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Those uncomfortable heels you keep in the back of the closet are seeing the first light of day since you wore them to a funeral years ago. You wonder if today will be similar in sadness, as if perhaps the shoes themselves are cursed from seeing too much tragedy. Or maybe it's not the shoes that are cursed, maybe it's just you. These thoughts make their way through your brain as you walk the crowded hallway, dipping your head to your superiors while wishing for the ability to disappear. It's just another day at an office job, the one where you're always making clumsy mistakes and wishing to sink through the floorboards.

Office spanking story

I may also administer Office spanking story occasional punishment in my office. I like the idea of a collection of short stories. She looked backwards and saw that he had raised the thick, leather paddle. You're suddenly all kinds of hopeful; maybe his phone was off during the meeting He is upset about a break-up with his wife, and I want you to…you know…show him a good time. He raised an eyebrow and got out of the car. She was still very wet. Based on the firm hold he has of your wrist, he doesn't want you to even think about getting up. His favorite Fucking throut the picture taken at the apple orchard.

Bartender sex game. Chapter 1: Yes, Mr Larson

I was bent over with my panties down and my spankinf far apart. It was followed my several more taking my breath away. Are you qualified? Stories Poems Story Series. Back to Spanking Stories. Jenkins was no fool. Vanderbol had addressed the office more than Robin as he could tell she was hardly capable of comprehending the meaning behind his words. Don't expect me to overlook any other failures or oversights on your part while you are being punished. She was both relieved the trip was over and Office spanking story of the next stage of her punishment at the same time. Mr Carter pulled out a wooden ruler and moved behind us. Vanderbol recalled having a bit longer coversation with you then, isn't it? I reached behind me and unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the Do adults get cradle cap, my hard pink nipples large and aching for him to touch them.

The second occasion was when she was recovering from the flu.

  • Here she was a full grown women standing in her bosses office with her nose pressed against the wall, her hands on her head and her well spanked bottom on full view for anyone who entered the office to witness.
  • Yikes that's harsh.
  • As always, I LOVE feedback so please send me your thoughts etc ; I shifted in my seat, pulling my black skirt down slightly over my stockinged thighs.

Jim and Pam were silent in the car on the way home from work. It was a thoughtful silence, as they both had a lot to consider after a brief conversation became far more complicated than they ever thought possible. It was autumn and the changing trees formed shadows on their laps as they traveled the streets that led to their home. Pam's favorite time of autumn was the brisk temperatures in the air, a welcome relief from the summer heat.

She stole a glance at Jim, who looked to be deep in thought. One hand was at the top of the steering wheel while the other one toyed with the smooth, gray interior overhead. She knew that he was replaying their lunchtime conversation in his mind. Jim sensed that he was being watched and glanced in Pam's direction. Her face, while calm, carried an undertone of concern. His face broke into a reassuring smile and he moved his left hand to the wheel, so he could reach for her hand with his right.

Interweaving her fingers with his, Pam rested their hands on her thigh. She loved his hands and their quiet strength in times like these.

Jim steered the car around one more corner and then under the carport next to their house. Usually, at the end of the workday, they left the car in the driveway. Sometimes they changed into jeans and t-shirts and headed back out to Cooper's or Cugino's. Other times, a quick dinner run to the supermarket was needed. This evening was different. They would be staying in this evening.

Jim turned off the car and removed the keys from the ignition. He was quiet for a few seconds, then looked cautiously at his wife. He was both hopeful and a little bit fearful that the answer would be "yes". Jim exhaled and handed her his keys to the house. Change out of your clothes. I want you to be waiting on our bed and I want you to be wearing just a t-shirt and panties.

Do you understand me? A slight shiver went through her body. It was a rarity for her to hear Jim use that tone of voice, in particular when speaking to her.

She searched through the key ring for the key to the front door, stalling a bit. She looked up at his face, which held a very expectant and stern expression.

She reached into the backseat for her brown leather purse. Her stomach started twisting into knots as she wondered just what she had gotten herself into.

Pam walked up the sidewalk to the door and turned to see if Jim was following her. He wasn't. He was still in the driver's seat, staring forward while rubbing his chin. He looked her way and noticed she was watching and waiting.

A jerk of his chin implied that she should go in and he would follow. The house was cool and silent. She turned on the end table lamp and laid her purse on the couch.

After checking to see if there were any messages on the answering machine, Pam headed upstairs to the master bedroom, still listening for the sound of the front door.

After a few more minutes, Jim exited the car and headed for the house. He wasn't sure he could do this and he was surprised that Pam had even asked for it. His wife, the absolute love of his life, wanted him to punish her; to spank her. On her way past his desk as she was heading to the kitchen, she leaned down next to his ear. In a voice soft enough for only him, she whispered, "I feel like I need to be spanked and I want you to do it.

