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Let's get something out of the way right now: the Vibe and the Matrix are two non-identical twins whose only differences, their bodies aside, are in the details of their equipment. The majority of their mechanical and structural components come from Toyota, just like the various elements that make up the passenger compartment. Toyota buyers who stubbornly believe that the Vibe is less fuel-efficient, less reliable and less durable have no idea what they are talking about. The Vibe was born from a decades-old partnership between GM and Toyota. GM has long provided Toyota with various technologies that are applied to numerous models worldwide, while Toyota produces a compact car for the American giant.

Pontiac vibe quickshifter

Pontiac vibe quickshifter

Pontiac vibe quickshifter

Pontiac vibe quickshifter

Pontiac vibe quickshifter

But maybe the target audience won't Two lesbein fucking if they crank up the volume. With their small dimensions and well-tuned handling, Pontiac vibe quickshifter Vibe and Matrix are agile. Despite a strong resemblance, these two cars do not necessarily attract the same clientele. It was jointly developed by General Motors along with Toyotawho manufactures the mechanically similar Toyota Matrix. Let's get something out of the way right now: the Vibe and the Matrix are two non-identical twins whose only differences, their bodies aside, are in the details of their equipment. Definitely not happy to play second fiddle, Cadillac has since tried pretty much everything to hopefully regain its enviable position, enjoying …. Once again, you should remember that the Vibe and Matrix are twins and that one is not better than the Pontiac vibe quickshifter.

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Crawl under your car so that you are positioned under the transmission of your Pontiac. Tilt the dipstick into the light so that you can see the transmission fluid on the very end of the stick. As usual, the Teenagers boys nude part was getting the trim off. Automotive 1, OPntiac Returns. Here are our listings for Pontoac model years of the Pontiac Vibe. North Pontiac vibe quickshifter. Yes Dealer Rating: 4 reviews "Responds Immediately". We'll help you Pontiac vibe quickshifter great deals among the millions of vehicles available nationwide on CarGurus, and we'll provide you with dealer reviews and vehicle history for each one. Quick links.

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User Account. Browse Rides. Follow Ride. Ride Info. Wheels 5Zigen Wheels. Tires Falken Tires. Mobile Electronics Pioneer Head Unit. Exhaust Borla Exhaust. They're rated at K, and they are much more white than my old bulbs, which IMO is a good thing both in terms of looks and visibility. Here's a picture of the Momo pedals that I've installed. The drilling took a little long but in the end, it was definitely worth it. Here's a picture of the front interior, I'm planning to change the shift knob and shifter unit with the TWM short shifter and their Type-R shift knob when it arrives.

Here's the subwoofer in the back that comes with the Moons and Tunes package. It pumps out pretty good bass, although I think an aftermarket unit would be better. I'm not a big music fan though, so this unit will definitely stay for as long as the car stays. The next page consists of performance and chassis tuning upgrades. Load Post 1. Comment 0 Photos 1 Share. It's a discontinued style that I was able to get off from a someone that had not touched them for years. They are 18x7. No fender scraping at all.

Tires are much improved over the stock Continentals. Springs used were the Tein H-Techs. I didn't want to roughen up the ride too much, and the H-Techs gave me a lower drop than the Eibach Pro-Kits, which were my other consideration. Overall, I'm quite happy with them, and won't be planning to change anytime soon.

Here's a side view of the Vibe with the lowered springs and rims A front shot of what it looks like, you can see the front fascia clearly here Load Post 2. Here's a shot of the engine bay: Here's an upclose shot of the engine itself: I finally got a cold air intake by Injen, and managed to install it in my car. The part number was RDP P for polish. The car sounds mean now! Shout outs to Byron and Eric for helping me install it! There is some droning at cruising speeds 80 mph but if you listen to music, you won't have a problem with it.

You can't really see the Borla logo as well since the rear bumper of the body kit barely manages to clear the exhaust.

Load Post 3. Hi guys, welcome to my site! I have a Pontiac Vibe GT in Salsa that comes with the power package, Moons and Tunes package with the subwoofer in the back , the OEM body kit consists of the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and the chrome exhaust tip , and leather seats. Here are some pictures of the car when it was brand new. Here is a picture of the front: And here is a picture of the back: The next page contains the pictures of the Vibe with the upgraded rims and springs.

