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The property includes. Washington Ave. Pleasant Ave. The city would purchase the prop-. Mayor David Gordon was required to cast the deciding vote, and choose to vote for the purchase of the property.

Sunday, July 3 they will have a cookout with music and fireworks sondfrman all invited. Gold Beach, OR. Call Beverly for details I know they will have an outstanding time. When God blesses, He blesses, Amen? The property will be sold for cash, in bar of the equity of redemption and all exemptions. TCCA has partnered with local healthcare providers to offer this service. Marker feature 44 43 Sam Young is the Donna sonderman henning tennessee for this discussion group. Hosea lamented for his people concerning the same problem.

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Up to six quarts. Includes tire rotation. Excludes diesels and synthetics. Plus tax and environmental fees. On Monday, a search warrant was executed at Shrooms,. These bath salts have similar effects of meth, cocaine and ecstasy. They are amphetamines and stimulate the central nervous system, often causing increased blood pressure and heart rate. At left, the centennial celebration closed Sunday night with praise, prayer and fireworks.

Photos by Echo Day. On June 24, , the town was once again incorporated. Arkansas State University head football coach Hugh Freeze spoke to the crowd before fireworks ended the evening. Army last week. He was a green beret with 23 years of service, a sol-.

But a key battle during the war changed things for Stube. High, Low, Show begins at p. The scouts, who camped in Adkison Park, assisted in many areas during the three-day event. Photo by Echo Day. Call for details! The committee is already working on plans for an event in December. Joseph B. She hopes the event is. In May, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed into law a bill which prohibits the sale or possession with intent to sell products containing these dangerous ingredients.

Similar laws in other states have been passed. Employees Robert Edman Zelinski, 31, and Matthew Ryan Cook, 21, were charged with two counts and one count of the same charge, respectively. All three are set to make their first appearance in court on Friday, July The business, which promotes the sale of hookahs, or water pipes, on a billboard near its south Atoka location, has been widely criticized since its beginning. It is currently still open for business.

Some binge for days. There is craving for more once the binge is over. Side effects include: severe paranoia violent behavior hallucinations chest pain seizures decreased need for sleep lack of appetite self-mutilation.

Place ribs in a roasting pan. Combine bay leaves, peppercorns, liquid smoke, salt and water, pour over ribs. Cover tightly with foil.

Bake for 45 minutes in a degree oven for 45 minutes. Combine the remaining ingredients to make the mango barbecue sauce. Remove the ribs from the roasting pan, and place on rack of broiler pan. Baste frequently with the mango barbecue sauce, broil ribs in oven, 6 inches from broiler unit until browned on both sides. This recipe is brought to you by Just A Pinch.

They not only offer you great food ideas, but also supply you with acorresponding shopping list. Present this card at checkout.

Limit 1 per customer per store visit. No adjustment for prior sales. This offer is not transferable. Not valid with any other offer. Must be from original newspaper print. No copies or print outs accepted. The interest rate and the APY may change after the account is opened. To qualify for the APY other restrictions apply. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Available for personal accounts only.

Qualifying transactions are measured for items posted to your account for the monthly period beginning on the last business day of the previous statement cycle through to the next to the last business day of the current statement cycle.

If you do not qualify, you will not receive a refund of these fees and we will pay you a Base Rate of 0. Limit two 2 FirstChecking plus Interest accounts per household. For complete details, visit us online at www. The organizers seemed to have about as much fun as the children did. The students did just that. The characters showed their antagonism to Shere Khan the tiger and Kaa the snake through skillful singing and dancing.

McBride, a member of the Tipton Arts Council, was camp director. The teachers at CIAA have really. This is really important the we get kids not only interested but involved in the arts.

After the first camp , we saw an overwhelming response. People talk about throughout the entire year. If you own a small business in the area and would like more information about the organization aimed at promoting small businesses, contact Cathy Ferguson at BRN. Tipton gmail. Join Tipton County in welcoming this new and upcoming organization.