The kitchen was empty, which was rare, and she was grateful for it. When he entered, he looked at her with a mystified, if not aroused, expression on his face. In a low voice, he asked, "So, did I hear you right? Did you tell me that you want to be punished? That you want me to. Pam's cheeks flushed scarlet and she felt a little bit squirmy inside. But she made eye contact with him and assured, "You heard me correctly and I want it to happen this evening after work. When he realized that she was quite serious, he said, "Okay.

This evening. After work. Then her eyes dropped and, staring at the linoleum, she murmured, "All right. That was hours ago and now he was making his way into the house and this was actually happening.

He closed the front door, then locked it out of habit. For a few minutes, he stood in their entryway and studied the framed photos of the two of them. His favorite was the picture taken at the apple orchard. They both had pink cheeks and Pam had a dazzling sparkle in her eyes. He would always remember that as a perfect day.

Jim headed to the kitchen to grab a drink of water and calm his nerves. Meanwhile, Pam was upstairs, sitting on their bed.

The house was so quiet it was almost deafening. She'd shed her gray pencil skirt, wine-colored blouse, and dark gray cardigan and laid them on top of the hamper. Now she was wearing her favorite light green t-shirt. She loved it because the soft, brushed cotton got even softer with each wash. Plus, Jim couldn't keep his hands to himself when she wore it.

He loved how it fit close to her frame. She noticed the length ended near the top of her thighs and shivered a little. Rather than wring her hands or pick at her cuticles, she tucked them under her lap. Pam really didn't know how long it would be before Jim came upstairs. The waiting was both terrifying and exquisite, as she allowed her mind to wander. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

TV Shows Office. Pam makes a surprising request of Jim. Childhood memories included. Skip if you don't like spanking stories. Pam nodded. She turned her body toward him and replied, "I do. I really do.

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If she had the experience that only years can bring she would have nipped the problem early on. As the spanking went on my bottom felt like it was on fire and I couldn't help but try to cover my reddening ass. I wanted it inside me. He groaned and bucked his hips against me, I moaned with pleasure and felt him start to cum, shooting hot sticky cum down my throat. He had ignored it as he thought his bright new assistant was quite capable of handling it herself. No matter how much I tried to explain that the customer is always right, and that what Laura had said was not acceptable, she wouldn't accept it. There was only reason he would mention "office polices".

Office spanking story

Office spanking story. Change picture

Mr Carter stood next to me and laid a hand on my thigh, inching it up and under my skirt. I felt him stroke my pussy lips, I moaned and closed my eyes. His finger slipped easily into my pussy and was instantly joined by another.

He slowly finger fucked me as I bucked my hips against him. His thumb moved to my clit and started to rub me, I felt my stomach muscles contract. It was amazing, like nothing I had never felt before. I lay there panting when it had finished, scarcely believing what had just happened.

Mr Carter moved away from me. I put my bra and blouse back on and looked round for my panties. I think you need more punishment. I smiled knowing that something like this was going to happen again. I jumped as Mr Carter entered the room, then carefully closed and locked the door. I have to do your appraisals over the next few weeks and I'm afraid they might not be satisfactory. But I am willing to help you improve in certain areas.

Mr Carter continued. Mr Carter smiled. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet. Mr Carter gestured for Hayley to get up and stood her in front of me, getting her to remove the same clothing. Use your tongue, but you are not to touch. Hayley smiled nervously at me, then leaned in and very softly pressed her lips to mine. I kissed back, it started off slowly as we both got used to it then got more passionate.

She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I reciprocated greedily. I could feel my nipples harden against her touch. Mr Carter instructed Hayley to remove my bra which she managed after fumbling slightly. I felt Hayley's hot mouth clamp down around my nipple and suck hard. I let out a moan of pleasure as her left hand caressed my left breast and pinched my nipple. I cried out slightly as she gently bit down then licked over where her teeth had been.

This had really got my juices flowing and my panties were soaking wet. I moaned loudly, my pussy clamped down on her finger, enjoying the pleasure of having her inside me.

It was delicious torture, feeling this finger in me, turning me on and being able to bring me to orgasm yet not moving.

Mr Carter smiled but ignored me. I gripped both of Hayley's arms, trying as hard as I could not to buck my hips. I took a step towards Hayley but she moved with me and her finger barely moved inside me. I didn't know how much longer I could bear this. I can't take anymore! I stood there, panting, desperate with lust and desperate to cum. Mr Carter instructed me to remove my knickers and sit on the edge of his desk. I felt myself shaking as I sat down. Mr Carter positioned Hayley between my legs and watched as my juices flowed onto his table.

He spread my knees far apart. I don't think it will take long for her to cum, will it Miss Jones? I could feel Hayley's breath on my pussy lips, driving me wild with anticipation. I moaned loudly as she licked my clit, her lips lapping it like a cat licking milk. It felt amazing after being teased for so long, I immediately started bucking my hips as she took my clit between her lips and started flicking it with her tongue. I'm so close! I writhed on the desk and bucked wildly as my orgasm hit, screaming "Hayley!

