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Seven teens aged 16 to 19 die every day from motor vehicle injuries. Per miles driven, teen drivers are nearly three times more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal crash. Teen drivers are more likely than older drivers to underestimate dangerous situations or to not recognize hazardous driving situations leading to accidents. If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a crash that was caused by a teen driver, you may be eligible to obtain compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and more. We serve clients in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Accidents with teenages

Accidents with teenages

Accidents with teenages

Accidents with teenages

Accidents with teenages

Wait for the police to arrive to give your account of what occurred to the officer. Infograph: Top 5 Causes of Teen Accidents. Texting and driving is the main cause of 1. All Legal Questions. Nursing Home Abuse.

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Teen Car Accident Articles. Fatality Facts Teenagers. Teen Distracted Driver Data. This video contains the latest statistics about teenage car accidents. Teenage Accidents with teenages accidents are the leading cause of teen deaths. Some states have secondary enforcement seat belt laws for adults, but have primary enforcement seat belt laws for young drivers. Drive Safer! They'd kill me! Highway Loss Data Institute; May We'll tell you if you have a case and, if you decide to hire us, get started right away.

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  • Before you hand over the car keys to your teenager, know the facts.
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  • Teen Car Accidents.

Quick: What do you think is the leading cause of teenage deaths annually? If you said "drugs," you'd be wrong. If you said "guns and firearms," you'd be wrong. If you said "gang violence," you'd be wrong. If you said "suicide," you'd be wrong.

As a leading Boston car accident law firm, we can tell you: It's car accidents involving teenage drivers. According to a recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety , motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has documented that more than 2, teenagers die in car accidents annually and approximately , more suffer various types of injuries.

Aside from the 2, killed each year, more than 5, additional teenagers are involved but not killed in fatal accidents. In Massachusetts, approximately 50 teenagers are killed each year in car accidents. Worse, it's also more likely that teenage drivers will end up killing the passengers in their vehicles, rather than themselves, when they are involved in a collision. Why is all this true? For A variety of reasons that, unfortunately aren't surprising: In general, most teenagers think they are invincible.

More specifically, the following facts make teenage driving especially dangerous:. Also, many teenage drivers don't wear their seat belts, which only makes the injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident much worse than they might have otherwise been. What you should know immediately is that Massachusetts law imposes legal and financial liability on the person who was responsible for these accidents.

To learn more about what your legal rights to financial compensation are following a teen car accident, contact us today for a FREE consultation by calling Ph: or Ph. When a teenager suffers a serious injury in a car accident, it is especially difficult for a family to deal with. When a death occurs, it is indescribably painful for the parents and family members.

Making matters even worse is that car accidents involving teenagers generally also involve friends of the teenager, and the families of those friends. Dealing effectively with the parents of such victims requires special understanding, and expert-level ability to guide them through the legal process involved.

This situation demands aggressive litigation strategies, combined with tactical diplomacy, to achieve the best legal results possible. At the Law Offices of William D. Kickham , we know from successful experience what it takes to turn these cases into justice for our clients.

Investigating and litigating a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a teenage driver in a car accident requires special investigative skills, proven legal talent , and even unusual social skills: Teenagers can be famous for "shutting up" when it comes to telling their stories, for fear they may be ostracized in their social circles for "saying the wrong thing" about what really happened. It takes experience and skill to get to the truth in these situations.

All legal claims stemming from teenage car accidents will involve automobile insurance policies on any vehicles in the accident, and possibly homeowners' insurance policies as well. The bottom line is that insurance company lawyers are involved at every stage of these proceedings - and they fight very hard to prevent injury victims' from receiving adequate compensation for the injuries involved.

If your lawyer is not both extremely experienced and extremely successful at securing top dollar results in these cases, your case will suffer. We have that experience and talent, and we know how to get top dollar results for our clients. All of this can be very complicated.

For the immediate, click here to our Car Accidents Page , which better explains these details. We can even make house call to you or visit your teenager in the hospital. Click here to email us , and we will respond quickly.

We will explain exactly what is involved in bringing claims for injuries involving teenage car accidents, and will answer all of your questions in detail.

If your teenager is determined to be at fault for the accident, then it may be difficult to recover damages for him or her. However, Massachusetts law requires that all persons registering a car buy personal injury protection "PIP" from their own insurance company.

People who are injured by a teenage driver may make claims against the teen for damages, assuming, of course, they can prove that the teen driver was negligent. In what surprises a lot of people, teenage drivers are held to the same "reasonable person" legal standard of care when operating a motor vehicle as adults are held. As a result, teen drivers can be sued when they breach that legal standard.