Look for our story July 7th, Continued from A1 On Sept. His foot and ankle still in his boot, he continued fighting back against Taliban forces and was shot twice. A rescue helicopter came, flying him to a field hospital in Kandahar. When they arrived Stube had no pulse; he had died in Afghanistan, but was brought back to life by his fellow combat medics.

The shrapnel had severed major arteries in his abdomen and Stube underwent blood transfusions for four days. In the past five years, Stube has undergone countless surgeries to repair his damaged body. For years he has traveled around the country, delivering motivational speeches. As he shares his story he notices people pay attention. As I expressed mine, I could see that people were realizing their own. Stube has appeared on television shows and the inspiration to own one came from his experiences.

I think a lot of kids look at TV and I think they deserve more than what we give them. He wanted to have control over the message, he said. Stube, along with Tipton County resident Ben Baker, have been traveling all over the country to sell their privately-owned show to sponsors.

Those values, he said, are the same values held. Stube said he ties the outdoors and a sense of home together during his show as he travels around the country, even internationally. Enjoying the outdoors, he said, exemplifies the kind of freedoms Americans have every single day. During the show he asks people of different races, religions, cultures and backgrounds what they love about coming home. As he found out, though these people were not Americans very long, they worked hard and earned freedom.

No matter how far he. That has stayed with me and that wholesome perspective I learned growing up here. Chumley, along with his son, Tucker joined him in Texas to film an episode that will air in September.

Both guests, he said, are men he considers role models, men who decided what they wanted to do in life and have worked hard to make it happen. And that hard work is what has catapulted Stube into this venture. We get to choose what we do in this country and be great at it. For more information on the show, visit cominghome.

From Bucca with love, part 5 On a mid-morning in July, we received a rocket attack from one of the many thugs who would get within a mile of the base in some old vehicle, launch a rocker or mortar and then drive off. Sometimes our forces would catch them, but usually they came in the dead of night and got away. But this late-July morning was different. Immediately, security and medical staff moved in to secure the area and begin triage on among the dead and wounded.

Word spread among the over 20, detainees at the kind and great care being given to the captured by the captors. Riots, which were fairly common place, began to subside and our detainees become in many cases more cooperative and less hostile.

Sunderman 42 yrs. Tommy A. Mullikin of Ripley, W. Jon E. Eugene L.

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The property includes. Washington Ave. Pleasant Ave. The city would purchase the prop-. Mayor David Gordon was required to cast the deciding vote, and choose to vote for the purchase of the property. It would allow us to expand our parking on the square by 40 spaces which is critical for downtown. Buying this property would enable us to provide an emergency shelter. Covington Mayor David Gordon Baptist Church property would require the city to borrow the money with a repayment plan of years.

From his birth home in Marion, Ala. Along the way he added on graduate work at Bethel University and the plus graduate hours at the University of Alabama. Coach King landed his first teaching assignment at St. The kid was named Ronnie Lawson. High, Low, See C1. Brighton and Covington high. Photo by Echo Day. This photo shows CHS faculty and staff participating. Photo courtesy Becky Todd. The idea came from CHS junior Elizabeth Newman who, in her own preparation for prom, thought it would be a good idea.

A trio from Brighton was arrested earlier this month after police discovered they were scrapping stolen metal to help pay a bond. The rods were stolen from a work site at Old Memphis Road where crews were boring under roadways to install and repair gas lines, authorities said. During the investigation, detectives received a report the rods were at Hodges Scrapyard in Stanton. Turner said the suspects — identified as Paul Allen Grisham, 25, of Hwy. The trio reportedly stole the rods to get money to make a bond for a pending theft charge against Wallace.

Summers is haunted by a past filled with the murders of his parents. As a result, he is forced to cope with growing up with mental conditions. The story jumps ahead to when Summers is 17 years old and is living with hateful foster parents while he struggles to have a normal life amidst bullies and a charge to deal with the past.

For more information, call Joshua is on leave from. Afghanistan to watch his brother graduate. Photo by Tyler Lindsey. John was surprised graduation morning by the return of his brother, Joshua, where he was stationed.