I'm cumming! I lay sweaty, panting and covered in my juices on the end of Mr Carter's desk, pleasure from my orgasm tingling through my whole body. I could see the bulge in his trousers. Would he finally fuck me today? We both did as he asked, Hayley grinning at me. Mr Carter pulled out a wooden ruler and moved behind us. I bit my lip, the anticipation driving me wild. Hayley cried out next to me as Mr Carter gave her a smack with the ruler.

I moaned in pleasure, loving the feeling. He continued to take it in turns, spanking both of us. I could smell my own arousal mixed with Hayley's, knowing she was getting as wet as I was. Mr Carter paused in his spanking.

Put your feet up on my desk and open your legs. I licked my lips, staring at it and smelling her sweet musky scent. Do you like looking at Hayley's pussy? Another smack. You'd love to have her pussy juice all over your face.

Hayley was moaning, watching him spank me. She put her hand in her pussy and starting rubbing her hard nub. She took her other hand and slipped two fingers into her sopping pussy. Mr Carter continued to spank me as she fucked herself, removing her fingers and pinching her hard nipples, making them wet with her juices.

I was getting so wet, I wanted him to fuck me my pussy was desperate for his hard cock. I couldn't take much more of this, Hayley continued to pinch her nipples as she smiled at me with an amused look. She knew the torture he was putting me through. I almost came straight away as he slammed his hard cock into me. He felt amazing inside me, filling me up and going so deep inside.

I watched as Hayley resumed fucking herself, rubbing her clit, closing her eyes and rocking her hips against her hands. I watched her make herself cum, loud moans escaping her mouth as her body shook. I felt Mr Carter's hand reach round, his fingers rubbing my clit. After only a couple of strokes he made me cum hard, harder than I have ever cum before, my body shaking as I cried out, "Oh sir! Oh Mr Carter! I watched Hayley slowly lick her juices from her fingers and I felt myself cum again, pleasure running through my whole body as I screamed in ecstasy.

I felt my knees buckle as my pussy continued to throb around his wonderful cock and was grateful I had the desk to hold me up. I heard Mr Carter groan and then he came, filling my sopping pussy with his cum.

I stayed collapsed on the desk as I felt the pleasure from my orgasms running through my body. My legs both felt like jelly and I had no idea how I was going to walk out of here. Mr Carter zipped his trousers back up.

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Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Password: Forgot your password? I couldn't concentrate, my mind kept wondering to other things; quite naughty things actually. I tried to focus on the task at hand but my thoughts just kept drifting away. The load of paper work in front of me had to be sorted out but I needed a break. I snuck a look around the office, making sure no one could see me.

My desk is set at an angle and if move my chair just a little to the left I can be practically invisible. More importantly by adjusting my computer screen I can look at some non- work related websites. I don't do this often but that day it was just too hard to resist. I don't know why but I was just in one of those rare really horny moods.

It's not that I don't get turned on often, it's just that some days the urge is so strong I can't control it. So I found myself leaning back in my chair trying to keep an eye on what was going on around me, and the other eye focused on the naughty website I had found. My all time fantasy is about getting spanked and fucked by my boss at work, and the website I found was doing a really good job of fulfilling my secret desires.

I guess after about a half hour I closed the naughty stuff I had been looking at and decided I better do my best to concentrate on work. It was hard and I really just wanted to go out to a bar and see if I could pick up some guy who was into the same thing I was.

That of course wasn't going to happen because I've never come up with a way of making someone aware of my fantasies without feeling like some kind of pervert.

I resigned my self to just getting off looking at pictures and watching movies whenever I had the opportunity. Any way it was finally approaching the lunch hour and I gathered my purse and started off towards the office lunchroom. I almost died right there. There was my boss standing right in the middle of the doorway, blocking my exit. My mind raced thinking he must have somehow known what I was looking at earlier. I have to admit in a way I was excited and in another way I felt like a very naughty school girl getting caught by the teacher doing bad things.

There was only reason he would mention "office polices". It's come to my attention that you have broken a few rules here in the office. I could feel my face turn a deep crimson red. I knew he had been monitoring my earlier activities. Hart" I managed to stammer "I'm sorry it will never happen again I assure you. I don't want to lose you as an employee, but I can't allow things like this to go on right here in the office. Do you agree? Good then, if you'll come over here and place your hands on the desk Gina we will get this little problem out of the way.

I almost fainted, and I could feel my ass cheeks instantly clench. I couldn't believe this was happening. There was only one reason he would ask me to put my hands on his desk. The man was going to spank me! Like a slow motion movie I moved into the required position. I placed my hands on his desk and looked down at the ground not daring to meet his eyes.