Importantly, since an insurance company will defend the teenage driver and pay for any damages or settlement if the case goes to court, the fact that it is a teenager being sued, and the fact that most teenagers have no assets, should not discourage any injury victim from suing. Sometimes, damages from the accident are more than the insurance policy limits provided by the teen driver's insurer. In that event, it is often necessary to sue the parents of the teen, if evidence indicates that they were negligent in their supervision of the teen.

Also, sometimes a third party aside from the teen either caused the accident or contributed in some way to it. In that event, a claim would need to be made against that driver. We know from successful experience how to identify the appropriate defendants in these types of situations.

You should not speak with a law firm that does not handle these types of cases on a regular basis - that is not advisable. If your teenager has been injured in a Boston Massachusetts car accident, contact the Boston injury lawyers and wrongful death attorneys at the Law Offices William D. Kickham now. We can be reached 24 hours a day at: Ph. We'll provide you with a free, confidential consultation, and will explain your legal rights and options in detail.

You may recognize Attorney Kickham's name from seeing him on television or in the news. Attorney William Kickham is frequently sought out for his legal expertise by a variety of newspapers, TV and radio stations.

News reporters call Attorney William D. Kickham because they know he is an expert in the field of Massachusetts injury law. This is our promise to you: If we accept your case, we will not rest until we secure the maximum financial compensation possible for you.

Call us at Ph. We can help you. Kickham, Esq. Free Phone Consultation. Practice Areas. Car Accidents. Teenage Driver Car Accidents. Teens have the highest chance of being involved in a fatal car crash in the first six months of receiving their driver's license. Of those accidents, 2, teenagers died. Male teenage drivers are twice as likely as female teen drivers to be killed in a crash. Submit a Law Firm Client Review. Email: Bill kickhamlegal. Justia Law Firm Website Design.

Send your photo and story to Thank you! Our attorneys and legal staff try to make things as simple as possible for you while working hard to get you the compensation you need and deserve. Motorcycle Accident. About , drivers age 16 to 20 will be seriously injured. You agree to our terms and conditions. Changes in collision rates among novice drivers during the first months of driving. Statute of Limitations.

Accidents with teenages

Accidents with teenages

Accidents with teenages

Accidents with teenages

Accidents with teenages

Accidents with teenages. Teen Car Accident Articles


Statistics On Teenage Car Accidents and Teen Deaths

Your information is always confidential. We will never spam or share your info. It is proven that the more parents choose to deprive teenagers of their wants, the more their angst grows. The best you can do as parents is to help your children learn to be responsible. Teenagers are distracted, and basically their minds are not as developed as the same level of reasoning adults have.

Teenagers happen to also be the most at risk for vehicular accidents. As parents, it is a horrible nightmare to hear news that your children are involved in an accident or even a fatality that is far worse. Thus, you would want to do everything in your power to reduce car accidents involving teens.

Scroll down for video. To be able to ensure the safety and security of teenagers everywhere, government agencies have been scrambling to lend out a hand to parents who have given children the authority to drive on their own. Do not let the numbers discourage you from letting your teenager drive as the statistics may be high, but ultimately crashes are preventable.

In fact, there are numerous ways to avoid them from happening in the first place. Those with Level 2 licenses are asked to comply to such rules, which include limiting the number of passengers and controling the number of underage drivers during the night. These set of rules have become essential for putting parents at ease. Read more about them below. About 40 percent of fatal accidents happen at night. Parents should restrict teenagers from taking the car out after a set curfew of p. In Michigan, teenagers are not allowed to take the wheel alone or unsupervised between p.

Center for Disease Control CDC notes that the more teen passengers present in a car increases the risk of an accident, and it should be noted that the more males present increases risky driving behavior.

The National Safety Council stresses that teenagers under 18 should not allow passengers during the first year of driving. Teenagers are not the only one who are guilty of this practice, as most adults do tend to check their phones while behind the wheel. As parents, the best you can do first is to set an example. Besides, teenagers are not even allowed to drink in the first place and underage drinking has ended badly for many young lives.

In a rather disturbing survey put together by NHTSA, one third of drivers aged 15 and 20 were killed in vehicular accidents because of alcohol. Almost all states have enforced strict rules on the regulated blood alcohol level while driving.

Safety belts are not named that way for no reason. The most basic rule in car driving is to always put your seat belt, regardless the distance you are going to.

Of the number of teens who died from fatal car accidents over the years, more than fifty percent were not wearing a seat belt. Keep teenagers safety by closely monitoring their driving.

A convenient way to do so is by installing a tracking system in their vehicle. Trackimo can be easily hard wired to your vehicle to give parents the ability monitor their teens real time location through a mobile application that is efficiently installed in your smartphone. Watch the video below. For follow-up getting a free sample. Select 1 or more In order to get a Free Sample you need to qualify.

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Accidents with teenages