Joshua has been in the Army for two years now, but he said that this plan had been in the works for months now. The two said they fought like regular siblings before John was in high school, but things soon changed after that. All of the car-. Before starting at Christian Brothers University this fall, majoring in applied psychology, he hopes to attend a summit meeting for a non-profit organization in San Diego this summer. A growing trend among mainstream households is the practice of couponing.

These stores are changing their policies to appear on the show. She said she now saves an estimated percent when buying groceries. No one likes to give their money away; I like to tell it where to go instead of wondering where it went.

We can plan ahead and get what we need on sale. Through the class, she hopes to teach others how to plan to use their coupons and shop sales. We will reopen at 8 a. Baptist Church, located on Hwy. Seated is limited. See her website for more details.

Alot of space at an affordable price in Templeton Farms. Brick and Stone exterior, lots of windows keep home bright, luxury master bath with whirlpool tub and separate shower, a must see! All offers will be considered. Beautiful Country Scenery on 5. Low maintenance brick exterior, cultured marble window sills, 10 ft ceiling in dining room, cozy FP in lg den, luxury Mast Bath,deck on back for entertaining your guests. Nice brick home in heart of Covington with 2 car garage fenced back yard with patio for entertaining, new architectural roof.

Available at participating dealers while supplies last. The fee covers the cost of the tile, the supplies to decorate it, and its firing. After the tile has been designed and fired, judges will determine a first, second and third place winner from each school.

The winners of the competition will receive a ribbon and have their tile placed on. The money will be collected by. The tiles that collect the most votes will receive the award. Non-winners will be able to take their tiles home after the contest is over. To enter the contest, parents should call the Tipton County Chamber of Commerce at and select a time on June 14, for your student to paint their tile.

The scheduled times are 9 a. Betty Grant and Charli Gorman from BHS helped with the organization and planned for photographers to capture the event. The teachers even joined in for an Electric-Slide type song and dance.

The teachers and administrators had almost as good of a time as the students. It makes me proud to be a part of an organization that cares about their students so much. Continued from A1 to Montgomery High School in Lexington from as a football, basketball and track coach. In addition to his duties as head coach of the track team he says that he has served as, defensive co-coordinator for the football team, assistant principal, physical science teacher, health teacher and chief cook and bottle washer.

When you have been around as long as Coach it is hard to imagine that you have not been asked to pitch in for almost everything. Coach King counts three individual state champions and. Track had a run of 25 consecutive years.

Maclin is on record with a lb. Never saw the like of either of them. Superintendent of Schools — elect Dr. Coach King, who will be 75 on Aug. Not he. We also have nine grandchildren and two granddogs. I miss the dogs. She is a member of every board in town. You never know who may pick you up. Never mistreat a child. Discipline them but never mistreat. The Tipton County. Pleasant residence and dividing the property located on Washington Ave. I think this is a great opportunity for the city.

Commission on Aging are limited on what they can offer our senior citizens and this would enable them to offer more. Plans for the two homes, include possibly tearing down. Criminal Investigations Division. Additionally, callers may report information to Central Dispatch after hours at or email tips to sheriff tiptonco. Insurance subject to availability and qualifications. From Bucca with love, part 1 A little over three years ago, I returned from my final recall to active duty with a host of shipmates, friends and comrades in arms from a place called Camp Bucca, Iraq.

Now that some years have passed and the U. I must admit that those of us who served in Camp Bucca are sometimes reluctant to talk about what we did. You see, it was a detainee facility where we kept combatants from Iraq and other parts of the Middle East. At one point, we held over 20, detainees. This will be a several part series, so I suppose I should start at the beginning. I reported for duty in California on February 17, , which was my 46th birthday.

There were no birthday greetings from the officers and chiefs in charge and we quickly spent the next two weeks in-processing, obtaining our desert gear, and forming the Charlie Company of the Naval Provisional Detainee Battalion-3 NPDB3. There were about of us to compliment all of NPDB-3 for a battalion of over sailors, a combination of active and reserve, and from all over the U.