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For example, some pages does have the google icons and are not related in any way to google. It didn't work. I tried to Empty Cache that's what search with google told me to do. I have reinstalled firefox lately and it didn't solve the problem the problem that made me reinstall firefox was not related to favorites and have appeared after the problem that I'm describing now. You can consider to delete favicons.

Firefox wrong icon thumbnail toolbar

Firefox wrong icon thumbnail toolbar

Few days ago, I've changed the favicon of my website: it works well when I open the website: My website is also in my bookmarks, but it Human sexuality programs the old favicon: I already had a look herebut answers did not solved my problem. Many thanks for that. Thanks for all the suggestions. You will have to visit each link i. So Firwfox you uninstall FF did you remove the folder as well and where did you get the FF thumbnaiil your using?

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When you are done, click the Done button. Note that the Download has auto-hide status enabled thymbnail by default only shows if you have use this button during a session. But never underestimate the need for some of us to have the right answer stated in several different ways before we catch on! Please ask a new question if you need help. Related 5. Question tools Get email Lesbian humpimg when anybody replies. Click the menu button and choose Customize. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Its not a deal breaker but its annoying. Open up userChrome. Question feed. You can open the customize window Firefox wrong icon thumbnail toolbar click the Download icon to toggle the auto-hide setting.

I have a problem with bookmark favicon.

  • There's the "Bookmark this page" star in the address bar, but no actual button to access the bookmarks that already exist.
  • The menu button gives you convenient access to your favorite Firefox features.
  • Ok not sure I can describe this correctly but here goes.
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Make sure that Firefox is your default web browser. Right-click one of the shortcuts and select Properties. Under Web Document, press the Change Icon button. I've checked don't hide files in explorer and followed the steps but I can't find that file.

Did you follow the instructions and ended the explorer process before deleting the IconCache. I can see the iconcache. It is not very likely that deleting the file while the explorer process that controls the desktop is still running works.

Otherwise the instructions wouldn't mention it explicitly. Ending the Explorer process via the Windows Task Manager is easier than previously proposed steps that used a command window to enter all commands manually via a command line. If the location of the file isn't correct in your case then you only need to modify this part of the instructions. Then, I noticed I was seeing thumbnails instead of previews, but I solved that problem with a check mark in windows explorer.

How it got changed, I don't know, but, hey, it keeps life interesting. That was very good work. Well done. Support Forum. This thread was archived. Please ask a new question if you need help. I'm on the latest version Can you tell me what to reset?

Thank you. Rebooted, etc. Thanks for all the suggestions. Read this answer in context 0. Question tools Get email updates when anybody replies.

Cancel Subscribe to feed Question details Product Firefox. Topic Other. System Details Windows 7 Firefox Application Firefox FredMcD Top 10 Contributor solutions answers. Find and select Firefox from the Programs Folders. Find and select '''Firefox''' from the '''Programs Folders. Question owner Thank you for your reply. All of your suggestions were already in place. Thanks again for the effort. Thank you for your reply. You can check for issues with the Windows icon cache. Try to rebuild the icon cache IconCache.

Select the IconCache. After the IconCache. Note that IconCache. Question owner I continue to try everything and anything. Thanks for any further suggestions. I continue to try everything and anything. This is the same location that Firefox uses for the disk cache.

Question owner Yes and as you can see they are all greyed out. Question owner cor-el said Did you follow the instructions and ended the explorer process before deleting the IconCache.

I assume that deleting the. At the moment, there is no cache file to be found, but I know it will show up again soon. Icons are back to normal! Go figure! Firefox comes in two or more folders on all computers. If you remove the Firefox folder, the user folders would not be affected.

My Firefox bookmark toolbar items change icons every now and then for apparently no reason, especially if a site is down. Email Required, but never shown. Helpful Reply To browse the Bookmarks, you can find them under the Library button, so you need one additional click. Mankind Mankind 5 5 gold badges 7 7 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. To turn on the Title bar : Put a check mark next to Title Bar in the lower left. Sign up to join this community.

Firefox wrong icon thumbnail toolbar

Firefox wrong icon thumbnail toolbar

Firefox wrong icon thumbnail toolbar

Firefox wrong icon thumbnail toolbar

Firefox wrong icon thumbnail toolbar. Installed Plug-ins


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Posted Feb Sat 10th pm. Posted Feb Sun 11th am. Posted Feb Sun 11th pm. Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] , Google [Bot] and 9 guests. Posted Feb Sat 10th pm On Firefox I've tried safe mode and they are still wrong, even if I delete and then re-add a bookmark. I have another profile on the same Firefox, with the same add-ons and the icons are correct. Any suggestions please? Posted Feb Sat 10th pm Find your profile folder and with Firefox closed, either delete or rename the file called favicons.

When you next reopen Firefox, a new favicons. When you visit the bookmark, the icon should be updated to the site's favicon. There may be an extension that will visit all the sites you have bookmarked to get the favicon so you don't have to waste time doing it on your own.

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Posted Feb Sat 10th pm I've deleted the favicons. Other sites are OK and show the correct icon. I tried copying the favicon. I've reset back to my original favicon.

One of them references touch in the name. Does your computer have a touch screen? When I bookmarked the site, it used the touch icon for the bookmark, but the tab has the postage stamp looking icon. My laptop screen is a touch screen. Maybe Firefox uses the second icon because of the touch screen the touch icon is larger than other icon so presumably would scale better if made larger for touch capability.

I'm just guessing, though. Posted Feb Sat 10th pm Yes! I don't know where the apple-touch-icon. Now when I look at the page info it does not list the ssl. However when I re-bookmark the page it still has the incorrect icon - maybe things have to work their way through, I'll try again in a while.

I'm really puzzled as using a different profile on the same machine is fine. Firefox seems to think the top site is going to be viewed with a touch screen and shows the apple-touch-icon in the bookmarks, while it does not think the bottom site is going to be viewed a touch screen and shows the favicon in the bookmarks.

I do not have a touch screen so the bottom site is showing the correct behaviour. Posted Feb Sat 10th pm Looking in about:config for items matching "touch" I've found a difference between the profile that works correctly does not think I've got a touch screen and the profile that works incorrectly showing the apple-touch-icon in the bookmarks.

The "correct" profile has dom. This is identified as a modified preference not something I've done! The "incorrect" profile has dom. It looks as if dom. Posted Feb Sat 10th pm Hmm.. Anyway, on the one site, I got the postage stamp icon in both the tab and bookmark.

Mark H. My Firefox Config. Posted Feb Sun 11th am Is my problem related to Bug - "Bookmarks toolbar doesn't use regular favicons" which was supposed to be fixed in FF 58? Related question - is there a way apart from deleting favicons.

Deleting and re-bookmarking does not appear to do anything? I have updated one of the sites that I've had problems with to add a specific apple-touch-icon. Posted Feb Sun 11th pm leamphil wrote: Deleting and re-bookmarking does not appear to do anything?

Search Boards :. We're not affiliated or endorsed by the Mozilla Corporation but we love them just the same. Last edited by leamphil on Feb Sat 10th pm, edited 1 time in total. I've found the answer to this - delete bookmark, go into History, right click against site and Forget about this site. Then go into site again and re-bookmark and it picks up the updated correct icon.

Firefox wrong icon thumbnail toolbar

Firefox wrong icon thumbnail toolbar