiered. Need we say more? In fact, we can. The year before Travolta embodied pure '50s sex appeal as T-Bird greaser Danny Zuko in "Grease," he starred in "Saturday Night Fever," a movie credited with popularizing disco music around the world.

But back to "Grease," perhaps the most influential movie musical of all time — it turned Travolta, then 24, and his co-star Olivia Newton John into A-listers for the rest of time. Three years after the first " Star Wars " was released in , anticipation was at an all-time high — maybe only beat by the anticipation for "The Force Awakens" in And at the center of it all was year-old Hamill , who played the saga's central hero, Luke Skywalker.

Kids today might not know who Springfield is, but they've definitely heard his music — the song "Jessie's Girl" remains a karaoke staple, and earned Springfield his one and only Grammy. That same year, he began starring on "General Hospital," a favorite of the teens at the time.

He was on the older side for a teen idol, 32, but teenagers loved him nonetheless. But, of course, he did.

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Uk teen male idols

Uk teen male idols