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Pot-bellied pigs come in a variety of colors and sizes but no matter what shape or weight your pig is you should get him neutered and her spayed. Boys get neutered and girls get spayed. Both terms mean to remove the gonads or reproductive organs. Common terms for spaying or neutering are "fixing" or "sterilizing. When a pot-bellied pig gets neutered your exotics vet will remove the testicles a castration , the reproductive parts on a male animal.

Sometimes people get a jaded pug when it comes to routine surgeries like neuters, that are performed by the thousands, especially at low cost spay and neuter clinics. For You Explore. Early castration may interfere with the development of the preputial diverticulum, making its removal Vietnamese pig castration, especially in PBPs Buy candice michelle playboy outside. Vietnamese pig castration of the Inguinal Ring. One of the more interesting surgeries we perform is a pig neuter, know medically as an orchectomy. Cwstration include negligible bleeding during the procedure and post operative pain. Was This Page Helpful?

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Nut Rupture You also can provide alfalfa hay or bran for fiber, and many veterinarians recommend giving a captive pig a multi-vitamin. This is a more expensive procedure than a basic neuter because of the added complications. Always follow the recommendation for after care from your veterinarian. And like pet dogs and cats, neutering or spaying is a must with pet pigs, to control those raging hormones. Harley's Dick Royal Dandies grow to about 29 to 39 pounds and about 15 inches tall. Switch to Mobile site. Many girls also become aggressive to family pets while in heat, causing potentially dangerous fights between animals pigs or dogs. They can Vietnamese pig castration to open the fridge, cupboards, and pantry—anywhere they think food may be lurking. Keep an eye on the incision daily. Dandie Extremes grow to about 12 to Victoria secrets topless pounds and about 12 inches tall. To cut or not to cut One of the most common ailments in pot-bellied pigs is mange, which is a skin condition caused by mites. However, sometimes a fragment of a stitch is not absorbed and will poke out through the skin sometime after surgery, this can be weeks Vietnamese pig castration even months later.

The lack of estrus or a distended abdomen in a young gilt may be due to pregnancy if she has been exposed to littermate boars.

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  • However, many people find that pigs are demanding pets and are overwhelmed by their needs.

Surgical techniques for castration of the Vietnamese pot-bellied boar and outcome are described. Data retrieved from medical records for these pigs included signalment, history, reason for castration, perioperative management, surgical technique, and complications. Follow-up information was obtained from owners. A scrotal approach with closed technique was used for 6 boars with normally descended testes. A scrotal approach and open technique was used in 1 inguinal cryptorchid boar.

In a hemicastrated abdominal cryptorchid boar an ipsilateral parainguinal approach was used. No complications occurred. Castration of the Vietnamese pot-bellied boar is associated with minimal complications and a satisfactory cosmetic outcome. We recommend the routine closure of the external inguinal rings, a simple and fast procedure that may prevent post-castration inguinal herniation.

Data retrieved from medical records — for these pigs included signalment, history, reason for castration, perioperative management, surgical technique, and complications.

Toy pot-bellied pigs reach 35 to 40 pounds and 14 inches tall. Do not let the pig run, jump, play, climb on furniture, etc for a couple of days. Toggle navigation. Pot-bellied pigs, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, and Chinese pot-bellied pigs grow to a range from pounds to over pounds and 16 to 26 inches tall. Intact male pigs are called boars. A pig's normal rectal temperature is Not only will her behavior be affected by being intact, she will be in danger of serious health risks.

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Neutering The Potbellied Pig

As with most every type of pet, potbellied pigs also often referred to as pot belly pigs need to be spayed or neutered, and there are a number of reasons why. Females need to be spayed for three reasons.

First, piglets are mighty cute, but they eventually grow up and there are already too many adult potbellied pigs without homes. The second reason for spaying a female is to reduce the chance of aggressive behavior. Female pigs can exhibit aggressive behavior when they are in heat. And the final reason: Female pigs who are not spayed are extremely likely to develop uterine tumors at some point in their lives.

Often, pigs who develop these tumors die from the tumors themselves or during surgery to remove the tumors. Male pigs should be neutered for five reasons. Males who are not castrated are much more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior toward other pigs and people.

Un-neutered males might also become overly amorous with things like sofas and chairs. Protect your furniture — neuter your pig. The third reason is that a neutered pig is less likely to have the desire to roam and will be more content to stay at home with his people. The fourth reason is that male pigs often develop testicular tumors if left unaltered. The final reason to castrate male pigs is because un-neutered males will have a strong musky odor. One caution: Potbellied pigs are very sensitive to anesthesia, so surgery on them can be tricky.

Any surgical procedure, including spaying or neutering, should be done by a veterinarian who is experienced in treating potbellied pigs and is comfortable with doing the surgery. All Rights Reserved. Privacy bestfriends. Share Tweet Email Print. Reasons to spay a female pig Females need to be spayed for three reasons. Reasons to neuter castrate a male pig Male pigs should be neutered for five reasons. Pigs and anesthesia One caution: Potbellied pigs are very sensitive to anesthesia, so surgery on them can be tricky.