Hart walked leisurely around behind me. I dared not move and I don't think I even breathed. The sudden familiar feeling rose up from my stomach and settled deep in my pussy and all around my ass.

Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. She had been late again. Mr Larson was young—in his early twenties—but he was as fierce and unforgiving as a military drill sergeant and had the bearing of an old headmaster.

You clearly have no respect for me, my company, or the position I have given you. I pay you to do a job, and I expect you here on time to do it.

If you cannot then, you must go. I promise I will be better. Please give me another chance. You do not belong in my company. I expect my employees to be disciplined. Mr Larson sat back in his chair and studied Layla. She felt his eyes on her, but she did not look up. The type you will remember. Refuse and you are fired.

Layla felt sick. She loved this job, and it paid well. Without this job, she would be destitute. How could she get another job that paid so well? No one would take her on once they learned she had been fired and had no reference. You will not have broken skin or scars. She sat on her chair. She could already feel her bottom burning at the thought of what was to come. She felt anxious, but she forced herself to concentrate on her work. She did not want to make her punishment worse by angering Mr Larson.

The day went faster than usual, and Layla became increasingly filled with dread. She barely touched her lunch. She had managed to complete a lot of work and had secured a new client for the company, over her lunch break no less, who would bring in a few thousand extra each month. She hoped Mr Larson would be pleased, and he would ease off her a little. All too soon the work day ended, and everyone else left.

She was alone in the office. She took a deep breath and stood up. Layla entered and stood in the doorway. Take a seat, and I will talk you through your punishment. The cane is quite severe and would leave you with welts.

As you are new to this practice, I will not cane you. Instead, I will spank you with my hand over your clothes at first and then on your bare bottom.

This will give you the chance to adjust before I move on to hitting you with other implements. Layla swallowed. Is that clear? He stood, removing his jacket and hanging it on his chair. He walked to a cupboard and removed a fold-up chair which he placed next to his desk.

He sat down and patted his thigh. She stood anxiously for a moment before she awkwardly bent and lowered herself over his knees. She hung across his legs in a most undignified way and presented him with her bottom. She felt her face flush with embarrassment. She gasped as Mr Larson began to rain down smacks on her bottom. They were hard, and he covered her whole bottom and alternated between her cheeks.

She grasped his calf and held him to stop herself from falling as she twitched under his blows. He seemed to like that she thanked him and paused to rub his hand across her hot cheeks.

She stood and felt her face burning with shame as she removed the lower half of her clothing. Mr Larson indicated for her to lie over his knees, and she complied. His blows got heavier, and she gritted her teeth. His hand felt incredible as he rubbed her stinging skin. She raised her bottom into his hand to encourage him to do it more. She lowered herself slightly onto her elbows with her palms flat on the desk. Layla looked behind her and saw Mr Larson pick up a leather riding crop from the floor.

She turned her head sharply forward and braced herself. Mr Larson did not whip her hard as she expected. Instead, he gave her lots of short, sharp bites with the crop. It stung differently than his hand, and the bites covered her bottom before he started to hit the backs of her thighs. She moaned. Layla burned with shame as she felt the moistness between her legs. She was laid over a desk receiving a beating from her boss, but she found the experience intensely erotic.

She cursed her body its betrayal. Mr Larson rubbed her bottom and thighs, and Layla felt herself getting wetter, her juices trickling down her thighs. Mr Larson rubbed his hand along the inside of her thighs and touched the wetness. I perhaps should have caned you after all. I will take care of this. It already hurt. What was he going to do to her now? She looked backwards and saw that he had raised the thick, leather paddle. She cried out as it struck her hard over and over again.

That hurts. Please not so hard. The blows continued, and Layla felt tears spring to her eyes as he beat her ass. He stopped and rubbed her bottom.

She stifled her moan this time. She did not feel aroused, but she did feel something. Something about submitting to this man.

Something about allowing him to discipline her. This time with a short, leather strap. She shrieked as it hit her skin. It stung terribly, and she cried. The blows stopped, and Mr Larson rubbed her bottom as she sobbed from the pain. He moved to sit at his desk.

She remained bent over, as he had not commanded her to move. Layla stood in the toilets with her lower half still naked. She washed her face to rid it of the tears and looked in the mirror. Her make-up was a mess. She turned her bottom to face the mirror and angled her head so she peered to see it.

She was shocked at how red it was. Her thighs were red, but her bottom glowed scarlet. She retrieved her phone from her bag and double clicked the home button to load the camera. She switched it to selfie and took an image of her bottom. Wow , she thought as she stared at the screen. She began to moisten again. She ignored her thoughts, cleaned and dried herself, reapplied her make-up, changed into her uniform for her bar job, and left the toilets.

She was relieved not to encounter Mr Larson before she left the office and pleased to get outside in the fresh air.

Office spanking story

Office spanking story