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Recent Listings. Buy It Now. Used Pontiac Vibe for Sale Nationwide. Tilt the dipstick into the light so that you can see the transmission fluid on the very end of the stick. Automatic

Pontiac vibe quickshifter

Pontiac vibe quickshifter. Items in search results


Pontiac Vibe - Wikipedia

IN the groovy 's, Pontiacs were far out. In the 70's and early 80's, Toyotas were totally awesome. Thrifty, reliable, sort-of-sporty small cars -- like the Celica and Corolla -- were what first-time buyers wanted in times of gas lines and economic turmoil. But the classic muscle-car and small-car formulas no longer play well among young adults. Sales of the Firebird have been sliding for years; Pontiac will end production of that pony-car icon this year.

And with gas so cheap, the small-car market has shriveled. Both Pontiac and Toyota built their franchises on youth appeal, but their customers are graying.

Pontiac's average buyer is 42; Toyota's is The companies have mostly failed at attempts to become cool again. The two companies, like most of the auto industry, are struggling to figure out what 70 million echo boomers -- roughly aged 8 to 25 -- will want in cars. This group of potential buyers rivals the baby boomers in size. The Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix represent bets that young people want sporty cars that are also practical and versatile, capable of hauling both friends and gear.

While the Vibe and Matrix spring from the platform of the '03 Toyota Corolla sedan, they defy traditional categories. They have four doors and carry five people like a sedan, but their rear hatches open like those of a station wagon or minivan.

They are available with all-wheel drive like sport utility vehicles. The Vibe and Matrix, which went on sale last month, are mechanically identical. Both are built by Toyota, although in different places the Vibe in Fremont, Calif. Their differences lie chiefly in styling, prices and trim. Pontiac learned some painful lessons with its last effort to woo young people. But it still has some traditional Pontiac styling touches, like a twin-port grille, cat's-eye headlamps and wide, ground-hugging stance.

Designs of Toyota's youth-oriented vehicles have been all over the map, from the conservative Corolla to the oddly proportioned Echo. The Matrix bears no resemblance to either, but while its front end is attractive enough, its rear seems odd. The roof slopes awkwardly and a lip protrudes over the back window like a stunted spoiler. The rearmost side windows look pinched. I personally prefer the look of the Vibe, and it got more thumbs-ups in my unscientific surveys -- including yes votes from a couple of something body-piercing artists.

Similarly, youngsters at a skateboard park thought it was cool. The Matrix got mixed reviews on campus; several college students called it ''funky'' -- a term they seemed to apply as both compliment and criticism. The interiors are pretty much alike, and you sit high in both cars.

The seats come only in cloth, not leather. The back of the front passenger seat folds forward, with the seatback forming a flat work surface. The rear seats fold to make a flat floor. The smooth plastic surface was great for wet gear, but it set my groceries sliding.

An available tie-down system consists of parallel tracks that run the length of the compartment, with eight adjustable sliding anchors to secure things like bicycles.

There are lots of power sources, including three in the center of the dashboard; one of these is a volt outlet that can power a laptop computer.

All through the car are storage nooks: open trays, covered bins, door pockets, cup holders and coin holders. A premium audio system is available with an in-dash CD changer. Another option is a DVD-based navigation system. Both cars have a cockpit feel. Gauges are set into four chrome rings which caused distracting reflections at night.

Another peeve was the rear wiper, which doesn't cover the entire back window. In both cars, the engine in the base, midlevel and all-wheel-drive versions is a 1. It makes horsepower with front drive and with all-wheel drive.

The base and midlevel versions, like my cobalt-blue Matrix XR test car, have a five-speed manual transmission or an optional four-speed automatic; only the automatic comes with all-wheel drive. The base engine had plenty of round-town power, and the manual transmission felt sporty, though the shifter didn't always slide neatly into gear. My Vibe test car, a ''salsa red'' GT, had the horsepower engine and a six-speed manual. The car was peppy, but the six-speed felt very notchy and the clutch was jerky.

Both engines sounded buzzy -- a surprise, given that the Corolla is an exceptionally quiet small car. But maybe the target audience won't notice if they crank up the volume. With their small dimensions and well-tuned handling, the Vibe and Matrix are agile. And they are so roomy that one assumes, when parking, that they are bigger than are. Neither Vibe nor Matrix has been crash-tested by the government. They both have three-point safety belts for all five seats and two-stage front air bags, which deploy at different rates depending on the severity of a crash.

Side air bags are optional for the front seats, and antilock brakes are standard or available on all versions. The quality should be outstanding.

Both cars were engineered by Toyota and are built in factories with excellent reputations. Perhaps the Vibe and Matrix are not everything that echo boomers want, but with spirited performance, distinctive styling and roomy accommodations -- plus reasonable prices -- they may appeal even to the middle aged.

Think of them as a bridge over the generation gap. Log In. View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers.

Pontiac vibe quickshifter

Pontiac vibe quickshifter